Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Old Friend Reappears

Last week the roundtable discussion topic on the American Spanking Society had me thinking about the first pervertable I ever got spanked with. It was a wooden paint stirrer that we set aside to use strictly for spanking. Ron painted it gold and called it the Golden Paddle.

Did we still have it? I had long outgrown the thin wood paddle and had moved on to sturdier implements, and I hadn't seen it for a while. Had I thrown it away? I asked Ron if he knew where the Golden Paddle was.

"Sure," he replied. "It's in my bedside table."

"Really? I didn't know you'd kept it." Isn't he a sentimental softie? "Why isn't it in the toybox with the rest of the implements."

"There's no room. It's full."

I didn't think it was that full. Sure enough, when I peeked into the drawer later that day,  I saw my old friend and smiled, remembering the fun times we had shared. I think that next weekend GP will be joining us for some spanking fun. And I'm pretty sure I can make room for it with the rest of our toys.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

The paint stirrer is one I am familiar with from one of my first experiences. It can be very stingy.


Hermione said...

Joey - In the right hands it sure can.


Emen said...

The paint stirrer's a classic. I'm glad he still had it.

otk4us2 said...

That one looks like a paint stirrer for One gallon cans, they also make a much sturdier one for 5 gallon cans. With a little sanding and varnish they can become a very handy and effective implement for naughty bottoms :)


ronnie said...

I can imagine that would be quite a stingy implement.


Aimless Rambling said...

How sentimental and romantic.

Dee said...

I'm coming across way too many new implements this past week! Lol! My toy bag is slowly becoming more full. I might change to a smaller bag rather than try to use up that extra space :)

Dee x

dancingbarez said...

Something new to try, I love it.

Hermione said...

Emen - Me too!

Dave - I've never seen one fro 5 gallon cans. I must check that out. Thanks.

Ronnie - Yes, especially when I wasn't used to hard spankigns.

Sunnygirl - I should put it in my scrapbook.

Dee - Now there's an idea!

DB - Please do. They're free:)


Unknown said...

Another sentimental journey..What a softie Ron is... Enjoy

Hermione said...

Red - He is, and he's ready for a trip down memory lane this weekend:)


Anonymous said...

I think that's wonderful that you still have it.