Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seems it's Possible

Ronnie asked a very good question in her recent post: is an orgasm possible from spanking alone? By sheer coincidence I found a post from 2005 on the subject by the late Alex Birch. I'm reproducing his post in its entirety, and it needs no further explanation.

A good spanko friend [name withheld] has kindly contributed the following piece by her husband who used to post as 'Sultan of Swat' which was posted to newsgroups some time back. It's an informative piece with some interesting advice on which any comments are welcomed.

"Yes, it is true that you can bring someone to orgasm thru spanking. You DO NOT have to touch the sub sexually for her to achieve a climax while being spanked. In fact, consciously trying to have an orgasm GUARANTEES that she will not have one.

I have brought my sub to orgasm, just through spanking, many times. Within the last few years I have also spanked 15-20 other submissives who have also been able to achieve orgasm just through spanking.

First of all, the spanking is devoted entirely to the submissive's pleasure. It is the Dominant that is going to be the "cruise director" on this little pleasure trip. He is going to take the submissive to a very special place, called subspace.

The Dominant must help the submissive to feel completely calm, trusting, with a relaxed state of mind, void of any distraction. It is best to do this kind of spanking alone (just the two of you). You need quiet and no distractions for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours as this type of spanking can take that long.

Start with soft lighting, incense, and soothing background music. Have the sub get comfortable (clothing optional) and lie across the Dom's lap. Rather than use the standard OTK position, have the sub stretch out across your lap while you sit on a couch or sofa. That way she can support her body comfortably and not put pressure on her diaphragm. I usually like to blindfold the sub, as it heightens her senses and eliminates any distractions.

With the sub comfortably over the Dom's lap, DO NOT START SPANKING! Light, non-sexual touching, massaging the neck and shoulder muscles, and slow soothing talk comes first. I always tell the sub that I will NEVER strike her when she's not expecting it, not will she be touched sexually. Also, I NEVER push her beyond her limits. The reason for this talk (actually a whisper) is to put the sub completely at ease. The spanking is TOTALLY for her enjoyment. My satisfaction comes from her pleasure, the greatest reward of all!

The Dom needs to start S-L-O-W-L-Y. That's slow -- as in paint-dries-faster, type of slow. Starting with light spanks, moving the spanks around, not striking all in the same spot, is a good way to warm up her skin. It is important that the Dom not get ahead of the sub. I usually tell a new sub that if I get ahead of her, and I'm spanking too hard too fast, she should say "yellow" which means "don't stop, just back off the intensity and let me catch up." Try not to hit what some people call the "sweet spot" (where the thigh meets the butt). That's a good spot to inflict punishment, not a pleasure spanking.

The entire spanking is actually 8 to 10 "mini spankings" with rest stops after each one. This lets the sub catch her breath. During the breaks, I stop and rub & massage her neck and shoulders. I tell the sub to relax.

Each "mini spanking" starts out light, and slowly builds up in both intensity and speed. With each successive "mini spanking" the spanks get harder and the intensity gets stronger than the "mini spanking" before it.

After about the 6th of 7th "mini spanking" the warm-ups are over By this time, both the sub's butt and the Dom's hand are warmed up. The sub is usually flying on endorphins by this time and in all probability, her back is arched forcing her butt up in the air, as if asking for more and harder spanks.

(Note: at this point, any noise or misplaced spanks will bring the sub out of subspace. Spanks that didn't hurt before will hurt like hell now. If this happens, back down the intensity of the spanks and start over.)

For the final 3 or 4 "mini spankings" continue building up the speed and intensity of the spanks, to higher and higher levels. How do you know when you've reach her limit (the highest level)? The sub's body will show some sign that she's about to say "mercy" or "stop". She may unconsciously curl her toes, cross her legs, tense her hands & fingers, etc. Every submissive is different but each gives a distinct nonverbal cue that she is at her peak.

At this point, back off the intensity of the spanks (just barely) but continue spanking and then hold that intensity for about 10 to 15 seconds. This level of spanking is at it's highest intensity and the sub is at her peak. By holding the spanking at this level for even a brief period of time, will push the sub over the edge to a climax. Her endorphins are at their peak. It is the combination of the endorphins and the intensity of the final "mini spanking" that pushes the sub over the edge to her climax.

Of course, not every spanking like this end in a climax for the sub. Other times, it ends with the sub crying, which is an emotional and physical release. The spanking can end either way and it's been my experience that neither the Dom nor the sub knows which way the spanking will end on any given night.

One last thought, after the sub climaxes (or cries) she needs to be held tight. I encourage her to put her arms around me and hold on to me. This gives her a lifeline and helps her come back down slowly. I give the sub lots of time. I don't let her stand up for a while, until she's back down to earth.

Hard, hand spankings like this, can be an exciting addition to S&M play."

So it seems that it's possible. Good to know.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this very detailed description of a sensual spanking with us. I have never read or heard anyone describe it in such detail.

Thank you for sharing,

Hermione said...

Joey - It was quite a revealing account,and I was delighted to have found it.


ronnie said...

That's a very good description and so detailed.

Of course it wouldn't apply to all and I note needs to be hard to get there and it will either end in Orgasm or Tears, either one being acceptable to both parties.

Thanks Hermione.


ronnie said...
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Aimless Rambling said...

Thanks for sharing. It's quite an art, isn't it?

SpankCake said...

I love this detailed description! My spanker uses many of the same techniques, and while I haven't had an orgasm via spanking only, it certainly leads to one. I have to say, the whole experience is so profound, my entire body aches for more the next day. It's a drug and I'm in withdrawal.

Julia said...

Wow. What a great read. Thank you for posting this!

sixofthebest said...

In my opinion, an 'orgasm', can come about in any sexually related experience. And being spanked could bring out such 'joyfull bliss', to some.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - No, not everyone would respond this way, but nice to know some can.

Sunnygirl - Or maybe a science?

SpankCake - Welcome! I hope you get another fix soon:)

Julia - My pleasure.

Six - Yes, that does seem to be the case for some.


Emen said...

Wow. Thank you for this. We don't get to hear a Great Dom's thoughts often enough. They put their concentration into the job at "hand". Beautiful. Thank you!

ricky said...

Oh, gosh, that is a wonderful
Who, amongst us, wouldn't love
to be either partner, in that
beautiful scenario.
Thank you, Ronnie and Hermione,
for sharing such a priceless

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome.

Hermione said...

Emen - T agree, it's a well thought out piece of writing.

Ricky - I know which side I'd want to be on.

fb - It sure does.


Unknown said...

not certain that I agree, but the mental part I think is a large ingredient to any orgasm..

otk4us2 said...

This was a for real experience I had a few years ago, posted on Ronnie's blog and repeated here.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to spank quite a few Ladies, and only one had an orgasim while I spanked her. She told me in advance that she probably would. It was a normal OTK bare bottom hand spanking while sitting a bed, her body and legs resting on the bed. She told me when it started to happen to keep spanking her hard right in the center of her bottom hitting both cheeks right on her sit spot, and sure enough before long she had a big time orgasim. I know orgasims can be faked, but I am convinced this one was for real. Needless to say it was one of the most memorable spankings I have ever given.


Hermione said...

Red - You said it. Without that, nothing happens.

Dave - Wow! Good for you for helping her achieve it. It was significant that she told you exactly what she needed.


otk4us2 said...

Yes, she had been the spanking scene for quite a while as a spankee, and was not bashful about telling me exactly what she liked, and how to achieve it. It is always good when you have someone you can talk openly with.


Monsieur Fessee said...
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Anonymous said...

What a nice 'guide' you shared he.

I am one of those woman who can get an orgasm just through getting spanked. I dont need to be sexually stimulated any other way then the spanking.
It does not matter if the spanking is built up gently, following some steps like for instance were shared by Alex Birch. It is my body that decides to respond with an orgasm, or not.

Those orgasms can be from minor orgasms till squirting. The very first time this happened during a spanking I felt ashamed and relieved at the same time. Later I learned my body builts up so much tension which gets released in a spanking. Released in a emotional way, mental way and then sometimes also physical in terms of orgasm.

So I can say from my own experiences...yes it is possible.

I dont know at all why one can get an orgasm through spanking, and others not. My own experiences tought me it is connected to my ability to surrender to the moment completely. When I am able to surrender to the spanking, no matter how hard or soft it is, when I totally surrender...then I get amazing orgasms.

Bye Femme Fessee

Pecan nutjob said...

How about the importance of frustration? At least for males, it is physically harder to reach orgasm too soon after another orgasm; for females, at least in my limited experience, it seems easier to reach orgasm if one is, let's say, frustrated.

I can imagine that a lady who has not had sex nor masturbation for a while, who is excited, who wants "release", may orgasm from spanking (especially if in a position that stimulates her vulva).