Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Watermelon Woman

Meet Andressa Soares, the self-proclaimed Watermelon Woman, who might possibly have the most beautiful ass on earth. "Men don't bother to stare at skinny girls," Andressa says. "He stares if a chubby girl walks by, even if she's not that cute. Especially if she has a big ass."

In the following longer video, she explains the origins of her nickname and describes her rise to fame after her bottom was the featured performer in a video by MD Creu. The song never became popular, but the bottom did. We follow her on a visit to her beautician Nina, who takes care of the famous bottom (and doesn't have a bad butt herself.)  In between beauty treatments we take a trip to the gym to watch her work out.

"It's impossible to have a more Brazilian body than hers. She's the Brazilian standard," declares Nina. Andressa has set the new standard for hotness. Girls no longer want to be thin, but "like a horse, big legs, big ass." Nina also has some tips for gluteal enlargement.

After her manicure, Andressa attempts to demonstrate her dance, but struggles to keep her short dress from riding up, much to the delight of the cameraman.

There's no spanking involved, but if you love seeing beautiful bottoms up close, I think you'll enjoy every minute.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing. Spanking has made me much more interested in looking at a female's bottom.


otk4us2 said...

What a nice butt, thanks for posting that Hermione :) I am one of those who like the larger butts, a nice big canvas to paint/spank. So to me watermelon woman is perfect, I can just fantasize about that butt moving around like it did in that video while being spanked, like trying to hit a moving target..... WOW!


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, being ASS-A-NINE. I have always loved spanking a queen-sized bare bottom.

Hermione said...

Joey - I often look too, and wonder if she gets spanked.

Dave - Her butt is gorgeous, isn't it:) A good video, even without spanking.

Six - You would really enjoy giving this one six of the best. Or maybe twelve, hmm?


bobbsroom said...

Nice post always nice to see what is happening in different parts of the world but I have to say i am a lover of the petite female form, Small but perfectly formed. A pert little bottom my seriously stingy hand can cover in two loving spanks, one for each cheek.


ronnie said...

It's a good video. Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Julia said...

I don't like her ass. Is that wrong? Its too big. When I undressed for the very first time for DH, I was very scared because I have a small butt, and I didn't think he would like it. Well, he hasn't looked at another woman's butt since then...

Hermione said...

Bob - to each his own, of course. Petite sounds just right for your hand.

Ronnie - My pleasure:)

Julia - No, it isn't wrong. We all have different tastes. She seems to appeal to many men, though.


Emen said...

Great vid. Great happy butt. I don't care big or small. I'm a woman but I always watch for women with happy butt. Someone who owns it and loves it and knows how to use it. So sad to see the ones sort of just dragging it around behind them because it doesn't fit their ideal. If vanilla sisters could begin to understand how great any butt looks bent over something -- all smoothed out and looking like there's inches more leg, then slowly pinking with the heat -- well, we'd be living in Spankworld.

Unknown said...

Only watched a little, as she is too self promoting for my taste... in the second video( clicking ahead, she talked about silicon injections to make the butt bigger. YIKES!!
Give me natural women everytime (no silicon butts, busts, or lips...)
bottoms up

Hermione said...

Emen - Happy butt - I like that! The funny thing was I didn't think her butt looked big at all; just beautiful

Red - She didn't recommend the injections, though. Hers is all natural.


ricky said...

What has a watermelon got to do with all this?
I know, I know, I'm pathetic . . .
But I sure love that opening quote,
mmmm . . . yummies!