Sunday, November 25, 2012

You Completed the Caption

This was the caption from Cheezburger that made me laugh. Now here are yours:

Simon: Suggesting a quickie outdoors was certainly going to earn him a spanking indoors.

Sunnygirl: He'll be cutting a switch very soon.

Young Lady: Naughty Lady: Just one swat *please* Sir?!

Mother: Son, you have GOT to take that wife of yours in hand! She is completely out of control!

What we CAN see -
Lady: And you're rude, and dirty, and you never clean up after yourself, and you always step in my begonias, and...
What we CAN'T see is how he responds to her tirade 5 minutes later.

(what can I say, my mind only works in 1 direction, with the guy on top ;-))

1manview: What you mean you forgot my ass? Get in the house and get my belt,
And when I get in there, you better give it to me....

Prefectdt: Her - You've broken rule number one again. What is rule number one?
Him - Rule number one is not to pull my pants up higher than my belly button.

Kingspan: And did you think it was funny, Mister, to replace the devotion I wrote for the Womens' Bible Society with an excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey?!?

Dr. Ken: "Okay, if you can guess how many fingers I'm holding up, you can give me a spanking. I'll give you a hint--it's a number between 0 and 2..."

Six of the best: She says, "How dare you suggest that I am not to old to be spanked on my bare bottom."
He says, "My dear, just because you are 50 years old and very naughty. You're still going over my knees with your bloomers down, and be given a good walloping on that naked rear end of yours. Do you understand?"

Bobbie Jo: She: I told you what would happen if I found you sniffing a cork again!
He: But it was just one swig, honey.
She: You know what the doctor said! No booze. Now get in the house and get ready for the family strap!

SpankCake: "American Got-hit"
The photograph that inspired the painting.
Artist: Grant "me the touch of" Wood

A. Lurker: I'll give you something to cry about!

Fifty Shades of Grey - 50 Years Later!

Vfrat25000: Bill and Hillary Clinton enjoy their twilight years at the Shady Tree Retirement Home.

George Andrew Williams, that wasn't a real nurse was she? I'm guessing that was one of those go go girls from that den of sin down the street!
Ohhhh Yeahhhhh!


Are the neighbors still watching?
Good.. Lets go inside the house, you need to finish what you started.

You want me to do what with one finger?

Claude Perkins, I am only going to warn you once. You better behave yourself in Las Vegas at that bachelor party or there will be big trouble.
Yes Dear Absolutely Dear No Problem Dear. Hee hee If you only knew you old battle ax.

Ronnie: Jed knew he was in trouble when Martha started pointing her finger. Four foot six in her stocking feet, Jed knew he was no match for Martha.

Minelle Labraun:  "You will spank me!"

Thanks for taking time out of your weekend to have a little fun here in blogland. Please come back tomorrow when I'll have something special for all you DIY enthusiasts.
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