Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday FAIL

Everyone's talking about inflation, right?

 You've gotta blow up your inflatable somehow, but this is so wrong!

 A Madonna costume, anyone?

 I'm not sure what the context of this picture was, but that bottom looks inflatable. And the inscription - what's that all about?

Making a spanking video while your kid watches? There's just one word for that:

From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

The balloon picture could be worse. They could be blowing it from the front.

I think “DadsTrophy” is from the cartoon Fairly Odd Parents. There was an episode where the fairies turned Timmy’s Dad into a Player and the Mom into his Trophy Wife.

And the kid is just checking to see if the video is for his Dad or his sister’s Dad.

Thanks for the laughs

Anonymous said...

All fails Hermione. The first photo is so wrong. And, the video is ridiculous.


Roz said...

Definite fails Hermione, love the blow up bra LoL Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend :)


Hermione said...

Sir W - Thanks for the explanation of Dad's Trophy.

Joey - I couldn't believe someone had actually posted that video online.

Roz - It probably served a purpose back then.


dancingbarez said...

These are all so awful but quite hysterical. Must find me a pair of those pants....or maybe not.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall was a 32A when we married and had one of those blowup bras. They really blew up on planes. I never thought of her as a fail.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, I like the cartoon 'Dad's Trophy'. Plus the naughty mother, who gives herself a spanking while her kid is watching, deserves to be given a real good bare bottom spanking with the cane.

abby said...

Goes to prove people will post anything! All fails today!
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

funny, a spanking video with the child running up...
definitely all fails
have a fun weekend
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Can't believe she posted that video. All fails.

Thanks Hermione.


Aimless Rambling said...

Definitely all fails.

Unknown said...

good ones, Ms. Hermione. Good ones!

The video makes me laugh, partially because it is soooooo something I would do!! :-p

Hermione said...

Dancing - I'm sure you would look quite fetching in them.

Bogey - Really blew up? LOL!

Six - I don't know what that mother was thinking.

Abby - I agree - 100% failure rate.

Red - I sure will have fun!

Ronnie - Right on - she's an idiot!

Sunny - Thanks.

YL - You would do that? You naughty girl!