Monday, February 27, 2012

From the Top Shelf - The Perfect Wife

An excellent blog called Ladies' Spanking Fiction has resurfaced after a period of inactivity. The author, Roberta S. Barnes, presents a lighthearted view of spanking. In her own words, she creates "[s]panking fiction as it used to be: no porn, no vulgarity, no nude photos, no adolescent jokes. Just cute and wholesome spanking stories, with the merest hint of spice!" That's my kind of blog.

Today I'll share one of her short poems, The Perfect Wife

I know the sweater that I bought is more than our finances can bear,
And I'll get the oil changed this week, my turtledove, I swear,
It's just that I'm so woozy from being in love with you,
That there are many things around the house that I forget to do.

I know that I'm exasperating, that's why you're strict with me,
Why I must take my panties down, and climb across your knee;
You spank me 'cause you love me, dear, I know it breaks your heart,
But there's no one else I'd rather have
Making my bottom smart!

You're always there for me, my dear, and so I pledge to you,
That I will be the perfect wife, and do what I must do;
I'll be prompt and sweet and thrifty, you'll never have to fret,
You'll never have to spank again-- hm-m...
But not just yet!
Would you like another? I'm sure you will enjoy her Reflections in Corner Time.

From Hermione's Heart


Florida Dom said...

Thanks for sharing that poem.


Spanky said...

I could say a lot about the perfect wife!

Hermione said...

FD - I hope that blog becomes one of your regular stops.

Spanky - I know you have one:)


Aimless Rambling said...

Thanks for sharing the poem and the site.

ronnie said...

Will have to pop over Hermione. Thanks for sharing.


dancingbarez said...

Thanks for sharing. I will have to check out more. Did you get my message about my new address, I not sure if the blogger message system worked or not?

Hermione said...

Sunnygirl - My pleasure!

Ronnie - It's a very interesting blog.

DB - I've never heard of a Blogger messaging system, but thanks for letting me know.


Anonymous said...

Cute poem!


Hermione said...

Kitty - I'm glad you like it.


Lea said...

Great poem!

Enzo said...

Wow - I dream of the Perfect Wife!
Great poem; great blog from what I have seen.

Hermione said...

Emen - You're welcome.

Lea - I'm glad you liked it.

Enzo - May your dream come true!

Daisychain said...

Brilliant! Well found, Hermione! xxxxxxx