Sunday, February 5, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Being in the photography business has its benefits!

Simon: A new approach to the Governments anti-smoking campaign backfired when the ad showed four young ladies spanked for lighting up. Cigarette sales remained the same but sales of spanking material sky rocketed.

Spanky: Though they were all hot, the red head was smokin' hot.

Michael: Renting a trailer - $29.95 a day

Hiring a sign painter - $17.00 an hour

Attracting gorgeous women to undress for you - Priceless

Bonnie: "When they told us models that we would have our own private trailer on location, I envisioned something a bit more spacious!"

Sunnygirl: They had a different vision of "On Location"

Ricky: "Work, work, work!" eh, girls?
Yeah, but we LOVE IT --- YES!!!

Rod: Spankable ass on the trailer trash.

Harry, I was thinking: How about a plot about a guy named “Charlie” who hires four real hot women and makes them private detectives in his agency. We could call it “Charlie’s Maidens”
It will never sell. That is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard.

Have any of you ladies ever heard of “Betty Page?” The producer said this was going to be a “Betty Page” style production.
I wonder what he meant by that?

There are no chairs in this trailer. Where are we supposed to sit?
I don’t know but the Director said that after we start shooting today none of us would do any sitting anytime soon so I guess that must be why?

Betty Lou, what would your folks say if they knew what you were doing here today?
Let me put it this way, Mary. Have you ever heard the saying “A Trip to the Woodshed?” That would pretty much describe their reaction. MOM! What are you doing here?
Oh nothing, I just thought I would drop by and see what all this “model” business is all about. Betty Lou, come with me and don’t bother finishing getting dressed. Mable, Sally, Mary Beth…I’ll be back for you three in a few minutes! All four of you young ladies better be good at eating your dinners off the mantel piece. 

A. Lurker: Spanky and Our Gang - Director's Cut

1st girl: "I can't believe we are going to be in a Patty Page movie!"
2nd girl: "Not Patty Page - BETTY Page"
1st girl: "Patty Page, Betty Page. What's the difference?" 

Jerry Bruckheimer couldn't wait for filming to begin on the newest addition to his CSI franchise - "CSI My Panties", with the redhead playing the lead role of Horatia.

Spankedhortic II: "Yes I smoked it but I did not inhale. And I did not have sex with any of those women."

Six of the best: The director of the photo shoot said. "Ladies, since you all love to light up a cigarette. I now propose to light up your bare bottoms, with a good spanking".

Lea: "James thought that posing as a photographer would be the perfect way to lure a few ladies to undress in his truck."

Recidavist: OK, the directors said he's finished with the frilly underwear shots; they want to do video now - something about secretaries caught smoking and spanked in the parking lot in front of onlookers - apparently there are some secretary costumes in the van and a script. I am so going to kill my agent!

Hermione: "Look, girls, there's a sauna back here, and a jacuzzi, a bar and a whole row of paddles on the wall. Hey, how big is this van, anyway?"

Thank you all for creating these hilarious captions. Until next time, say 'Cheese'.

From Hermione's Heart

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