Monday, November 12, 2012

You Completed the Caption

The excitement of Love Our Lurkers Day didn't deter my devoted readers from captioning this vintage picture. Here's what you said:

Roz: "Make up your mind. Are you going to spank me or what?"

Six of the best: Charlie Chaplin says "Naughty woman over my knee. For a good knickers down, spanking spree."

Minelle: Where do you think you are going? Get across my knee, now.

Ian's Mrs: A scene from one of Chaplin's lesser known but critically acclaimed, silent movies. Our favourite little tramp portrays a man trying to begin a domestic discipline relationship with his reluctant spouse.

Young Lady: Lady thinks to herself "I am so going to get it. I am so ashamed. Why can't I learn to speak with respect??"

Charlie thinks to himself "I have to look stern and serious. She really cant... Oh just just another look down her dress... wow look at those lovely.. stern stern charlie!"

Ronnie: See my cane? If you don't come closer I'll be using it on your bottom later.

Ricky: "Aaah, woe is me!"
"Err, me too!"

Vfrat25000: A penny for your thoughts young lady…..No SIR Like the email said! Its 350 dollars for an hour!

Guess what else I can do with this cane! Hmmmm!

I think I just got a huge splinter in my butt while I was sliding over to you! I’m going to the hospital now! See you later!

Wanna trade hats!

Mitt…Give it up!...No more campaigning……The election is OVER….You lost…Deal with it.

Hi…My name is Donald Trump…How would you like to be my ASSISTANT?

Here I go…Gosh I hope she’s had a bath in the last month!

Oh Good Heavens…So much for “Mr. Tall Tanned and Toned” This is the LAST time I try Internet Dating!

Kingspan: The spanking scene was eventually cut from the movie, once it was realized that the swish of the cane and the beauty of a pink behind were greatly diminished when a movie was both silent and black-and-white. However, that didn't stop the performers from continuing to rehearse privately.

Sunnygirl: Over my knee right now. Can't you see I am waiting.

Prefectdt: Charlie says, "Can you cane me before this film too? The public seemed to like the funny walk that my sore bum made me do in the last film."

Brian: The lady is clearly embarassed and pouting like a child over the spanking she just received.
Hermione: "I'll gladly cane you in exchange for that sandwich you have in your handbag."

Thank you to all who contributed and to all who are enjoying the results. Our regularly scheduled feature From the Top Shelf returns next Monday.

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Bravo!! As usual your loyal readers did not disappoint.

I am amazed at the wonderful pictures you find! :)

Unknown said...

Im civilian, my wife is deployed "over there" though. So happy Remembrence Day (Vetrans Day here in the US) and a prayer they all come home SAFE

Unknown said...

Oopss...was trying to post that on the Remembrence Day post. Im the only person with black hair but still blonde. (no offense to blondes my mom wife and daughter are blonde so I kid lol)

Hermione said...

Young Lady - Many thanks!

Brian - I will be thinking of your wife. (Don't worry, I'm not blonde so no offence taken.)


pixiepie said...

I think it should say...."how is she still sitting?"