Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gentlemen Prefer Wood

A syndicated article in the newspaper began this way:

You can't understand his compulsion for wood and he doesn't get your need for multiple pillows. This type of miscommunication isn't news...

An informative piece on spanking? Not exactly. It was a discussion of men's and women's preferences when it comes to decorating a home. But then again, reading between the lines, it could be directed to those of us who engage in TTWD. Here are a few more quotes from the same story:

Men's attachment to wood is like women's attachment to shoes.

Though there is plenty of room for disagreement, there are also some areas where the genders have discovered common ground.

...while compromise is important to the negotiation process, couples could end up with a mishmash without either one liking the outcome. Instead of compromising, taking turns would be a better modality in this case...

Domestic bliss is guaranteed when you speak a common language--love...

Were you mentally filling in the blanks?

From Hermione's Heart


Jake said...

Hmmm...I have to confess that I do tend to like wood, so perhaps that article is onto something. On the other hand, what about leather? Is that universally preferred by both genders? :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


For play purposes, leather seems to be the common ground for most genders. However, when in use, I am usually not in position to negotiate. But, it does result in a loving connection which makes for a good ending.


sixofthebest said...

Yes Hermione, I do like wood, but in the form of a cane. This swishy pliable stinging spanking implement, as my 'nom de plume', suggests, is forever my favourite.

SNP said...

Very insightful of you to find and relate to spanking. Easy to read between the lines :)

Susie said...

Ha ha, I really did fill in the blanks. It's so true, they do love wood and I love my pillows.

Dragon's Rose said...

Funny, Dragon does prefer wood. Walnut, hickory, oak and cherry are his woods of choice. I like pine and balsa. All pop and no sting.

Aimless Rambling said...

Double entendre, anyone? We really can read our prediliction into most things, can't we?

SpankCake said...

Hermionie, that article is riddled with double entendres! I love it!

Like six, my kind sir prefers the swish of a rattan cane more than anything. I will always have a special place in my heart for my wooden hairbrush, but I do love leather!


ronnie said...

Good one Hermione and yes I was filling in the blanks. It must be true, P loves wood but in the form of a cane:)


Julia said...

Lol, I did fill in the blanks with all kinds of stuff....

June said...

Yes - I, too, filled in blanks - must be a spanko thing :D The title of this really caught my eye. Ward is most definitely a gentleman, and he does prefer wood.

Emen said...

The gift that keeps on giving, this post. I'm still filling in blanks and laughing. My Top is a woman who has a predilection for fresh cut switches. Which would become wood if she'd stop cutting them green.

Great post, as always.

Hermione said...

Jake - I think there is a gender bias towards wood, based on personal experience.

Joey - Leather makes for a happy ending for me:)

Six - You couldn't have chosen a better pseudonym.

SNP - Easy when you have spanking on the brain.

Susie - Pillows are useful as well as ornamental.

Dragon's Rose - Dragon has good taste in wood.

Sunnygirl - We sure can. Isn't it fun?

SpankCake - I swear that newspaper employs spanko writers.

Ronnie - P and Six should get together some day and compare canes.

Julia - Ooh, I can imagine!

June - We do tend to see spanking references in the most unlikely places.

Emen - Green switches? Ouch!


Rod of The Canery said...

Yes, a very entertaining piece, with wry observations from young Hermione. Thanks for sharing, woodlovin' Rod.