Thursday, March 21, 2013

50 Shades of Fun?

Ron and I were shopping in a large bookstore last week, and I was amused to see a big display of the 50 Shades trilogy just inside the entrance. When would they give those books a rest?

We headed to the children's section to choose a soft, cuddly Easter bunny for our grandson. Ron picked it out, then gave it to me to carry. He was too embarrassed to hold it, but I didn't mind testing its snuggle-ability as I walked. We browsed awhile, and as I walked around the end of a row of shelves, I saw another 50 Shades display. Not again, I though to myself, and turned away..

Ron went closer to take a look. "It's a party game!" he remarked.

"A party game? Really?" Would it come complete with cuffs, rope and ball gag? "I can't imagine anything in that game that we haven't tried," and Ron agreed, laughing.

But I was curious, so the next day I looked it up online. It seems the game isn't particularly naughty; in fact, it's quite tame. Here's how you play it. You invite seven girlfriends over (it's a girly game, not meant for couples as I had first thought) then as each question (vanilla questions, by the way) is read out, each person guesses which other person in the room is the best match for the answer. Examples are:

Who is most likely to have a hidden tattoo?
Who would never make out at the movies?
Who would insist on splitting the bill at a restaurant?

Kinky stuff - NOT!  The women at Huffington Post created a video of playing the game. Their evaluation of it, in the article that accompanies the video, is pretty amusing.

It seems there is an add-on to the game, consisting of 200 "extra spicy" cards to boost the fun potential. Rope not included.

Update: For more 50 Shades of Grey fun, head on over to Lea's Corner. She has pictures and  a video I'd never seen before. You'll love them!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I saw a 50 shades set at a store before Valentine's Day complete with mask, leather paddle and fur hand cuffs.


Roz said...

OMG, when will it ever end! The shops shelves are full of it, plus stacks of other knock off books cashing in on 50 Shades.

The game looks like a real let down from what you might expect. Thanks for sharing Hermione. I didn't actually know there was a game.


Terpsichore said...

when do the action figures come out? :-)

Aimless Rambling said...

We will have 50 shades of grey until the next thing comes along

Unknown said...

As much as I despise the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, at least it means that my store sells Anne Rice novels.

Every time someone walks by with "50 Shades" I want to grab "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" and say, "Hey, would you like some literature with your smut?"

Anonymous said...

I know it's trash and a crashing bore but those of us writing spanking erotica owe a debt of gratitude to EL James (or someone) for mainstreaming this. I think it has legitimized, to a degree, the acceptance of kinky erotica on Kindles, iPads and other eReaders.

Florida Dom said...

Thanks for the heads up about the game. Shades has helped make this lifestyle more mainstream even if any number of our bloggers could have done a better job of writing it.


ronnie said...

50 Shades will be with us until the film has come and gone.

I wonder if the game sells.


Kenzie said...

Oh wow, hadn't heard of the game before. I think it's funny that it's so vanilla with the questions, especially since it's called 50 Shades of Grey. Hm. Anyway, I just started a blog and came across yours - love what i've read so far, and look fwd to reading more. I added a link to your blog on my page, hope thats ok. :)

WendelJones said...

Just be glad Peter Jackson isn’t directing the 50 Shades of Grey movie. Otherwise it would be 3½ hours long with 4 hours of deleted footage released with the DVD.

That was a funny video on Lea's Corner

Hermione said...

Joey - I've seen ads for those in the local adult shops.

Roz - I didn't know about it either until that day.

Terps - LOL!

Sunny - True. I predict many clones.

Aaron - They should be displayed side by side.

Rollin - Very true. It has brought spanking and other kink out of the shadows, and has thus done us a great service.

FD - It goes without saying that our blogging community contains some fine writers.

Ronnie - Ah, the film. I wonder how bad that will be, and how faithful to the original.

Kenzie - Welcome! Yes, it is odd that the questions are so vanilla. Thank you for the link.

Sir W - 3 1/2 hours of bad dialogue to match the bad writing? No thanks!


Lea said...

That game sounds quite lame to me. Lol. I'd take Cards Against Humanity any day.

Hermione said...

Lea - I haven't heard of that game, but anything sounds more exciting than this one.