Saturday, January 11, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Lovely upholstery, enchanting backdrop - the scene is set for... Here's what you said.

Ronnie: I mean I like him, but - I just wished he'd put me over his lap and spank me.

Missy: Seriously, does my bum look too big like this?

Six of the best: "I burnt the TOAST. Now my husband is going to burn my BUNS," says the wife, with apprehension, on her forthcoming spanking on her bare bottom, by him.

Country Spanker: "Well I am ready, wish he would tell me what position he wants me in."

 Michael: "I wonder if Lord Percival will allow me any clothes before our guests arrive. Lady Cheltenham will be most surprised to see her daughter-in-law in such a state."

"I hate waiting for my spanking out here in the library where all the servants can see."

Rollin: Maybe if I let Charles find me like this he won't be so angry about this nifty antique chair I picked up.

Fiona: Hmmmm, I wonder if I'll be able to sit on this chair when He's done with me?

Kim: I need to use the chamber pot before we begin!

Prefectdt: "I don't care if the shop manager is not happy. I am not buying this chair unless I get to test it first. Now get your kit off Henry."

Red: Another day, another spanking...what did I ever do to meet such a wonderful man?

Anon: I am sorry, really I am, I know though that soon he will come through that door and my bare bottom is about to pay the price.Will I ever learn?

Ricky: Oh, what was a glorious spanking! I just want to feel its effects forever and forever . . .

Arched one: When he told me to strip and wait for him on the chair, I knew I was in for a long spanking. I just wish he would start and get it over with.

Simon: The Antiques Roadshow had noticed a considerable increase in the viewing figures since there new dress policy for experts had been introduced.

Sara: I'm so bored! I think I will just sit here naked and fantasize about being spanked!

Ruby:  Wistfully she muses "It must not be *too* serious if he let me keep my stockings..."

Welcome, Ruby!

Sir Wendel Jones: I’m ready for my spank-- oh wait, there is a sale at Penny’s.

Measha: This fabric is so refreshing after the tanning I just had, cool to touch, and soft on my bum. It was worth the strap.

Hermione: What are you waiting for? It ain't gonna spank itself.

Thank you all for having fun with captions this week. I hope you'll all come back for brunch. The table is set and the coffee's on.
From Hermione's Heart

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