Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Completed the Caption

Beautiful blossoms and bottoms received a fine tribute today. Here's what you said:

Archedone: It's spring time and I can show my bottom without freezing it. Yes I know honey you will spank me for showing it in public.

Anon: What better way than to cool off a spanked bottom and yet still be naughty.

Ronnie: I think I'm going to regret taking Jane's bet to moon the next person who walks past.

Bonnie: "Bloomers? Why, just take a look. They're all around us!"

Sunnygirl: Cooling off her buns after a hot spanking.

Abby Williams: Sailor Moon? Heavens no! It's a Pink Moon or no moon at all. May her bottom be as pink as the cherry blossoms about to bloom. Happy Spring!

Kaelah: As she quickly raised the back of her skirt for her boyfriend to secretly shoot a naughty picture in the park, she smiled at the thought that the colour of her bottom almost matched the colour of the beautiful pink cherry blossoms. What made her smile even more, though, was the knowledge that the colour of her bottom would soon be as red as a cherry, long before the blossoms would have turned into the sweet fruits they both liked so much.

Grandfather: Young relative let me give you some advice from your elders. NEVER bare you bottom next to a flowering tree
21 Year Old Granddaughter: Oh Gramps….You are SO old fashioned…It’s a new world now; it’s called Freedom of Expression…..OWWWWW! Something BIT ME!

Squirrel 1: Holy Moley Frank…Look at the size of those pears
Squirrel 2: Those aren’t pears Frank, you goof…Those are Florida Grapefruit...They are very rare. Take a bite…They taste wonderful!

Come on Herman look at these cherry trees. Aren’t they beautiful?
Yeah…Yeah…Very pretty…Wait…Wait you are so right! They are nearly perfect, soft, rounded, supple globes …so spankable!
What did you say?
Uhhh...Yeah nice tree!

Somebody go get Officer Jane. I think this vice assignment in the park is starting to corrupt her.
Why do you say that? Ohhh, I see your point. Mary…Drop the skirt and get in the car.
Why…I think I almost have that jogger interested. He has circled this tree five times.

Kingspan: Father, I cannot tell a lie. 'Twas I who mooned the cherry tree.

Six of the best:  "Spring, Spring, is it really you, that wishes to birch my bare bottom true?"

1manview: Wait till we get home, I'm going to give her a brand new meaning to spank that azz!!

OK, who'd goong to be the first to play hide the weenie with me?

GaryNTboy: For borrowing his jacket without permission the naval officer's girlfriend would very likely be getting as many stripes on her bottom as are on the sleeves.

TL Bucko: You stand right there and think about what you've done while I cut a switch from this cherry tree.

Mitch Philbin: Oh, look, Sadie, the dogwoods are in bloom.

Sir Wendel Jones: Does this cherry blossom/dogwood tree make my tushie look fat?

Dr. Ken: "Wow. June really IS busting out all over...."

Elisa Will: "I keep forgetting about those dang camera phones." ;)

Prefectdt: The tree thinks "I prefer the stripy butt that the last girl had. it looked more like a bee.".

MyMask: See that branch on that tree, soon that will be tanning your backside.

Happy Easter, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

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Unknown said...

MyMask- my mind went where your's did... I was waiting for someone to pull the branch away from her as far as the could and let go...yowch!