Monday, February 6, 2012

From the Top Shelf - Fear No Evil

Many of the science fiction novels of Robert A. Heinlein contain one or more spanking references, and there's an exceptionally fine one in I Will Fear No Evil. It's the story of Johann, a man of advanced age who has his brain transplanted into the body of his young, voluptuous secretary after she dies in an accident. The old man lives again in the young body, but the mind of Eunice, the owner of that body, is still in residence. In this passage, Johann (now known as Joan, but oddly referred to as Eunice below) is getting to know her lawyer in a new way. The text in parentheses is the inner conversation between the two inhabitants of Eunice's body.

He stepped to the wall and squeezed down the intercom to zero, then said gently, “Get dressed, dear.”

“I won’t! If we leave now, you’ll have to stuff me into the car bare naked.”

He sighed and picked her up; she stopped crying and looked suddenly happy.

The expression did not last. He turned her in his arms as he sat down on a straight chair, got a firm grip on her, and walloped her right buttock. She yelped. And struggled.

He got her more firmly, placing his right leg over both of hers, and applied his hand smartly to her left cheek. Then he alternated sides, stopping with ten. He set her on her feet and said, “Get dressed, dear. Quickly.”

She stopped rubbing the punished area. “Yes, Jake.”

Neither said another word until he had handed her into the car, climbed in after her, and they had been locked in. Then she said timidly, “Jake? Will you hold me?”

“Certainly, darling.”

“May I take my robe off, please? Will you take it off me?”

With the robe out of the way she sighed and snuggled in. After a bit she whispered, “Jake darling? Why did you spank me?”

It was his turn to sigh. “You were being difficult…and it is the only thing I know of which will do a woman any good when a man can’t do for her what she needs. And right then—I couldn’t.”

“I see. I think I do.”

She remained quiet for a while, enjoying his arms around her and breathing against his chest. Then she said, “Dear? Did you ever spank Eunice?”


“For the same reason?”

“Not quite. Well, somewhat. She teased me into it.” (I tickled him, dear. And got the surprise of my life.)

“Then I’m glad you spanked me, too. But I’ll try not to tease you—though I’ll never be the angel she was.” (Fallen angel, Boss. And enjoyed it all, clear down to the Pit.)


“Yes, Eunice?”

“I didn’t really mind being spanked by you. Even when I was crying. But—well, I’m padded now—built to take a spanking. And when you are spanking me, you aren’t ignoring me—and any attention is better than none. And besides—" she hesitated.

“Besides what, Eunice?”

“Well, I don’t know—but I think it happened.”

“What happened?”

“Female orgasm. Well, maybe. I don’t know what one is supposed to feel like. But while I was crying and hurting; you have a heavy hand, sir—suddenly I felt very warm inside and something seemed to grow and explode—that’s the best I can describe it. And I was ecstatically happy and didn’t mind the last few wallops, hardly noticed them. Was that a female orgasm?”

“How would I know, dearest? Perhaps you’ll be able to tell me. Later.”

“Later tonight?”

“Uh, I think not, Eunice. It’s late and we have had nothing to eat and I’m tired even if you aren’t—”

“I am, rather. But happy.”

“So tonight we’ll rest. When it does happen—and I’m no longer fighting it—let’s make the first time absolutely private and quiet. No phones and no servants and no distractions. After that—well, it might be target-of-opportunity. But I’m not a kid. You know what I mean, darling; you’ve been old, too.”

“Yes, dearest, much older than you are. Eunice can wait. Jake? What was this teasing Eunice did that was so bad it got her spanked?”

He suddenly grinned. “The little imp tickled me until I nearly went out of my mind. So I spanked her. But we were alone and that ended satisfactorily. Quite.”


“How do you think? I excelled my usual mediocre performance, and Eunice—there aren’t words for it, but she excelled her utter perfection, impossible as that sounds.” (He darn near split me like a melon, twin—and I wanted him to!)

“So? Someday I will tickle you—and get spanked for it. So take your vitamins, dear. Jake, you enjoyed spanking me. Didn’t you?”

He was silent several moments. “I enjoyed it so much that I spanked you neither as hard nor as long as I wanted to. And I started feeling ‘young’ as you put it—but knew that, if I didn’t get you out of the house right then, you probably wouldn’t leave at all. And I don’t care to advertise to the servants.”

“You had better marry me. So we can ignore the servants.”

“You had better shut up. You’re still learning to be a girl, and I’m still learning how to handle you. You’re Eunice—but you aren’t Eunice. And we must clear legal matters before we talk about such things.”

“Old mean. Girl beater. Sadist. Hold me tight.”

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

That was interesting! Kallisto is a big Heinlein fan btw. I wonder if Heinlein was a spanko?

Aimless Rambling said...

Never thought science fiction could be so scintillating.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Heinlein wrote some very insightful spanking vignettes.

If this appeals to you Google John Benson Spanking. He has stories all over the web going back over a decade. Some are mind benders.

Tim the Tum said...

It's a good scene but sadly from one of Heinlein's weaker novels, plumb in the middle of a patch where his books just rambled on in search of a plot.

He actually did get a bit better later on, and many of his earlier novels are things to be treasured.

All the best


Hermione said...

Spanky - I'm sure he was. Most of his books contain a reference or five.

Sunnygirl - Nor did I. I devoured sci-fi as a teen, but never came across any spanking scenes.

OBB - Thanks for the tip. I'll check him out.

Tim - I must confess this book was hard to get into. I'll try another one and see if it's any better.


Daisychain said...

Sorry...couldn't grasp that explanation at all! I'm tired...brain not up to scratch tonight! But the story, even though it didn't make sense to me, lol, seemed a good one!!!!xxxxxxx

ronnie said...

For some reason couldn't get into the book, not sure why. Haven't tried another of his.


Hermione said...

Daisy - Never mind, it's complicated and I had trouble condensing it into a sentence or two. Sorry!

Ronnie - I had a struggle to get this far. I may not read much more of it.


Bonnie said...


I actually read that book as a teenager. I remember carrying it around with me in school and reading it in study hall. No one had any idea it was anything other than a sci-fi novel. As you might imagine, I found a lot there to like. :)


Hermione said...

Bonnie - I was a huge sci-fi fan in high school. I wish I had found this book then.