Saturday, January 25, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This photo made many of you take quick action. Here's what you said:

Fiona: I saw the red on your cheeks and thought you might be on fire!

GaryNTboy: Darling, can you fetch me a large glass of water? I'm really thirsty out here!

Anon: You're going to wish you had that water poured on your bare bottom; to the house young man!

Ronnie: You said you need cooling down.

Sunnygirl: "I sensed you needed to be cooled down."

Smuccatelli: I'm gonna give YOU a tanning, mister!

Prefectdt: The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.

Note - This was totally stolen from Oscar Wilde.

Ami Starsong: But I thought I heard you shout "Fire!"

Baxter: Ya know, we could have gone to the beach or you could have a pool installed. But NOOOOO. you take the cheapass way out and throw a bucket of water on me. This means only one thing and that is you are getting a spanking. So take your bucket and go find the paddle and hurry back.

DelFonte: Kev misunderstood her request for more effective aftercare.

Hermione: "Quick! Look up! I can make the water look like a dolphin."

Thank you to all who joined in today. Remember that Complete the Caption now appears each Thursday.

From Hermione's Heart


VFRat25000 said...

Sorry I missed the change in dates
I thought I would add these to the list!

Look what’s crawling around in this bucket of water. It’s got pinchers and about 14 legs…..Oooops!!!!!!!!

Karen check out this huge Margarita I made!

I don’t know why she is so mad. She said she wanted to recreate the scene at the beach “From Here to Eternity”

Oh Crap! Sorry Mrs. Jones, I guess I am in the wrong back yard. Have a nice afternoon.

It wasn’t me. Honest! I was inside reading the newspaper. It was that notorious “Bucket Bandit” I have read so much about. Honey, would I lie to you? Give me a hug.

ricky said...

(Sorry I'm late.)
So you think that's fun, do you?
Well, just remember,
Revenge is a lot more fun!

Hermione said...

Vfrat25000 - It's so good to hear from you again. I thought I'd lost my most prolific contributor.

Ricky - Better late than never!