Monday, May 14, 2012

From the Top Shelf - The Maid Takes Charge

Today's extract is from the anonymous novel Sweet Sixteen. Isabelle, the high spirited young daughter of a nobleman, has been told by her father she is to be spanked for disobedience by her own maid. She does not dare argue with her father about the punishment, but is determined to offer some resistance and to retain the upper hand even if she must submit to discipline at the hands of someone of lower station than herself.

Once the two girls were left alone, Maria advanced towards Isabelle. "Now then, Miss, you heard what your father said...submit yourself to have to do so."

"Idiot!" replied Isabelle, looking the servant up and down.

"Idiot, I may be, Miss, but nevertheless you are going to receive a whipping."

"You dare touch me!"

"Oh! We will soon see about that." The struggle commenced. Maria threw herself on the young girl and grasped her in her arms, lifting her off the ground and bending her backwards. They both lost their balance.

Isabelle fell on her back, dragging with her Maria, who immediately tried to turn Isabelle over so that she was lying on her stomach.

Without uttering a word they continued to struggle: as soon as Maria made her turn half over, Isabelle, quick as lightning, re-established herself in the defensive position destined to protect her buttocks from the degrading fate which menaced them.

The young girl was pale with rage. The servant, on the contrary, was red from the results of her exertions.

The contrast between these two young women was as extreme as it could be, but at that moment, neither one nor the other gave a thought to the aesthetics of her attitude. The younger brunette struggled to defend herself and the other to overcome her.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get Isabelle into position, Maria adopted a brutal stratagem. It had to be accomplished somehow.

Seizing Isabelle's arm vigorously, she began to twist it round. The young girl gave a shriek of pain. She tried to resist. Maria continued the movement and, little by little, Isabelle was obliged to give way to the pressure applied by her torturer.

She lay down on her stomach. Without releasing the arm, Maria took up a leather cushion which had fallen to the ground during the fight, and slipped it under her young mistress's belly, which had the result of bringing into prominence the young lady's behind which shaped clearly under the light, thin material of the clinging skirt.

All was ready. With a bound, Maria straddled her victim backwards, her face turned towards the goal she wished to reach; settling her big sit-upon on the young girl's back, she pinned her with all her weight to the carpet.

Isabelle felt that she was beaten. She resigned herself to the inevitable and did not attempt to struggle when she felt the hands pull roughly at her skirt to turn it up.

The drawers were immediately underneath. In order to look thinner, to be more in the fashion, the young girl was not wearing a petticoat. Maria attacked this frail envelope which covered the girl's condemned parts. She did not trouble to open the slit, but proceeded to remove the drawers entirely.

First of all she unhurriedly piled the skirt over the loins, then she searched around the waist for the string of Isabelle's drawers. When she found it she untied it carefully, then slipped the dainty drawers all the way down along the thighs. She next lifted the girl's chemise and looked at the little plump bottom, with its deep crease, almost like a boy's bottom, rather more rounded though, with a bold line that gave it an impudent air.

The white silk stockings and same coloured garters set off admirably the dull golden skin of the lovely little brunette. The cushion placed under the belly threw up the bottom which opened out, emphasizing its furrow of warm shade, proffering itself in its most favourable amplitude to the thorough spanking which it was fated to receive.

"Look out, my beauty, I'm beginning..."

The warning was, to say the least, unnecessary. The first smack sounded clear and joyful, the hand bouncing off the young and elastic bottom. Then there came an uninterrupted shower. Slap! Bang! Slap! Bang! Here, there, right, left, in the middle and across.

Maria's robust hand spanked with a desolating power. Isabelle braced herself, alternately opening and closing her buttocks, but still without uttering a sound. Her moon reddened under the blows. With her slender thighs still white and the bottom of her loins also untouched, visible under the edge of the turned-up marine-blue dress, her crimson behind resembled a brass kettle-drum. The heat made it shine, completing the likeness of this somewhat unbecoming comparison.

Isabelle had already received about thirty slaps. She did not cry out but her breath came pantingly, her body bounced on the cushion, her knees were gripped tightly the one against the other, her feet, contracted in their little white kid high-heeled boots, scraped the floor.

Sometimes, under a more spiteful blow, the victim weakened, her muscles relaxed their tension, the bottom opened like a big rose in the sun, the knees grew limp, and the young girl seemed to surrender herself, forgetful of all decency, until, quivering again, she stiffened herself once more in a short-lived attempt to control all her nerves.

Maria, with dilated nostrils, conscientiously applied the spanking she had been charged to give. She soundly slapped Isabelle's bottom about fifty times, without wringing a cry or a moan from the obstinate victim.

At last the big red-headed maid's plump hand began to hurt her, she stopped, rose nimbly to her feet, and put up her hair, which had come down in the course of the struggle.

"Now then, Miss, that's over; you can do up your drawers...aren't you ashamed to stay like that with your bare moon waving in the air?"

But Isabelle was far from ashamed. Now that her hindmost mysteries had been so clearly exposed to view, she saw no particular object in hiding them so quickly; so with her face in her hands, she gave a glance between her fingers and replied mischievously, "Since you took them off, you can put them on again yourself!"

"Very well, come here," said Maria, smiling strangely.

Isabelle got up, turned her back on the servant who, kneeling behind her, put on her drawers, burst into a merry laugh, did up her drawers herself, and looking Maria in the eyes, smiled at her. Maria in turn smiled back and blushed to the very roots of her hair. Without another word, Isabelle ran up to her room, turning slowly two or three times to see if Maria was following her.

"Miss," said the maid, lowering her eyes modestly, "if you would like me to tend your behind, I have some soothing lotion...if you wish...."

"Come on up then, stupid!" replied Isabelle, " but the next time you spank me, I beg you not to hit so hard, because you have really hurt me."

And then they both burst out laughing like the two little madcaps they were.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Lovely little story of the 2 girls the little maid gives big spanks to the little daddies daughter and enjoying it ,love and spanks,timxx

Anonymous said...

Nice story Hermione. Thank you for sharing.


ronnie said...

Quite a struggle for the maid. Lovely little story. Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Tim - Thanks.I'm glad you liked it.

Joey - A little strange, but nice.

Ronnie - Yes. I suppose the "lady" was quite strong when angry!


Daisychain said...

Great story, thanks, Hermione! xxx

Hermione said...

Daisy - Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.


Olivier said...

A Fontana's drawing

Pecan nutjob said...

There's a scene similar to that in Zola's novel l'Assomoir: a lady meets her husband's lover at the wash-house. A fight ensues; they have clothes-beaters so it's quite brutal. Finally she manages to pin her rival face down, straddling her back, pulls up her skirt, opens her drawers, and gives her the paddling of her life.

This was made into a movie, making a very interesting scene (which I understand was censored in some countries - you see bare buttocks for a few seconds).

Pecan nutjob said...

Hey, by the way, where is that novel available?

Hermione said...

Sorry, I don't know. Maybe try Amazon?