Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #23

Welcome to another weekend brunch, where we discuss our favourite topic - spanking. We have had discussions in the past about counting during a spanking, but people have different tolerance levels and various perceptions about what constitutes a normal spanking (if there is such a thing!) That leads me to today's question, and it is aimed at both spankers and spankees.

How many whacks are delivered during one of your spankings? Does the number vary from time to time, or is it usually about the same? Would you prefer more or fewer? Is the number of strokes different depending on the reason for the spanking?

If you can't give an exact number, then a rough estimate will be fine. Please leave your reply as a comment, and I will publish a summary once everyone has had a chance to speak. I'm really curious about the responses.

From Hermione's Heart


Joe said...

Obviously there are differing amounts of swats for differing reasons. A maintenance spanking is not as harsh (fewer, gentler strokes) than a punishment spanking and the punishment must fit the crime. The worse the infraction the more strokes and the firmer the strokes.

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

It varies. She usually uses multiple implements. Usually at least one paddle, a strap and she seldom misses a chance to use her loopy johnny. It probably averages between 40 to 60 swats per implement.It usually ends not because she really wants to stop, but because my skin doesn't appear to be holding up well and she decides not to keep going.

abby said...

Depends on the reason for the spanking....i would say usually at least 200.....sometimes much more.
hugs abby

Blondie said...

Through the years, my pain tolerance has grown. When I get a punishment spanking, the spankings really hurt but I think that that is because I am in that mindset. I may get 40-50 plus warm ups.
Playful or "scene" spanking are so less painful Ty can spank me the same exact way as my punishment but it doesn't hurt as much.
My pain tolerance is so low that we don't even try to count how many. Plus we have a lot of implements to use. Ty loves to spank and I love to be spanked.
Like what Dan said, my skin will give out quicker than my want of more. Bloody butt is usually about the time we stop or he uses a different, real thin implement closer to my thighs.
Great quesiton

Downunder Don said...

Mumski's pain tolerance is so varied that sometimes it is as low as 20 hand spanks, sometimes as high as 200 with the cane...just don't know until we get going

Unknown said...

Used to be a pain puppy but at 65, not so much anymore. Don is so big and strong that one swat with his belt or paddle, I'm sorry sorry sorry. By the 10 or 11, I'm in tears begging. But he thinks punishment starts when the tears do. He's got good stamina and loves marking my ass and breasts and loves begging so even the worst offense from me turns into pleasure for him. Sometimes he can be relentless but sometimes he's more lenient. It's never my choice and it's never about what I want. But no matter how bad or painful I'm all settled down and not bratty for quite awhile. The punishment forgotten but the bonding not. Only time Sir stopped prematurely was when he broke a paddle over my butt. Gave him pause and I had to stand in the corner panties down crying while he spent an awfully long time. ( in my opinion ) admiring his handiwork.


Anonymous said...

Short of leaving any marks, it would be tough to say. Play time is limited to about ten minutes. So one hundred, with hairbrush, belt, or bath brush would be about the upper limit, delivered with moderate energy.

Bonnie said...

Randy is all over the map in terms of swat count. He speeds up, slows down, stops altogether, and then restarts. If there is a pattern, I have yet to discern it (although I am admittedly not very analytical at such times).

The progression of our spankings varies a lot depending upon the purpose, setting, and mood. Sometimes, I get uncountable hundreds of moderate swats with his hand or a light leather implement. Other times, it's just ten really hard paddle swats. And there's a whole lot in between.

If I had to define a "typical" spanking, there would be maybe one to two hundred swats using a couple of implements. Elapsed time would be about ten to fifteen minutes.

Jay said...

If we are playing a game that involves points, then I'll end up getting the difference between the scores. Oh, and it doesn't matter if he wins or I I guess that means we both win! Last night, I won darts by 180 and then he won by 110.

For foreplay, I've never tried counting. When I try to keep track in my head, I always mess up and focus on the sensations instead. I do believe the number is usually greater than 100.

If I'm stressed out or upset, then I always want more.

River Wild said...

I have never counted before, and
neither has he. He simply spanks until he feels that I am in the right state of mind, depending on the reason for the spanking. I think the longest spanking I've had was about 15 minutes of pretty solid spanking, about one per second, so I guess that's about 900, but that seems awfully high to me. Anyway, my focus is always on what he's saying to me, how sorry I am, or the burning in my rear!

ricky said...

Great question, Hermione!
But it all depends on the type of scene being played.
e.g., if it's for endurance,
I had a (F) partner go at me (M) with "Pretty Woman"
--and that steady drumbeat--playing in the background.
Needless to say, I couldn't keep up.
But it was fun, while I lasted.

Anonymous said...

When I get spanked, she uses the belt, strop, wooden spoon, whip. If she selects only 2 it would be the belt and wooden spoon. A long time ago we tried counting but it didn't work for us. Now I get maybe between 30-40 with each implement then change positions and we usually change positions 4-5 times. The spanking will usually stop when she feels I'm properly marked. Good question

Anonymous said...

It all depends on the implement being used. For the severe ones, cane, switch or birch, it is usually six of the best, or even a dozen if she has been very naughty , cane on tight jeans, birch on bare spread bottom. For the milder ones, paddle, strap, brush etc
it is measured in dozens, often two or three or even more. For the good old bare bottom hand spanking, there is no limit to the number of spanks; I can judge by the hue of Susan's bottom, just how much it is smarting and if it is smarting enough, and when her wriggles and squeals get too frantic, it is time for the final six hearty smacks. D.

stay at home mom said...

That's difficult to answer, and it changes a lot. Good girl spankings go on, as long as we love that, so this could be from ten to thirty minutes, whereas punishment is more restricted and is usually over after ten to fifteen minutes. And it would also depend on what I could take. The number of strokes differs accordingly, something between ten and maybe (?) 200.



Our Bottoms Burn said...

I usually use 2 or 3 implements on her and the total is close to a hundred moderate licks - maybe a little more. She gives me about two dozen forceful licks with wood paddles.

Aimless Rambling said...

For me, it depends on the day. I don't always count, I find it makes me lose the the mindset. Ray does though because he will sometime give me a count. If he's using multiple implements he will keep the numbers even.

We don't do punishments and I always want more, sometimes with a break in between though.

Florida Dom said...

I cuff her wrists to the headboard and then spank the bottom of her feet, ass, pussy and top of back. Usually 10 to 20 at one spot and then switch to another one.

The overall number usually depends on how she is reacting. When she is in obvious pain, I tend to pull back.

I am still adjusting to how much pain to give her.

And don't want to get her pussy too sore because I want it available for other activities. I also turn her over and spank her boobs and top of pussy.

This is a good topic. Good to see how others spank.


Autumn said...

Gosh, I've never bothered to count. Sometimes he'll give me a set number, but there always ends up being more, haha.

Unknown said...

After I answered this question yesterday I decided next time I will count but he used that mean wood paddle so hard and so long the screaming disturbed my counting. He was yelling settle down and stop moving and I was all over the place. My tushie is red and sore and I am so stupid when he said I was a pesty brat, I argued with him. Never argue with a bull with a paddle. Oh My God sitting hurts. But sorry. Still no answer other than he spankos too hard and too much !!

ronnie said...

Really depends on the type of spanking I'm getting and what implement/s P has decided on. He rarely uses more than two during a session. Number varies can be 100, 200+