Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This picture really got your creative juices flowing. Here's what you said:

Archedone: If this is the position you want, I'm ready for my spanking.

GaryNTboy: Sylvia had been told that smoking was bad for her health by the doctor. So when hubby caught her again with a cigarette he had her in the most embarrassing position while he fetched the cane.

Sir Wendel Jones: 1950’s Shades of Grey

Ronnie: I mean, I like him, but just wish he'd haul me over his lap and spank me...maybe if he catches me like this.

Minelle: Maybe this position will get me that sexy spanking....oops-- I better get this cig out of my mouth first!

Michael: Lady Daphne defied the smoking ban of her father, Lord Faversham - the Sixth Earl of Switchex, right up until she was put in the diaper position awaiting her Pa-Pa's return with the switch.

Sunnygirl: Ready and waiting for you dear.

Country Spanker: Glad you're comfy now because you won't be laid on your back when I have finished with you

Bonnie: "Mother always said I should cross my ankles because it's more ladylike."

Six of the best: "Hi, I'm waiting for my lover boy, 'Six of the Best', to come over tonight and treat me to a dozen good spanks with his fabulous cane, across my naked rear end," she said with a wicked wink.

Daisychain: Someone balance the scales on my feet, and I will PROVE I do not need to lose any more weight!!!

Roz: Go ahead, make my day. Spank me if you dare.

Ricky: Relaxing after the spanking.

Karl Friedrich Gauss: Claudia's master indulged her whim by fashioning a thermometer that resembled a cigarette in a holder. So she could look all the more insolent while being found out for skipping school while not actually being sick.

Young Lady: Gracie figured that she might as well be comfortable while she assumed the "diaper position.

Lea: "Some guys can't take a hint about when a girl wants a spanking. Maybe this'll do it!"

Vfrat25000: Surprise, Mom...Dad….. I am home one day early and I brought my friend Sean to meet you guys………………MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim…I think the rumor about Betty in Human Resources winning the lottery last night may be true!
What are you talking about Ms. Brooks?
Just open the door to her office and look inside. You will understand

DAD......Mom has got into the Vanilla Extract again!

Penelope from Public Relations really knows how to dress for Casual Friday!

Hey Chuck I think we may have found the perfect actress for the Miss Hannegin part in Annie

Miss Francis the timid quiet Smithville Librarian found an an old book titled “Live Life Like No One’s Watching” and has never been the same since.

Lady Koregan: Alright, you won the bet and I'm being a good sport. But heaven help you if I find these pictures on the internet anywhere!

Hermione: Lucky for me I'm wearing my Playprotex Living Girdle with the guaranteed paddle-proof lining.

Thanks for joining in the fun. See you next Saturday for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart

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