Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big Spanking Love

Lately we have become addicted to watching DVDs of Big Love, a television series that aired on HBO from 2006 to 2011. It's the story of Bill Hendrickson, a successful businessman in Utah who is also a practising polygamist. His three wives, Barb, Nicki and Margie, each live in separate houses with their children, and share a common back yard as well as a husband. The trials and tribulations of their private lives are evenly mixed with shady business dealings and conflicts with the leader of the polygamous "compound" where Bill grew up.

In such a patriarchal setting I decided that spankings were inevitable, and I though that finally, in Season 2 episode 8, I had found one. Bill and Margie are in her bedroom. He holds her close and asks, "What do you like?"

"When you please me."

"That's naughty, Margie." She gazes at him and nods. "You're a naughty girl."

That sounded like an invitation for a spanking, and said as much to Ron as we watched. But alas, it was not to be. The "naughty" thing that she liked, and what he apparently enjoyed too, was oral sex, performed in front of a curtainless window so we got a very nice view of each of their bare bums. So, by the way, did Nicki, who was watching from her house.

Bill with Nicki, Barb and Margie

But that was only a hint of things to come, and in Season 2 episode 9 we have the real thing. Sort of.

Margie is doing the shopping at Home Plus, a big box hardware store that Bill owns. She stops to chat to Benny - Bill's sixteen-year-old son by his first wife Barb - who is working there for the summer. Greg, Benny's supervisor, walks by and comes over to greet Margie with a warm hug. Greg has recently been transferred from Bill's other store, hasn't seen Margie for a long time, and doesn't know about her relationship. She excuses herself as quickly as possible, but not before another, even longer hug from Greg. After Margie is gone, Greg asks Benny how he knows her, and Benny explains, "She used to babysit me and my sisters."

Greg then asks, "Did she ever give you a spanking?"

Benny ignores this but when Greg goes on to say that she was "the best piece of ass I ever had" and that she would be worth a second try, Benny he shoves Greg into a display of space heaters. 

Out in the parking lot, Bill helps Margie put her parcels into the trunk of her car, and they discuss household matters. When he closes the trunk, he smiles and says her name. Margie looks up expectantly, assuming he is continuing the conversation. Instead, he slaps her bottom and says, "Thank you for shopping at Home Plus." All right! This is looking good.

A few scenes later Margie is back in the store with two large bags, heading to the service desk. No one is there so she rings the bell for service. Greg approaches her from behind, and she explains that she bought the wrong size of furnace filters and needs to return them. Instead of going around to the other side of the counter, he bends over it to retrieve the necessary form. Margie glances down at his presented bottom with a thoughtful look. He scribbles on the form, gives it to her and she hurries away. Benny has been watching, and when Greg looks up and notices him, he starts spanking himself with a wooden ruler that has suddenly materialized out of nowhere. 

Bennie goes after Margie, tells her to stop flirting, and says that his father doesn't want her shopping there anymore. Margie protests that Bill knows she has had relationships with other men in the past, and isn't jealous.

"Your father knows that I dated other men before him and he's fine with that," she explains. "Are you, Benny?"

"Well, he's not fine knowing that you're into spanking them. That you're a big spanker!" he shouts as she walks away.

In the final scene, Margie confronts Bill about what Benny has told him, and asks about not being allowed in the store. Bill declares that he has said no such thing, and has no need to be jealous of what has happened in the past. Margie is relieved. She ends their conversation by saying, "By the way, the spanking was Greg's idea. I never even liked it that much." The look on Bill's face makes it clear it's the first time he has heard about Margie spanking Greg. He immediately phones his partner and tells him to have Greg transferred to his other store.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Sounds very interesting, but I'm guessing she did enjoy spanking him and just maybe she will introduce it to her husband.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, we absolutely loved Big Love. Such a different show and concept from the usual offerings.

I too remember thinking that given the premise of the show there would probably be some spanking. I remember all of those scenes you describe.


bob said...

It sure sounded like she lied to me, that she didn't like spanking him.
And the husband not being jelous another lie.


Hermione said...

Archedone - I agree; I think she's game for any kind of sexual activity.

Roz - It's much better than Sister Wives, a reality show on the same subject.

Bob - Not jealous? Go on, pull the other one;)


abby said...

I loved this show!
hugs abby

Terpsichore said...

sounds like an interesting show...missed that one...

ronnie said...

Never heard of it, sounds interesting though.


Aimless Rambling said...

Never watched the show, now I'm sorry I missed it.

Hermione said...

Abby - Yay! Another fan!

Terps - I found it by chance in our public library, and was glad I did.

Ronnie - We don't get HBO (American station) and I'm sure there are many more hidden gems created for it.

Sunny - It's available on DVD if you're interested.


Dee said...

Sounds an intriguing show

Dee x

Unknown said...

I liked this show too, but there definitely could have been more spanking. :D

kiwigirliegirl said...

I never watched the show but yeah i would have thought like you did that it would be inevitable...and waht you described i would have been disappointed.
Too PC these days to show such scenes on TV

Julia said...

Its a really good show, and it had a worthy ending. I was always amazed watching it because I just can't imagine being Bill. I mean talk about having a long day, pleasing three wives, and all those children...

Hermione said...

Dee - It really is.

TL Bucko - There's no reason to hope I'll see any? Awww!

Kiwi - True. We wouldn't want to offend;(

Julia - Remember when he was buying Viagra by the case and popping them like candy?


Unknown said...

oh my goodness i LOOOOOOOOVE Big Love!!! :D

Hermione said...

Young Lady - I'm sorry the series has ended.


Lea said...

Interesting storyline. I don't have HBO so have never seen the show. But when talking to people from out of state and them hearing I'm from Utah, I can't even tell you how many times I've been asked "Do you like Big Love?" as if all our neighbors are like that. Lol.

Hermione said...

Lea - I don't get HBO either, but lots of programs are on DVD.

It must be annoying for people to make that assumption. As a Canadian, I'm sure Americans make a lot of assumptions about me:)