Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Completed the Caption

What to do inside on a rainy day? Here's your advice.

Spankedhortic: After what you did, just be thankful that this umbrella isn't being inserted sideways.

James: You're right this umbrella does have many uses!! I'll take three...

Sunnygirl: The next time you go out without your umbrella you'll think twice.

Anon:  And wait until I find your little dog, Toto, too!

Kitty: Harder, you say! I'll give you harder, in spades!!!

Celeste: "Don't you know anything about yoga? You need to get your butt up higher for downward facing dog."

Ronnie: "Next time you decide to come home drunk - I'll use the broom."

Spanky: "I told you, I don't want to buy any more brushes! Stop ringing my bell!"

Kingspan: Before adult spanking toys were widely available, people just had to improvise.

Lea: "I'll show you what happens for trying to look up my skirt!"

Ken: So, you don't think I should have the right to vote? Well, I'll show you a different kind of 'suffrage'!

Conina: Herbert had wondered exactly how much worse his day could get. He was finding out.

Rod: Another wet weekend at home.

Vfrat25000: A photograph of the very first time a couple played the game “TWISTER” was recently uncovered in a box of old newspapers.

Maude and Herbert didn’t wait ten seconds to get frisky after John Boy left for college.

Mother, Father we are home early, the heater in the school isn’t working

Dang nab it Herman…I told you I wouldn’t do that sort of thing before we were married and I sure as “heck” am NOT going to do it now…That’s DISGUSTING!

You may be the President of the Bank at work but in this house you are just an office boy.

Thank you DEAR….May I have another!

Blaze: I must record this fart and send it to the Queen.

Hermione: It never rains but it pours.

Thank you all for your creative interpretations. See you next time!

From Hermione's Heart

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