Sunday, May 13, 2012

You Completed the Caption

On this Mother's Day we remember all the women who have served their country faithfully and just a little cheekily.

Chross: "Do I speak Swahili? Or why is it only one of you understood my orders?"

Simon: Hermione could only hope that this turned out to be another one of those naked in public dreams.

Six of the best: The drill sergeant says to the naughty female recruits. "Repeat these lines as you march. 'Six of the best, at my request."

Dear Hermione. on a different subject matter. Here is to you, on Mother's Day. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here is to a spanking, from a husband that's true. 

Thank you, dear friend!

Bonnie: "On this occasion only, we will forgo the six demerits associated with being out of uniform. I have a different sort of punishment in mind for Private Waters."

Sunnygirl: Scared the pants off you , didn't I?

Red: Well, I see you have your kit, and that is one great caboodle.

SNP: Naughty girls don't get to wear the standand uniform, do they?

Kingspan: "Private, is this what meant when you said you could get all the men in the regiment to 'stand at attention'?"

Julia: "Stop wiggling your ass at me and get moving!"

Vfrat25000: Recruit Jones, I get your poin. The new uniforms itch. I will tell the laundry to add fabric softener!

Recruit Smith!!! Is that a stain on your uniform? No Drill Sergeant. Just a big freckle! Proceed!

Recruit -What in the name of the Marine Corp are you doing out of uniform? I’ve been assigned to General Peckingworthy’s bachelor party! Well don,e Recruit. Carry on!

Recruit Peterson, you are slouching. Stick that chest out!!!!!

Recruit Jones…I see you solved the problem with the uniform that didn’t fit! Excellent…Keep it up and you will make Corporal soon.

Drill Sergeant Davis about had a heart attack when he heard Recruit Shapely-Bottom’s new marching song: “I got no uniform, I am tough…I will kick butt in the buff.”

Ronnie: "Private Jefferey, I see you still can get all your kit on in time for morning inspection."

A. Lurker: Frauline, I did NOT mispronounce "achtung" when I shouted "arse-stung"!

Daisychain: Private Smythe, I think you will certainly draw the attention of the enemy, long enough for us to mount an attack. Great initiative, you are a credit to your platoon.

Ana: "The next time I tell you to get dressed and ready to march in 2 minutes, perhaps you will take it more seriously."

Prefectdt: "You're going to regret this when I pin this medal on you private!"

David: You appear to be the only one who didn't understand the order Privates on parade!

Tim: You have a bare cheek young lad; two actually.

Hermione: When the sergeant shouted "Dress Right" she had the nagging feeling that she had forgotten something.

Happy Mother's Day, and as a special treat, here are some gift suggestions, courtesy of our good friend, Chross.

From Hermione's Heart


A. Lurker said...

Hi Hermione,
That video was hilarious! Thanks for linking it and happy Mother's Day.

Hermione said...

R - I loved it too. Hope your day was special.


bobbsroom said...

I liked all those comments Hermione. Very good response as well.
Have a good week


ronnie said...

I really should have read my comment before I pressed the button. Was in a little bit of a hurry:)

Video was so funny. Thanks for linking it.


Hermione said...

Bob - I'm so glad you liked them.

Ronnie - I had to watch the video twice, because he first time,I thought it was just a commercial before the real video started:D