Monday, March 11, 2013

From the Top Shelf - The Horsemasters

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The selection for today is a bit unusual; it isn't about consensual spanking - but then again, maybe it is. It's a passage taken from a well-loved and often read book from my childhood: The Horsemasters by Don Stanford. It chronicles the lives of dozen young people who are on a sixteen week course to become proficient horsemen and women at a famous English riding academy. The book was turned into a made for television Disney movie starring Annette Funicello as Dinah, an American pupil who is afraid of jumping.

The school was the perfect setting, in my young but perverted mind, for some kinky action with its cadre of stern teachers, strict demerit system, and clearly-defined punishments for failure to live up to the exacting standards of the school. Alas, the kink was all in my mind, but one scene stands out early on in the book. Dinah is giving her assigned horse, Cornish Pastie, his morning grooming while Mercy, the stern dominatrix head girl watches. (Her oh-so-appropriate name was changed to Janet for the movie.) Dinah's grooming kit includes an item never mentioned in any of my Pony Club handbooks, and I've never seen one, although later on in the book there is a scene in which the pupils all try to make one. It's a hay wisp, made from a long braided length of hay that's doubled over and sewn together, and used for an activity known as strapping. Have I captured your interest? Use your imagination as you read on:

Dinah lowered Corny P.'s last clean foot to the floor and slipped past him to toss her hoof pick back into the grooming kit and pick up her hay wisp.... Dinah turned quickly to stand square to Cornish Pastie's shoulder; he flinched and braced himself as she drew back the block of plaited hay and blinked as she hit him with all her strength, drew back and hit him again, rhythmically. Mercy Hale came and stood silently at the back of the stall, and without looking at Mercy, Dinah continued to strap Corny P., putting all her weight behind each solid blow on his  neck, his shoulders, his legs and quarters and back. Corny's ugly old black face wore an expression of sheer bliss; this, to him, was a luxurious massage, it toned up his circulation and turned all his fat to hard muscle, and it felt good.

Mercy turned away and left without saying a word, and Dinah eased up a little in the force of her blows; her arm was beginning to ache, and before she was finished, it would feel as though it were dropping off... and then, before she had quite finished, Mercy was banging on the feed box again, calling in her high, piping voice,

"Yards, please, yards, everybody!"

Dinah gave Corny P. three final solid bangs on his rump.

There! I'll bet many of you forgot that a horse was involved in that scene.

From Hermione's Heart


garyntboy said...

I used to work in the horse industry and there was always a lot of horse play going on. Still love the smell of leather...ooooo..yummy.
Kind regards, Gary.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy scenes involving stables.

Thank you for sharing,


Roz said...

Interesting Hermione, definitely different and yes, easy to forget a horse was in the story LoL. I'd never heard of this before.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Many years on the racetrack as a groom - we called it a hay strap, not a wisp, but same thing. You make it yourself by weaving hay almost like a braid and binding it with twine. You rub it over the horse very hard. Over time this builds a glorious shine and in turn you end up with a sexy back and arms. You can do the same thing with a curry comb. It was just the uppity trainer I worked for insisted all the girls do it. (Oh if I only saw that for what it was at the time...)

Discovered in time that old straps make lovely floggers!

ronnie said...

Was different. Have heard of a hay wisp.

I'm with Joey,any scenes involving stables, jodhpurs and whips.

Thanks Hermione.


Aimless Rambling said...

I loved today's lesson. lol

Hermione said...

Gary - I love leather too, in more ways than one.

Joey - So do I. There's something about all those crops, and hay bales to bend over:)

Roz - I'm glad I could share it with you.

Anon - Old, supple leather straps can't be beat!

Ronnie - I guess hay wisps just aren't common over here. It was years before I ever saw a picture of one, and couldn't imagine what it was.

Sunny - I'm so glad!


Sunny -

Terpsichore said...

take a story...use a little imagination...and voila...kink! I love it! :-)

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing :-)

Hermione said...

Terps - It's easy when you know how.

Tiffany - My pleasure!