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From the Top Shelf - Creative Writing

Today's story is "A Good All Rounder" from the collection called The Reckoning by Rachel King. Amelia, the head girl of an English school, is responsible and level-headed, but at 18, has the urge to be very naughty. She has a crush on the tall handsome writing teacher and chooses his creative writing class to further her creative imagination, with disastrous consequences.

Mr.Raphael always told his students of the creative writing class that he didn't expect them to write anything. He would merely be gratified if they did. If the creative spirit was not forthcoming that morning, never mind. A whole morning spent in creative thought was good enough.

The class arrived late in a mood of sulky resignation. Mr. Raphael was annoyed and glowered at Amelia, although she had arrived on time of course. Amelia blushed furiously. She had nothing to feel ashamed of yet Mr.Raphael usually succeeded in making her feel guilty about nothing at all. She fingered her earrings to reassure herself that she was a woman after all.

"Today," began Mr.Raphael, as the class fumbled to seat itself, "I'm going to change things a little, and give you a specific subject, as hardly anyone wrote anything last week. Having the freedom to choose your own subject seems to frighten you into producing nothing at all." He looked accusingly from girl to girl and then at the pathetically small pile of marked scripts from last week, lying on his desk. Amelia looked up brightly and clasped her hands in relief. At least hers was among them.

"Encounter with a Professional Person," said Mr.Raphael drily, and sat down.

There was a silence, then a faint groan. What a way to bore away a morning! The class, shifting itself like a woman lifting and settling her skirts, slumped into thought - or blankness. Three hours to go with only a short break in between.

Amelia couldn't think of a more uninspiring subject and lamented the hours she had to fill before lunch. Unless...she was bold enough to write about..? She looked up thoughtfully. Yes she would write a little story - but for herself. A true story which had thrown her thoughts into a fever ever since it happened. But of course she wouldn't hand it in to Mr.Raphael. During the last half hour of the lesson, she would hastily scribble a token effort for the teacher and add some simpering postscript to the effect that she wasn't well, or inspired, that morning. She'd always submitted work on other occasions and Mr.Raphael had praised it. Surely that entitled her to please herself just this once?

"My dentist," she began in her neat precise hand,"is an extremely good looking man of about thirty-five. Reason enough to pay him a visit!" She paused, smiling, and caught sight of Mr.Raphael looking at her, then hastily assumed a studious expression. "He certainly has a way of making one feel at ease," she continued, " an enlightened modern practitioner who dresses casually, has a pleasant chatty manner, and a video in his surgery for the patients distraction. You can select a short video tape and then lie back for twenty minutes entertainment!"

Amelia paused, sucking her pen thoughtfully. Again Mr.Raphael looked up at that precise moment and their eyes met. Amelia lowered hers swiftly and he returned to his book. Dare she? Dare she write what actually happened? If Mr.Raphael should see...

Excited by the danger, she continued:

"On a recent visit to this particular 'professional person' something rather extraordinary occurred. I was due for some unpleasant treatment when Mr.Graham, my dentist, suggested I choose a new video. I chose one from his shelf entitled Discipline at St.Cecilia's. Presuming it to be a school comedy, I pushed the cassette into the video player and settled back to watch the fun. Mr.Graham set to work straight away with his horrible drill, humming loudly and concentrating on what he was doing. I suppose he'd seen all the videos before and wasn't interested. He didn't glance at the screen once.

" The film began with a long line of nubile, grown up schoolgirls in old fashioned gym tunics, parading in front of their Headmaster, who was brandishing a cane.

"There was no sound apart from the tip-tapping of the cane on the impatient Headmaster's fingers. It quite heightened the drama not to have any dialogue. Behind the Headmaster stood a small group of other teachers, positively agog with excitement, all tense and rigid, and wide eyed. The camera passed along the line of girls, noting their woebegone faces (some were snivelling and about to cry), and then travelled along their back view, focusing quite deliberately on their bottoms."

Amelia jerked her head up. Mr. Raphael was deep in his book, so she feverishly resumed her writing.

"...The dentist was drilling my teeth. It was painful but the entertainment was riveting ...

"The Headmaster walked slowly along behind the girls and paused before each one to flick up the back of her skirt rather cleverly with the tip of the cane. Each girl was wearing bottle-green knickers, horrid thick cotton ones with deep hems like they used to wear years ago. One thing I did notice though was that each girl seemed to be wearing a pair that appeared to be several sizes too small for her. This was demonstrated when the Headmaster made each girl bend over after he'd lifted her skirt. You could see the stitches around the crotch straining to bursting point!

"My dentist's head kept getting in the way . I was desperate not to miss a thing, and as for what happened next...I get wet panties every time I think about it.

"One poor girl was led by the Headmaster into a study where he shut the door. She must have done something awful. The other girls were being whacked by teachers in the main hall and the cameras caught some of their faces - expressions of pain and horrible grimaces. To return to the poor lone victim, the Head started to tickle her between the legs with the tip of the cane, causing her to jump about. (God if any teacher tickled me there, I'd do more than jump about!)"

Amelia began to squeeze her thighs together and wriggle her bottom on the chair. She was flushed and quite unaware that Mr.Raphael was quietly observing her.

"The dentist at that point infuriatingly leaned over me, blocking my view, but the next time I looked at the screen I almost choked on that gurgling suction thing they wedge in your mouth. The girl was taking her knickers down, and the way the Headmaster was looking at her bare bottom - I'd give anything to be stared at like that! Everything was visible; bottom cheeks all plump and quivering, her pubic hair. She'd pulled her plaits over her face so it couldn't be seen, but from the way she was standing, head bent and knock kneed, she was terribly embarrassed.

"The Head started to run his hands over her bare arse, and then he tipped her over so her bottom was nicely presented to receive the cane.

"She seemed to take it very well, only flinching a little and drawing her buttock muscles in after each stroke. There were red lines appearing on her behind as that thin, whippy little cane landed time after time. The Head stopped caning her all of a sudden, grabbed a chair and sat down. She was motionless, bending over, and the master had a long look at what he'd done. Then he pulled her down so that she was lying across his knees. He started to spank her bottom, already red and stripey, and his hand imparted an all-over red glow to her well caned bottom cheeks.

" The cameraman obviously got carried away here because he zoomed in on her bottom until it filled the whole screen. I could see the arse crack and everything else she had! This male hand was still coming down hard on her rosy red rear. Oooooh to be THAT close to a man's cock!

"At that point I nearly fainted and Mr Graham turned and looked at the screen. He almost drilled through my gum! He went bright red, stopped drilling, rushed to the video and turned it off. He was panting and embarrassed. 'I'm terribly sorry' he said, wringing his hands 'I had no idea THAT was among the videos...I.I just don't know how it got there!' he stammered.

"Probably part of his private collection, I thought to myself. Kinky or what? Spanking, caning..oooh exciting! Brings a whole new dimension to this sex thing. Perhaps he watches it when there are no patients. Perhaps he spanks his nurse...."

Amelia had grown very red in the face and was quite carried away with her writing, oblivious to all around her. Her stockings stuck to her thighs and other, more intimate, areas were distinctly uncomfortable too.

She realised it was nearly lunchtime and Mr.Raphael was not at his desk. Feeling suddenly uneasy, she turned her head, sensing that someone was looking over her shoulder. She was right. Mr.Raphael stood there, an expression of disgust and fascination on his face. He had been reading her story.

Amelia felt as if she had shrunk to nothingness inside her clothes. The heat of her excitement rapidly turned to clammy fear and she swallowed noisily. "Oh my God!" She sat helpless as Mr.Raphael calmly picked up her writing and returned with it to his desk.

"Amelia has finished," he announced to the class. There was sarcasm in his voice. "And I hope you have all finished too."

Amelia flung her blonde curls over her face to hide her cheeks; they were burning. The class departed leaving Amelia busy with her bag, still waiting for her face to cool down.

Mr.Raphael sat reading her essay, tapping his teeth with a pencil. Amelia, feeling like a stricken rabbit, caught and unable to run away, made a clumsy movement from her desk. He looked up and stared at her. His eyes were unfathomable.

"You need to see me after school today, Amelia," he said caustically. "We need to have a little talk about this!"

Ruh roh!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Hermione.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

a naughty, but original story line

otk4us2 said...

I like the story very much, it has great potential for more chapters. Being disappointed after reading "50 Shades of Gray", this story could be a real spanko's book, with additional chapters.


ronnie said...

Excellent choice Hermione. Well Mr. Raphael couldn't say Amelia wasn't creative in her writing.

Thanks for sharing.


Dragon's Rose said...

I want to know what happens next!

Dee said...

Great story! I think I blushed too! :)

Dee x

Hermione said...

Joey - I hope you think of it next time you visit the dentist.

OBB - Yes, quite unique.

Dave - I think it could be a lovely novel.

Ronnie - Very creative. She deserves an A.

Dragon's Rose - So do I, but we'll just have to put our imaginations to work.

Dee - I can imagine her shame when he looked over her shoulder.


Autumn said...

Oh my, I must take a trip to the library I think... (whistles inconspicuously)