Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #1

As we start a new year, we begin a new feature at Hermione's Heart. Our very dear friend Bonnie has retired from blogging, and her ever-popular Spanko Brunches now have a new permanent home here. Before we begin, I would ask everyone to raise their cups, mugs and glasses in a toast to Bonnie.

Now for today's topic.

Do your spankings involve using multiple implements? If so, who makes the decision? How many do you use? If not, is this something you would like to try?

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to our conversation by leaving a comment. Now's your chance; don't be shy! Once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

SM uses as many implements as he wants but it mostly ranges from one to three per session depending on many factors. Sometimes it's due to whether I am being affected by the first implement. If he feels I am not, he will choose another and maybe a third. Sometimes it's just because he is being spanky and wants to try out a bunch at my expense!!! Finally, sometimes it is due to my own attitude or to whether it is a punishment spanking. Often he will warm up with his hand, switch to belt or cane, and end with the stinking paddle that I hate. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh and congrats on your first brunch!!!

Anonymous said...

The first 'solo' brunch at Hermione's Heart, what fun!

We do play with multiple implements, sometimes picked by mutual agreement, sometimes at random with dice but mostly it's the spankers choice.

morningstar said...

- grabs a cup of coffee - pulls out a chair and sits down at Hermione's first brunch and toasts Bonnie!! -

Now as for spanking implements - we have a huge bag full of "toys" depending on how W feels He may cycle through a goodly number of them - from floggers to paddles to canes and whips.

There is one toy that most of the time W won't use unless I specifically ask for it. It is the Gorean Whip. It is quite nasty and I really do have to be in the mind set for it.

abby said...

Thanks for taking over hosting duties. Usually more than one implement...if His hand counts as am implement always more than one. The choice is usually His. I occasionally get to choose, but not the position or number of strokes.
hugs abby

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, first of all I love HOT CHOCHLATE. As to spanking implements my favorite, as you might know is the CANE. Sometimes I might use a BIRCHROD. As for warm-ups, my hand is most useful.

Simon said...

I live a considerable distance from the lady who has been whacking my bottom for the last 15 years so when we do meet a session lasts a long time. During that time my bottom may be beaten with as many as ten different implements. She has hairbrushes, straps of varyiing size and thickness, wooden spoons (which I particularly dislike), riding crops, a carpet beater and some implements I don't even know the name of. The observant will have noticed that the list doesn't include canes or wooden paddles. Neither of us like paddles, they are too heavy and I do not find the sensation in any way pleasant or exciting. Canes however are a different matter, we love the sound both as it travels through the air and on impact so we always finish with the cane. I don't get to choose the implements however but she does take my dislikes into consideration so there is an element of choice on my part.
Thank you for taking over the brunch, all the best.

Annabelle said...

We have not used multiple implements. My man uses his hand most frequently which is powerful all on it's own. On occasion he pulls out the dreaded strap or worse a horsewhip if he feels this is what is needed. I do not make the choice of what is used or when. Yikes.. not sure how I would react if he suddenly chose to use more than one implement.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Hi Hermione! Thank you for hosting Spanko Brunch 2.0.

My wife almost always uses multiple implements. Usually 3 or 4. Typically, it's a leather strap, bath brush, the infamous loopy johnny, and often a wooden paddle.

Underling said...

Hi there, Hermione.

Here's to Bonnie for all her hard work, and here's to you for picking up brunch and LoL duties!

My lady and I do have a fair collection of implements, and of course we have our favourites. I get to choose, but because I know which ones she likes best (and which ones she hates!) that's always a consideration.

Whenever we're together we'll play multiple times, and her first spanking is almost invariably only by hand. Warm-ups are generally a good thing, especially if we want to play for a long time.

After that if she's already over my knee then it's usually a combination of hand and one other 'short' implement - hairbrush, slipper or spoon - that can easily be used without her having to get up. I think it's such a cosy and fun position that typically neither of us is in a hurry for her to move!

If I'm going to use the cane, strop, paddle or belt then typically she'll already be either bent over or lying on her tummy and that's the only implement I'll use.

I'm a bit of a purist, I guess - although we don't have a real D/s relationship and only play for fun, we still often like to pretend that she's being punished for something and in that case it feels more 'real' to me to be using just the one implement. In a similar way, I'm always disappointed by spanking photos and videos in which the participants are acting out a domestic punishment scenario but there are ten or fifteen implements laid out in the background - for me, it counters the suspension of disbelief!

Thanks for having us to the first Spanko Brunch 2.0. And if I can raise my virtual glass one more time, here's to many more. :)

Aimless Rambling said...

Congrats on your first bunch. I've raised my glass to Bonnie and can just imagine she is really enjoying herself right about now.

We usually use multiple implements and Ray usually picks them ahead of time. I like all of our implements but sometimes I don't want a certain one and will suggest another. Sometimes, I do and will just lay it out w/o saying anything. We also play the dice game which is random.

Anonymous said...

Great first brunch question!
I love Jack's hand. We began with a wooden spoon and went on from there. He has used the belt and a new leather paddle, but he loves and I hate the wooden paddle. It stings and I squirm.

Roz said...

Congratulations on your first brunch Hermione, thank you for continuing this wonderful tradition. Huge thank you to Bonnie for all she has done over the last eight years for this community. She will be very much missed.

Our spankings quite often, but not always involve more than one implement. Usually his hand and at least one implement (usually leather paddle in this case). He nearly always picks, although sometimes if the spanking is 'play', I get some choice :)


Baxter said...

When I am able to spank my wife (rare) she wants me to use my hand. However when she spanks me (couple times a week or so) typically one implement of her choice, spoon, paddle or belt. She loves the spoon and the welts it leaves.

ricky said...

By all means, a cup of chocolates toast to Bonnie for starting and
maintaining such a wonderful blog,
and to you, Hermione, for continuing it; I just know you will do Bonnie proud!

I prefer the hand in both giving and receiving, because it is so very, very intimate--you just can't beat the personal touch.

Bonnie said...

Congratulations, Hermione, on your successful relaunch of our brunch!

Randy chooses which spanking implements he uses. Many times, he will select more than one. He tends to like to alternate among sting and thud sensations, just so I don't get "too settled in." All I know is that they all hurt!

Occasionally, he will lay out a whole line of implements on the bed before we begin. This is my official notice that he has planned the whole treatment.

stay at home mom said...

Hi Hermione,
congratulations for your first brunch and a hearty toast for Bonnie :)
For punishments my husband only uses one implement per session. But these could vary from one punishment to the next. It could be hand, hairbrush, cane or even a nasty paddle. They are all reserved for the discipline/punishment purpose solely.
But if we talk about pleasurable spankings, he would use different implements in one session, e.g. hand and flogger, flogger and crop or even a crop and a considerably softer cane, compared to those mean and nasty ones that we have for punishments. There is a clear division and he would not punish me with those implements we use for the pleasurable times.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Hermione, on taking over the Spanko Brunch from the inestimable Bonnie. I gladly and affectionately raise a glass to toast this wonderful woman.

Most of the times I spank Season I use multiple implements, and I decide which ones. I find three the optimal number and usually select a mix with a leather paddle or strap, wooden hairbrush or paddle and then maybe a riding crop or plastic spatula. And of course I warm her up with my bare hand which I will also use in between the different implements. I will also toggle back and forth between the implements using them at various times and in various order. On occasion Season will very shyly ask for a specific implement, usually the leather nanny paddle which is small but packs quite the sting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing the brunch tradition, Hermione. My hubby has only used 2 implements on me thus far - his right hand and his left hand. Hopefully one day he'll be comfortable enough to try an additional one.

Loki_Darksong said...

When my wife and I play we use at least three of our favorite implements on each other. When I am topping her, I use my hand, a leather coffin paddle and her favorite strap. When she tops me, she breaks out a Cane-Iac wooden paddle, The Curse of Dana strap and one of our Dragon canes for that playtime.

For birthdays, I used a idea inspired by a Futurama fan fiction. The story involved the character, Amy, getting a birthday spanking from Levels who was using an implement that could morph into other types of spanking implements. And it was up to Amy's age, 22. Which meant that eleven implements was used, two strokes per implement. A fun read, trust me!

To duplicate that scene, I used our ages and divided the number of birthday swats by the number of implements; is: age 44 broke down to four strokes with eleven implements!

SirQsmlb said...

Thank you, Hermione, for kindly taking in the brunch. You are very appreciated!

We have spankings in many ways. Some that involve a single implement that he chooses and some that involve many. Sometimes I can request one or he gives me the choice of one, but his usage is his choice.


WendelJones said...

Never used more than one per session. Maybe I'll make that my New Year’s resolution this year.

bobbsroom said...

Hi Hermione

Thanks for taking the helm of the brunch from now on, i have always been interested in other peoples thoughts and experiences.

If i am seeing someone i use the whole contents of my little bag, ranging from a small hairbrush, bath brush and wooden ruler through to a harsh wooden paddle, Paddle strap and cane, after my hand of course. If it is someone new i generally make them guess what the implement is and note how hard and there reactions to each, just to get a measure of there likes and tolerances. It continually surprises me how different girls perceive different materials a lot not being able to tell wood from leather.
When i am in the bedroom with my wife i gauge the way she is feeling and use what ever i think accordingly. B also knows how to turn me on and what to say to initiate just a spanking right through to the whole bag.



Anonymous said...

Hermione, it's great to see so many posts to your first Spanko Brunch, a big toast to you and Bonnie. We have a few implements, whip, wooden spoon, hair brush, belt, strop, fly swatter. All are laid out prior to spanking ( by me) all are used each time, she will pick what to use when the position and how many spanks I'll get from each.

kiwigirliegirl said...

congrats hermione on your first brunch. yummy picture and great topic. sir always uses a number of implements but never his hand. he decides and if i complain then out come more

an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione , congratulations on your first Brunch. John always uses more than one implement, his hand first though. He chooses usually. He doesn't trust me to pick anything stronger than feathers!!

wholebeanandI said...

As many instruments as possible, variety is the spice of life as they say.

I love to pick them out myself, but when a partner produces some new surprise purchase ...well how could one refuse!

Good luck Hermione!

ronnie said...


Congratulations on your first Brunch.

P sometimes asks me which implement I would like him to use but generally he decides and he rarely uses more than two.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We normally use two "toys". What we use is always mutually agreeable. If I am going the whole nine yards with her, then the number goes up to several leather and wood paddles and the crop.

Anonymous said...

Great to find Bonnie's blog back in such capable hands; keep up the good work !
Usually D spanks me with one thing only, but if it is to be more than one, my bottom gets a sound hand spanking first, which leaves it glowing and stinging, and ready for whatever other weapon he has decided on. Thankfully he never does it the other way round, such as spanking after say a strapping . S.


I cannot remember ever having a spanking that did not involve multiple toys. Discussing toy choices is, in my opinion, on of the most fun parts of pre spanking negotiations and is always best when both sides have a say.


Anonymous said...

we use multiple implements in most spankings, very often the same number of licks from each implement; i.e. 15 licks from 9 implements. still feeling the new year paddling: 20 from 20 paddles and then 14 from 14 crops and straps. still very tender and not sitting easy, but it was my suggestion. buttwed

Anonymous said...

I would love to have multiple implements. Variety is the spice of life!! Unfortunately, my spanker always says, "Get the wood". Though we have several wooden paddles, I know which one I have to get...her favorite. On rare occastions we use my choice which is leather but I would love the different feels of several when we play.


Fondles said...

Sometimes we do. and we BOTH get a say in it. Sometimes he'll pull out whatever he wants, and sometimes I'll make requests. They've never been turned down :)

Fondles said...

And Happy New year, Happy first brunch, and here's to carrying on the tradition! *Cheers*

PK Corey said...

Here's to Bonnie and you, Hermione for taking the responsibility.

We always use several. Nick just pulls out the toy box and picks whatever he likes. He doesn't mind requests, but be doesn't allow vetoes.

Respecting Mistress said...

Hi Hermione. Mistress mainly uses one of our many canes but has a special love of using leather implements too. So she'll deliver a thorough caning but if Im heavily marked and she still thinks I deserve more, she'll use one of her leather favourites. We have thick-plaited crop, three tailed leather paddle and a spoon-shaped paddle - her special delight!. Of our cane collection, she used to prefer using the straight rods - and will alternate sixes or 12s between thick and thin Dragon canes - but has recently grown to really enjoying using our traditional school cane, an implement she used to hate using because she found it difficult to control

Unknown said...

If we are playing then he will usually use 2 or 3 implements. A leather paddle, flogger, and his new toy a dragon tail flogger are his usual dance partners.

If it's for punishment he uses one implement either his belt or the dragon tail flogger. He doesn't believe in warm ups for punishment spankings so it really is just the one implement.

For both instances it's his choice. Once in a while I'll ask for something for play time, but he gets to decide where it's used. I picked a crop last time... he did not use at all where I wanted him to...but it was great fun anyway.

Thanks for taking over the brunch. This is my first time participating, and so far loving it.


Minielle Labraun said...

Thanks Hermione for continuing the Brunch tradition!

My Scotsman usually picks more than one, usually 3. Sometimes I will say something about trying a new one.But he usually surprises me.

Jenny said...

He always uses at least one implement in addition to his hand. I'd say a little less than half the time he uses two or three implements, but most of the time it is hand plus the wooden paddle. I'd like a progression of implements because it seems that each change gives me a little bit of a reprieve and the ability to take more. I'd also like for him to try the belt, but this seems to be well outside his interest.