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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 30

This week's topic was whether you preferred a spanking sooner rather than later. Here's what you said:

Dragon's Rose: A spanking can wait for a few hours but I worry over it. If we have something fun planned and the spanking won't happen until after the fun, it doesn't happen at all. (Unless it is the fun kind - punishment is never delayed.)

Sir Wendel: Trying to delay a spanking only leads to a longer spanking.

Nina: I hate waiting for a punishment spanking, it is like additional punishment, therefore I'd always go for the immediate version, no delay, please.

Dan: My reaction is inconsistent. On the one hand, I feel the discipline is helpful, and discipline delayed often becomes discipline denied. On the other hand, I don't like the spankings themselves and I often look for excuses to put them off.

Turn around bend over: When we first started DD the spankings were for fun. Role playing and pretend. In time when we became comfortable in our roles then I started receiving real punishment spankings. These were not fun! I tried getting out of them all the time even though I didn't like it when I did talk him out of one. In time I learned to submit and E learned to follow through no matter what! If I have been told I have a punishment coming I would like it to happen as soon as possible. I hate waiting!

One of my favorite spankings happened one night after an outing. We came home hungry and tired and I was cranky and had a terrible attitude. As we came into the house E immediately took action! He grabbed my arm and led me to the dining room table. He stood behind me and unzipped my pants and pulled them along with my underwear down. He pressed my back down so I was bent over the table and then I heard the sound of his belt being unbuckled and taken off. No warm up! Smack! Thud! Ouch! He spanked me with intent to teach a lesson. And I learned very quickly! My attitude was adjusted and we ended up having a wonderful night.

I prefer this type of punishment. Although I'm not afraid of the ones I have to wait for. I'm just too impatient.

Wilma: Barney is more of a delayed 'thinker'. He won't tell me I am being punished until right before he can do it. However that too has its issues. I usually get further and further away from him if I believe I am being excused from bad behaviour.

If it is an r/a spanking, I just want to know when and I am good, either way.

Measha: Because of lil ones almost every spanking has to wait until they are sound asleep. I don't like the waiting that much and mostly that's because I'm afraid that he'll forget. If he forgets I'll get upset and then it all goes awry. Lately he's been NOT forgetting... even when I want him to. Funishments, I don't want to wait because I'm impatient... I just wanna get to the play time!

Jay: So much prefer to get it over with.

Welcome, Jay!

Jan: I hate waiting, I just behave worse and worse. Yes I know I am stupid but there it is.

Roz: Spankings almost always have to wait here and I generally hate it. For this reason Rick will use something else such as lines instead. However, there are times when I prefer a delay for one reason or another. If I need time to get my head around it for example. Also, delays can result in the spanking not happening at all.

Baxter: Typically, I am asking for the spanking from R, so I want them then and there to meet the need I have.

Leading Lizziebeth: I sometimes like to let lizziebeth wait for a spanking, and make her listen to the song "Anticipation" while she's waiting. Serious infractions though should be dealt with as soon as conditions allow.

Welcome, LL!

River: I don't like waiting for too long, although if I have no clue that a spanking is going to happen and then one takes me a few minutes to wrap my head around it.

Arched one: Because we have an empty nest, spanking can happen any time. She does not have to tell me I'm in for a spanking later, as I know when I've earned one. When she feels like giving the spanking she just tells me to get ready and get the implements out.

S: Often when I have earned a spanking, D will tell me to have my bottom ready for him at some time the next day, or even next week. The waiting is thrilling, and my rear quivers in anticipation until at last I am bare and bent, and my bottom gets a spanking I really appreciate. I never try and put him off, as I know once he has decided to spank, he spanks, and that's that!

Nena: It depends, I like the anticipation when it's a fun spanking. It doesn't happen often, but there have been times when my husband had to leave and I do something bratty just before he goes and he will tell me that he will spank me when he gets home. I like that, it keeps me thinking about the fun we will have when he gets home. If it is a punishment spanking I do not like the anticipation at all. Part because I know it will not be fun and I just want it to be over asap, part because I worry that he will forget the spanking and although I hate to get punished I feel even worse if he should punish me and told me he will, but doesn't do it. Of course since we have kids we always have to wait till they are either asleep or not at home.

Welcome, Nena!

Joey: I want it immediately. But, I do not make that decision. I must wait patiently until the decision is made to spank me. Usually, the person that does it wants to make me wait and suffer.

Terpsichore: I would like the spanking immediately but sometimes the anticipation can be fun - so long as I know the promise of a spanking will be fulfilled and take place in a certain amount of time.

Ronnie: Punishment spankings immediately but the decision isn't mine. If it's a fun spanking, I don't mind the wait.

Bonnie: If it's up to me (and it typically isn't), I don't want to wait for a spanking. Randy, on the other hand, enjoys creating a sense of nervous anticipation.

Dr. Ken: As a spanker, I'd rather deal with it right away rather than postpone it. But it all depends on my state of mind--if I'm upset or angry, then it's best to wait until I've cooled down and can attend to things calmly and rationally. You should never spank while angry...

Jenny: I wouldn't mind a short wait (up to a couple of hours). I think that adds to the thrill. But I like a "bend over right now" spanking, too. For fun, the anticipation is nice; it's less nice for punishment. I would not want to wait a whole day without knowing when it was coming. There would be too many adrenaline peaks and valleys. But I could wait until "after 9 pm tomorrow" if we had to. In fact, my next spanking will probably require a wait due to logistics.

Hermione: Our spankings are usually planned in advance, so I always have to wait for the big moment to arrive. The anticipation heightens the experience for me.

And there you have it!
From Hermione's Heart

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missed this brunch but I would rather have it sooner because we might run out of time or something might come up and we won't be able to do it later.