Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Five Years and Counting

My, how time does fly! It seems like only yesterday that I created my blog and, with great trepidation, published my first post.

It's been five years since that day, and I am now five years older, wiser, and happier since I became a part of the blogging community.

It's true. You, dear readers, are my friends, and the reason I keep on blogging. Thank you for your continued support, inspiration and enthusiasm. I'll do my best to keep blogging for another five years.

Oh well, you can't please everyone.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


Congratulations and thank you so much for the many years of excellent posts. I look forward to your Top Shelf on Monday, Wednesday Win, Friday Fail, and Complete the Caption during the weekends. Plus, you have so many other fun posts.

I hope that you blog for many more years!


Kaelah said...

Congratulations on five years of blogging, Hermione, and thank you for all the work you have put into your blog! I'm always impressed by your daily blogging routine. Here's to the next five years! :-)

Penelope said...

Congratulations, Hermione! I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the world is a better place for you and your blog - thank you for giving us so much. xxx

PK said...

Happy fifth birthday! I know exactly what you mean, I feel the same way about blogging. Too bad about Dylan - he doesn't know what he's missing!


ricky said...

No, Hermione, Bobby doesn't hate
your blog, he's just envious and
dejected, the poor guy.
Congratulations on your fifth birthday of blogging, sharing your
thoughts and experiences with us.
I am touched by your enthusiasm, humour, openness, and compassion.
You make every contributor feel special, being sincerely interested in what they say.
Well done!
Are you going to get a birthday
spanking today?
Have fun!

Dee said...

That's some achievement Hermione. Happy Blog Birthday :) I linked to your first ever post. What a great start and I even recognised a few names, those of who still blog too :)

Dee x

Bonnie said...

Congratulations, Hermione! You've done a tremendous amount of good with your blog in terms of educating, entertaining, inspiring, and enlightening your readers.

Thank you for everything you do!


Hermione said...

Joey - Thank you for being one of my most faithful regulars.

Kaelah - Lucky for me, I like routines. It's become a habit that's hard to break.

Penelope - Aw, that's so sweet of you.

PK - He'll come around in time - or not!

Ricky - Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I believe a spanking will be part of the day's festivities.

Dee - It's interesting to look back and see who is still around.

Bonnie - Thank you. I try hard, and I learned from one of the best - you!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

High 5!

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, congratulations on your Fifth Anniversary. It blogs(blows), the mind how successful it has been. May your bare bottom blush with many more years of success. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Hermione! Happy blogging!

abby said...

Congrats Hermione...I would have guessed longer than that. You do keep us on our toes....Here's to the next 5!
hugs abby

ronnie said...


Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging.

It's always a pleasure to visit with you. Thank you for all the smiles and laughs and thank you for all the help you so willingly give.

Here's to your next five years!.


Susie said...

Happy Birthday Hermione! I enjoy coming here each day for a quick smile.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and happy birthday.... I really enjoy visiting your blog... and this sounds like a spanking is in order for today, as it is YOUR BIRTHDAY.
bottoms up

Michael M said...

Congratulations on a splendid blog.

Sara said...

Wow...5 years! I remember when you were first posting on Bonnie's...and then when you started here. You've come a long way baby! ;) And haven't we all...

Congrats Hermione!


sugarsweethoney21 said...

Congrats on five years, Hermione! Thats a big milestone! Yours was one of the first blogs I came across and one of my favorites to visit--your posts are always great! Keep it up!! :)


Aimless Rambling said...

Happy Blogaversery. I can't imagine Blogland without you. We are the ones that are blessed that you are here among us.

I can't thank you enough for all you've done for us and for me.

Hope you're here forever.

Fondles said...

congratulations on 5 years! Wow... i'm almost at the 1 year mark and already wondering how long I can keep this up.

you're doing an awesome job, I love reading your stuff!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are here, Hermione! Happy Blogging birthday and many many happy returns of the day.

an English Rose said...

Wow Hermione, 5 years that is amazing. Happy birthday, have a great day, love janxxx

Erica said...

Happy Fifth, Hermione! I can't imagine the spanko blogosphere without you. :-)

houston_switch said...

Happy anniversary... the hard work continues to pay dividends. I hope you get a great spanking as just rewards...

Hermione said...

Bogey - LOL! That should have been the title of this post.

Six - Thank you, I hope it does.

Subbie - Thanks.

Abby - Some days it feels like I've been here forever.

Ronnie - Bring them on; I'm ready for them!

Susie - I'm glad to hear you're a regular.

Red - Um, yes, perhaps that certain activity might take place. I did drop a hint to Ron last night.

Michael - thank you.

Sara - We sure have.

Sugar - I'll do my best.

Sunny - Forever works for me:)

Fondles - It's a strain sometimes, but the results are worth it.

Lillie - Thank you.

Jan - I've enjoyed my day so far, and the best is yet to come.

Erica - It's so nice of you to say that, and the feeling is mutual.


Bas said...

Happy Birthday dear Hermione. And happy Blogiversary.
So you blog when you want to?
Who would have known that that would be every day!
Thank you for all the blogging.
Thanks Ron, for letting you spend so much time on blogging.


Congratulations have a celebratory beer C{_}


Anonymous said...

5 years? Wow! Congratulations!!! What does Bob Dylan know anyway? lol

Christina said...

Awesome! Happy Blogiversary, Hermione!

Minielle Labraun said...

When I discovered this world 5 years ago...even though I was sporadic with visiting people secretly---you were there. I am glad you are continuing!!

Greenwoman said...

Congratulations dear lady! Nice job!


Roz said...

Congratulations Hermione! Wising you many more years of happy blogging :) Blogland would not be the same without you. I always enjoy your posts.

Thank you for all you do.


Hermione said...

Bas - I think Ron has finally adjusted to the amount of time I spend blogging.

Prefectdt - I did, and raised a glass to you.

Grace - Not much, or at least you can't understand it if he tries to tell you:)

Christina - thank you.

Minelle - Really? I'm glad I was there at the beginning for you.

Greenwoman - Thank you for the kind words.

Roz - Gosh, you make me feel important:)


Hermione said...

Houston Switch - Sorry I missed you. We had a great day.

Terpsichore said...

Congratulations! Thanks for five great years and more to come! :-) And happy belated birthday! :-)
Hugs, Terps

garyntboy said...

Oh so sorry I missed this anniversary Hermione, been a tad busy,many congratulations on this milestone,you have been my inspiration to keep posting.The lastest is about to appear.
Kind regards,Gary.

Zoe said...

Congrtats on five years! That's wonderful!

Lea said...

Happy blogiversary! 5 years of fresh and interesting content is no small feat!

Hermione said...

Terps - Thank you on both counts.

Gary - I can't wait to read your latest post.

Zoe - Thank you.

Lea - No, I guess it isn't:)


Dave Wolfe said...

Ah, don't take Bob seriously, Hermione, he's just a bit tired after catching up on five years of blog entries and disappointed that he's somehow missed making a tune about this cultural phenomenon!

Happy Blogoversary and many spanks, er, thanks, for your wit and insights and stories and an always enjoyable blog!

Hermione said...

Dave - I eagerly await Bob's musical interpretation of my blog archives. If I can understand what he's saying, that is:)

Thanks for stopping by.