Saturday, May 19, 2012

Complete the Caption

School days...ah, the fond memories.

But then, maybe some of those memories are a little painful. What's happening in this classroom?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I'll grade your assignment in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


bobbsroom said...

Hi Hermione
The teachers saying : Is there anyone in the class that hasn’t got a sexual position as an answer?
Have a good weekend

Spankedhortic II said...

The students had started to realize that Mr Stern was taking some kind of hormone supplement.


sixofthebest said...

A teen-age boy asks the teacher. "Since you came late to class this morning. Can I take your knicker's down, and give you a good spanking on your bare bottom". The teacher surprisingly answered. "Yes, that was rather naughty of me". and bent over her desk.

Kingspan said...

The results of the study were conclusive - girls adapt to social norms more quickly than boys. Researchers found that Ms. Smith almost never needed to spank a girl more than once, but some boys repeated the same naughty behavior again and again, knowing perfectly well they would get spanked by the teacher.

Aimless Rambling said...

"I don't know why but boys always misbehave in this class."

ronnie said...

"Right boys, line up and drop those trousers. I think 5 swats each with the ruler should improve your grades."


vfrat25000 said...

Mom-Why is Dad the only one going to the Parent Teacher Conference this evening?
He said I didn’t need to go; I could stay home and rest. Your Dad is so thoughtful.

The July School Board Meeting:
I want to congratulate you Mr. Phillips; I think it’s wonderful that entire football team has signed up for Advanced Trigonometry and Astrophysics III

Miss Jones as President of this University I feel it’s my duty to remind you that Professors are not allowed to sit on a desk while lecturing. It’s critically important we maintain a certain level of dignity and professionalism at the University of Huge Bazoombas

OK, class, here is tomorrow’s homework. I want you to calculate how many times this ruler must be applied to my derriere and at what speed in order to raise the surface temperature of my bare bottom 15 Degrees Fahrenheit. There will be extra credit for those can also calculate the same process using your hand…especially you Billy Reynolds…You gorgeous hunk of Quarterback!

As your substitute professor, I don’t understand a single word of that crap written on the bulletin board behind me nor do I care. All I care is it’s been over 6 months since anybody has turned me over their knee and spanked me, any takers?

Class, we all know what 69 means. If you don’t, get out of my class and get a LIFE! In the meantime students as part of your final exam for Adult Shenanigans I want you to define what 96 means and please show all your work on paper leading to your conclusion. Extra credit for pictures! DON’T MAIL THEM!

Ana said...

"Miss? I'm sorry, but for some reason I am having trouble concentrating on the lesson. May I please have some private tutoring after class?"

Lea said...

"Hot Teachers: The Solution To Getting Kids To Show Up To Class"

garyntboy said...

No class, the number 69 does not mean this is going to be an oral lesson!

Emen said...

This isn't a caption. I'm terrible at trying to think of them buy omg do I love reading all these other people who are so good. Thanks for letting them shine here.

Terri said...

"Ok, I'm holding this ruler in front of my face, WHY?!" Grumbled Mrs James. "and WHERE did I leave that eraser? I need to write up today's subject, because your last teacher forgot to erase theirs!"

SpankCake said...

"For the most efficient spanking, calculate torque by multiplying the length of your arm by the amount of force applied. Now let me demonstrate!"