Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday FAIL

Can you spot the error in the picture above? Today we'll have fun with my second favourite subject (spanking is my first love) - bad writing. It seems I am not alone. Here are a few examples of problems with spelling, and how they were handled by other grammar fanatics. Click on the photos to enlarge them, if necessary.

Drive-by Grammar Nazis strike again!

Is it worth it, to get a few hundred extra pageviews a day?

Was this double negative intentional, or just stupid? Either way, it's there to stay.

Unfriend him!

I long for the days when newspapers had real live proofreaders.

You is so right!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


Bad grammar drives me crazy. Thank you for sharing the funny photos with us.


Jake said...

Poor grammar/spelling is one of my pet peeves as well, Hermione. The pictures you shared made me laugh! Thanks...

PK said...

I can deal with the last one since it's a quote from a book/movie, but the rest are awful! I can't spell - I'm horrible and I know some slip past me and the spell check. I do try thought!


Anonymous said...

Dost is the second person singular and incorrectly used in sentence.

Hermione said...

Joey - Me too.

That wasn't the error I meant, so thank you. It seems there are two errors in the sentence.

Jake - Glad you enjoyed them.

PK - I didn't know that. Which movie?


Irishey said...

Lol! These are great, Hermione.

Lemme see… Shakespeare Kitten doth not approve of thy foul grammar.

“Never don’t give up.” Wonder if his name is “Never,” but he still managed to get the improper verb contraction to go with it?

Butt cracks… rotflmao!!

Aimless Rambling said...

The last one is a line from The Help (both the book and the movie). It was a "teaching" lesson from the maid to a little girl whose mother was less than attentive to her.

I used to be an outstanding speller, after all I went to Catholic school, but spell check has tainted me and now Im not so sure. I just hope I'm never as bad as some of these fails.

ronnie said...


Perfect for a Friday Fail. Thanks for the smiles.


Hermione said...

Irishey - Bravo! That's what my guess was too.

Sunnygirl - I haven't seen that movie yet. It's on my wish list from Thanks for the explanation.

Ronnie - It's a nice way to end the week.


Unknown said...

I would have said Shakespearean Kitten...

I <3 The Help :)

I do a lot of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. I get so confused I just throw it all out the window. ;-)

Anastasia Vitsky said...


Too funny.

That first one made me cringe. Another is when people claim that Shakespeare wrote in "Old English." Fingernails on a chalkboard. Eeek.

I saw the best photo today on Facebook:

People can be taught to hate.
People can be taught to spell.
But apparently, it's only one or the other.

Erica said...

Drit! LOL!

You know this subject is near and dear to my heart, so thank you. :-D

ricky said...

Oh, who cares!
They get the point across, don't
But I didn't know so many people
had bad grammas.

PK said...

It's from 'The Help' a fantastic book written about the black maids in the south in the sixties. The 'help' took care of the little girl whose mother really ignored her. The maid would tell the little girl, "You is kind, you is smart, you is important."


Unknown said...

I loved this post. You made this English teacher's day. Thanks, Hermione!

Minielle Labraun said...

I am a terrible speller! I went to Catholic school as well as sunny. Somehow that lesson didn't stick!

Cygnet said...

The "butt cracks" instead of "but cracks", made me laugh out loud! I sometimes notice poor grammar or spelling, but I usually only comment when it changes the meaning of the sentence to something funny or ironic; I don't do it to criticize, but just to laugh with the person who posted it.

Penelope said...

ricky's comment is like a little poem. I like it!

Hermione said...

Young Lady - You're absolutely right, although "kitteh" is the approved Cheezburger spelling.

Ana - I love the Facebook quote. Sadly, it seems to be true.

Erica - That one was my favourite. All the corrections!

Ricky - Some of the grampas were worse.

PK - It sounds like an interesting book. I'll look for it at Chapters.

TL Bucko - It was my pleasure.

Minelle - I understand that spelling is an innate ability in some people, but not in others.

Cygnet - Too bad it made the morning paper.

Penelope - It is poetic, isn't it!


ricky said...

If you mean me, thank you very
much, Penelope and Hermione.
Actually, I thought I was going
to cause a lot of groans.
I think everyone's comments is
(or is it are?) poetic.

Dave Wolfe said...

Thy post doth fill me with glee untold!