Sunday, May 6, 2012

You Completed the Caption

I knew someone would recognize the two silver screen giants in this picture. Does anyone know what movie it's from?

Here are your captions:

Ricky: He: Come down from there!
She: No!
He: Why?
She: Because.
He: Because why?
She: Well, if you don't know, I'm certainly not going to tell you!

Ronnie: If you don't want your bottom spanked, you'd better come down right this minute young lady.

Six of the best: "Come on down, Honey. It's time for that knickers down good spanking I promised you, on that voluptuous bare bottom of yours."

Sunnygirl: Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. Great picture.

"Enjoy sitting now because when you get down from there you won't be sitting for a while."

A. Lurker: She: "But if I do that back flip tuck I am going to smack my butt and it's going to hurt."
He: "If you don't do that back flip tuck I'm going to smack your butt and it's going to hurt a lot more!"

Prefectdt: She says "Is that a paddle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me"

Charles: "I don't care what the neighbors think young lady. We will work these problems out over my knee. Come down here this instant."

Bonnie: "When I said we would resolve this issue with the board, this wasn't what I had in mind."

Bob: Cary Saying: A Penny For them.

Katherine Saying: I am wondering what another type of board is going to feel like on my bare behind.

Welcome, Bob!

Spanky: "When I said I wanted you on top, that's not what I meant!"

Vfrat25000: Him: My mother said you were strange.
Her: Your mother is a nosy old battle-axe.
Him: She may be but at least she never pouted off and spent the afternoon in the hot sun sitting on a diving board.

Honest Dear…I thought you read the whole script to Kiss Me Kate. Yes, you get spanked on stage but I promise it won’t be that bad!

Will you please get down; it’s hotter than heck out here, neither you nor I have on our swimsuits and if you haven’t noticed already, there is NO water in the pool.

WOW, what a cheap drunk….two small glasses of wine and she thinks she’s Esther Williams.

Terri: A short lecture from him. A) the game is called 'king of the castle', not 'queen of the castle'. B) that's a diving board. If we must play this game, at least have the decency to use a treehouse or play fort! C) when I said 'board to the behind' this is NOT what I meant! and D) ditch the snooty attitude or I'll end up taking a wholly different board, preferably with holes in it, to yourright honourable spoiled backside!

Her reply: A) That was before feminism, dingbat. B) I'm higher than you, and that's the objective of the game. C) I know. Frankly, I find this version preferable. D) shut up, and find a new hobby, git!

Innocent bystander who wasn't in picture(possibly because picture's been cropped or similar) *Blinks, stares at coke can* What are they putting IN this stuff? Its making me hear things. Although I wouldn't say no to that paddling, if it's still on offer.

Hermione: Don't make me come up there. Please. I'm afraid of heights.

Well, that was refreshing! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. See you all again soon!
From Hermione's Heart


ricky said...

Yes, they are Cary Grant and
Katharine Hepburn in their cinematic prime!
I believe the movie is either
"Bringing Up Baby" or
"The Philadelphia Story."
Where is film buff Erica Scott?

Anonymous said...

This looks like a publicity still, rather than anything from a movie.