Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meme: 54 Things

Ana made up a list of 54 things that made her happy. I enjoyed reading her list, but thought to myself that I could never do that. I'm not by nature a happy person, and decided to prove it by writing down the few things that make me happy. It was hard at first, but once I got started my list grew and grew. Over the course of 24 hours I managed to complete over half the list. It took several days to think of another two dozen things, but eventually I did it. Hey, I guess I'm happier that I thought!

Here's what makes Hermione happy:
  1. Seeing my favourite musicians perform in person
  2. Pizza - any kind, any place, any time
  3. Blogging about spanking
  4. Watching an organist play
  5. My husband's smile
  6. Watching the Food Network
  7. Singing in a choir
  8. Pussywillows
  9. Trying new recipes
  10. Seeing my stats after I have been Chrossed
  11. Watching Doc Martin
  12. Listening to a performance of Handel's Messiah
  13. Having my blog mentioned on other blogs
  14. Studying and passing exams
  15. Bagpipes
  16. Seeing my writing published in a newspaper
  17. Planting seeds and watching new life emerge from the soil
  18. Harvesting vegetables and giving them to a soup kitchen
  19. Buying groceries to donate to the local food bank
  20. The scent of lilacs
  21. Watching our younger dog play, run and jump after months of health challenges
  22. Going to an airport and watching the planes take off
  23. Watching Gordon Ramsay prepare easy and delicious dishes without using the F word
  24. A quiet house after visitors have gone home
  25. Eating the first green peas of the season, straight out of the pod
  26. Baking for my family
  27. Picking a spring bouquet of violets and lilies-of-the-valley
  28. The feel of clay beneath my hands as I shape and mold it
  29. Doing jigsaw puzzles
  30. Military parades
  31. Browsing the shelves of the public library or a bookshop
  32. Doing logic puzzles
  33. Long walks in the woods
  34. Having a picnic in the woods
  35. Filling a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child
  36. Day trips to local historic sites
  37. Doing projects that allow me to be creative and messy
  38. Watching our dogs do cute and silly things
  39. Sitting in front of a blazing fire in the fireplace
  40. Hunting the wily haggis
  41. Watching our goldfish swim in their tank
  42. Donating things we no longer use to someone who can use them
  43. Driving along country roads to enjoy the fall colours
  44. Coming home after a long day of travelling
  45. Decorating the house for the holidays
  46. Thinking up topics for our Sunday brunches
  47. Finding food pictures for the brunch posts
  48. Volunteering on the Blogger help forum
  49. Watching a hummingbird sip nectar from our feeder
  50. Enjoying Boston Legal again
  51. James Spader (see #50)
  52. Reading my favourite blogs
  53. getting a back rub
  54. Seeing the start of a new day
Please feel free to give this a try on your blog.
From Hermione's Heart


ricky said...

That's indeed a wonderful list,
Hermione,especially when it makes you so happy.
Makes me think that we should all
take the time to make our own list
of people, places, and things,
that make each of us, well, happy.
Thank you.

Roz said...

Fabulous list Hermione, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading this and it made me smile :)

Totally with you on No 1 at the moment. Not long until we see the Boss! I'm with you Boston Legal and James Spader too and love that you harvest veges and buy groceries to give to the soup kitchen and food bank.


abby said...

I took up Ana's challenge, i am glad i did. The Messiah, fresh peas and fall colors....three of the wonders of life.
hugs abby

Our Bottoms Burn said...

What no cooking down sap to make maple syrup?

Hermione said...

Ricky - It was an exercise in contemplation.

Roz - The Boss? How very cool! Lucky you.

Abby - I can't wait to read your list.

Bogey - No, that isn't fun. It just results in sticky walls!


Anonymous said...

Those were great! Glad you took the challenge too :) It makes you feel good inside doesn't it? :) I love the way pussywillows feel too. They are so unique!


Terpsichore said...

wonderful list, Hermione. Lots of things to make one happy...its often the little things. :-) Hugs

ronnie said...


Wonderful, made me happy reading your list.

I saw this over at Anna's and thought the same as you, never think of 54 things that make me happy. So looks like I'm going to have to take the challenge.

Thanks for sharing.


PS - Listening to bagpipes always puts a smile on my face.

Aimless Rambling said...

Great list and I applaud your fortitude in making the list. I saw that too and 54 just sounded so daunting.

I'll just be a passenger for the next couple of days so maybe.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, may I ask you an unusual question. You state in your Meme, that you are by nature NOT a happy person, May I ask WHY?

Hermione said...

Sara - I used to pick pussywillows when I was little. They grew everywhere!

Terps - I agree; it's the little things.

Ronnie - The last few were the hardest. I nearly stopped at 49!

Sunny - You could start a list and see how it goes.

Six - I let little things upset me far too much. I also can't feel happy if those around me aren't happy. Some days. though, I really am happy.


an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, I loved your list. No 10 made me smile and no 16? Are you a journalist then or can't you say?
love Jan.xx

River Wild said...

Great list! We should all make one and keep it for future times when our outlook on life may not be as positive...enjoy some things from the list :)

Erica said...

I love this. Talk about a mood picker-upper. :-)

Zoe said...

I love this idea. Great list. I just might have to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for sharing-- I enjoyed reading the list.

Hermione said...

Rose - I'm not a journalist but for a year I was part of a group who submitted articles to the paper on a regular basis.

River - That's a good idea. It certainly cheered me up.

Erica - It was sort of a count your blessings exercise, minus the religious reference.

Zoe - I hope you share your list with us.

Trixie - Will you do one too, when you have some spare time?


Anastasia Vitsky said...

Yay!! I nearly missed this, which would have been a shame. Hooray for you! I'm glad you took up my challenge. It's great to see everyone doing it around blogland.

Happy 54 things to you, Hermione. :D

Hermione said...

Ana - thank you for the inspiration.


Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione,

OK, I'll play.

1. Dark chocolate truffles
2. Live theater performances
3. Cyber-friends
4. Super Bowl commercials
5. San Francisco
6. Game of Thrones
7. Field greens salad
8. Smooth leather paddle
9. Randy's chest
10. Old growth forests
11. A day off just because
12. Granddaughter's laugh
13. Finishing a big job
14. Smithsonian Channel
15. Warm comfy winter nightgowns
16. Leisurely road trips
17. Writing about spanking
18. Tending a garden
19. Sound of ocean waves
20. Role playing
21. Roses
22. Snuggling aftermath
23. Kitties early in the morning
24. Being the grandma who bakes
25. Art museums
26. Sleeping late on Saturday
27. Mountain lodges
28. Date night
29. Surf music
30. Springtime
31. Dopey old comedies
32. Gifts of lingerie
33. Rhapsody in Blue
34. Discovering new spanking blogs
35. Stroking a slightly prickly face
36. Keeping a happy secret
37. When everything comes together
38. Getting dressed up
39. Helping a friend
40. Sedona
41. Taking time to do it right
42. Watching a movie together
43. Anticipation
44. Improving a recipe
45. Coniferous forest fragrance
46. Unexpected kindness
47. Sherlock
48. Amusement parks
49. Oh, that magic feeling - nowhere to go
50. Cheering a friend's success
51. Being a spanko couple
52. Savannah
53. Fresh berries
54. Being part of a wonderful community

Hermione said...

Bonnie - That's a fine list! I'm also the grandma who bakes! Unfortunately, I love Superbowl commercials too but couldn't include them because we can't see then in Canada.