Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wet and Wild

Last weekend we had an especially energetic spanking session that included the dressage whip as one of the four implements involved. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. The pain it generates, even when applied lightly, is at the top of my tolerance level. While I can stay in place calmly for all other implements, when my husband wields the whip I inch away from him while bent over the bed, trying to escape the darned tassel on the end of it. That's what produces the maximum pain.

I'm not exactly sure what other implements were used that day. I think the square wooden hairbrush was one. It has stiff bristles with tiny plastic balls on the ends, and it feels quite nice when the bristle side connects with my bottom. I forget what the other two were, although I think one was leather and one was wood. By the time Ron put down the dressage whip for the last time, I was quite exhausted.

He hadn't given me the okay to get up, so I didn't know whether he was finished or just switching implements. I heard a rattle behind me, then he stepped forward and I felt a warm stream of water splash over my hot bottom. Ron had sprayed me with the bottle of "cat controller". We keep a spray bottle full of plain water in the bedroom and use it when the cat's squalling in the early morning gets too annoying, or when the dogs are in full hysterical playtime mode and need to be distracted. It doesn't harm them and they all resent getting wet, so it's an effective training aid. They only have to see it in Ron's hand to turn into little angels.

The water was room temperature, and it felt good on my blazing bottom. I almost blurted out how spankings were supposed to hurt more on a wet behind, then quickly thought better of it. I had had enough for one day. I reached back and wiped the water away as it ran down my thighs.

I turned to look at Ron and he seemed very pleased with himself.

"Steam is rising from your bum," he snickered. I laughed too.

"That hit the spot," I replied as I stood up and hugged him. "You're such a smart ass."

"I know," Ron replied, and we both laughed at that too. As he put away the implements I decided that I would save experimenting with spanking a wet bottom some time soon. We had all the equipment handy. I refilled the water bottle, just in case.

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

The dressage whip is special! Nothing else makes that sound as it cuts through the air, in preparation. Ethereal. And, yes, it hurts. How could it not! So slender, and vibrant! The pain pierces and then spreads. Very soon the thought of another stroke becomes terrifying, almost unbearable. But then the actual bite of the whip into vulnerable naked flesh lets you know what is REALLY unbearable.

Susie said...

I guess the question is, does Ron read all your blog posts??

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing a wonderful account of your weekend spanking. I have never been spanked on a wet bum either.

Let us know how it feels when you try that experiment.


ronnie said...

Oh you must try a spanking on a wet bottom next time. Make sure you do keep the water bottle refilled. Thanks for sharing.


Bas said...

You're a brave woman, Hermione.
After a spanking like that, you stand up and immediately tell him he is a smart ass.

Fondles said...

that was a lovely read :) thanks for sharing!

Aimless Rambling said...

The dressage whip sounds hurtful. I don't think it will be on my list of "must tries". I learned my lesson with the "lexan" when I had to see for myself what everyone else said.

We tried the wet bottom spanking once after getting out of the pool. It is definitely an attention getter.

Hermione said...

Charles - Welcome! Your description is frighteningly accurate. Ron loves the sound it makes, and whips it back and forth through the air just to make it sing.

Susie - No, he doesn't read them unless I ask him to, and I'll keep this post to myself.

Joey - I'll try it someday when I'm feeling brave:)

Ronnie - Okay, you've convinced me:)

Bas - He was so pleased with himself I figured I was safe.

Fondles - My pleasure.

Sunnygirl - It really is terrible. We don't use it much. A riding crop is mild in comparison.


kiwigirliegirl said...

i cant wait to read your report on a wet spanking...yikes!!!
Hugs kiwi xx

Unknown said...

Thank you Hermione for your 'warm' welcome. The song of the dressage whip is a divine song. To and fro is good. But my favourite is one, long, vicious cut. Charles

Unknown said...

I have spanked my wife on a wet bottom. She about squirmed off my lap!!!

Hermione said...

Kiwi - It may or may not happen soon.

Brian - Welcome to my blog!