Monday, June 30, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 29

Our topic this week was outdoor spankings. Here's what you said:

Simon: I've never been spanked outside. It's a fantasy of mine but I suspect it is unlikely ever to happen unless my Mistress or I suddenly gain a large secluded garden. The U.K. is such a crowded island that even in the remotest parts of it there is always likely to be a passing stranger. In my fantasy of course the passing stranger turns out to be another Mistress who joins in the al fresco punishment.

Dan: Not yet, but it is definitely a fantasy. If it were to happen, ideally it would be on or near a trail in the forest, where it was unlikely but definitely possible that someone might come along.

Abby: I have more than once, and yes there was the possibility of being seen... once it was an almost. It was always a switching, with me carrying the switch to a location that was mostly private.

Simcor: I have been spanked outdoors by three girls (I was fifteen at the time). We didn't really chose the location, there was simply an occasion for them to spank me there.

Sir Wendel: We tried it out on Charlie’s Bunion in the Smoky Mountains. It was cold with a bit of snow on the ground so the chances of someone being there was slim. Along the trail we picked a suitable switch to use on each other when we made it to the top. Once there we took turns whipping each other's bare bottom. A most exciting event but a painful hike back to our camp site.

Arched one: We love to walk in the woods and listen and look at nature. During those walks my wife will usually find a suitable place to spank me. On these walks the implement of choice is always the belt I'm wearing. There is always a chance the someone might walk by but not likely. However the sound of the belt making contact with my presented bare bottom does seem to echo and I feel it's a much better chance that someone will hear.

Nina: I have been spanked outside, in the woods, and I think it was a very safe place to do that. Nobody saw us and even though it is very exciting, it makes me more than nervous, because it could happen anytime that someone notices and that would be embarrassing.

D: It was a glorious sunny day. On Sunday afternoon, we went for a long walk on the South Downs. On getting to a high point, we sat down in the long grass to admire the view. Susan lay back, and then rolled over onto her tummy, her nice bottom thrusting up her thin cotton skirt. The invite was clear! I tossed up her skirt, took off her panties.
She grinned round at me, "Don't let my South Downs get sunburnt".

"It won't be sunburn", I said, and spanked her left Down smartly.A while later, her white Downs had turned into the Red Downs, and I was able to spread her legs, and finish our outdoor romp.

Sunny Girl: Hasn't happened to me.

Penney: Yes I have, a few times in the woods. It is very exciting to be stripped outdoors. One time I was blindfolded, stripped to just my panties and my hands were tied above my head to a branch. Mistress left me there while she went for a walk. When she returned in about half an hour my panties were pulled down and I was given a spanking with my own belt. On another occasion I was unceremoniously bent over a log, pants and panties pulled down and roughly hand spanked.

Welcome, Penney!

Six of the best: Hermione, although I have NEVER, spanked a lady in an outdoor setting, I have always fantasied, birching, caning, or whipping a naughty woman, at an outdoor whipping post, in a village, town, or city square.

Ronjon: Being outdoors naked has always been something I love. A gentle breeze caressing your whole body is  beyond words. We have a pretty private back yard. ON a hot and humid night, midnight or so, we turn on the sprinkler system and run thru it naked. We cut off a branch from a tree and spank each other.

Jenny: Never. I can imagine a quick swat in a secluded location - very casual and quick. I could not bare my backside in any public location. If I had access to a secluded, private place, then I'd say "maybe" to an outdoor spanking.

I should add that it's not so much about other people seeing my backside (not so thrilling, really - who cares?) but from others "discovering" that I am a spanko. 

Jean Marie: My college boyfriend stole the key to his parents' summer home so we could see the fall color change in the trees. The fresh air up North made us both horny, and we did the nasty three separate times the night we arrived.

Early the next morning, with Kyle still sleeping, I went down to the lake for a swim. The water was so cold, I was shivering and my nipples were rock hard by the time I got out to the swim raft. So I took my top off to enjoy the warming sun. I must have dozed off; next thing I knew, Kyle was on the raft, telling me I was naughty for public indecency and commanding me to pull my suit bottoms down for a spanking. We'd played "spanky games" during sex at my suggestion, but Kyle had never given me more than a swat or two. But this time where the neighbors could see, he made me take 10 hard swats. Sound travels well across the water, so I begged him to take this game ashore (I should have said inside). We swam in, the cold water feeling fantastic on my warmed butt, but then he marched me out onto the deck of the house, and continued my punishment there, even closer to the neighbors! It was so hard not to yelp loudly as he spanked me soundly.

We both got very turned-on, and so after really blistering my behind, he brought me through the sliding glass door and took me from behind over the back of the couch, still in full view of any prying eyes. This made me crazy with lust, and I moaned louder than I ever had as I climaxed.

I LOVE outdoor spankings!

Bogey: Bacall has always liked being bound and taken in the woods, so we try to do it when we can. Finding the right forest is critical. Who wants to be tied to a rough barked tree? In about two weeks we will be in the right place and she will be nude, blindfolded, bound and paddled. The backpack is already packed.

As for being discovered, we don't want to be caught, but we don't fear it either.

Dr. Ken: Only managed to do this once, although I'd probably do it again under the right circumstances (and with the right lady). We had no sooner finished the spanking and were walking back to the car when a couple of bicyclists went by!

Minelle: Yes, my Scotsman sat on our back yard stoop and pulled me over and smacked away. He has done variations a few times.

Ronnie: A real outdoor spanking hasn't happened yet but it's on my bucket list:)

Hermione: I have received the occasional swat outdoors, but never a full-blown spanking. My fantasy is to be spanked in one of those old-fashioned bandshells that used to be in public parks. The park would be deserted, and the sound of the spanking would be amplified by the curve of the bandshell.

I always welcome suggestions for future brunch topics, so if you have one in mind, please let me know, either in a comment or by email.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

My wife and I enjoy camping, so on one particular outing, my wife to my shock showed me a large paddle she had hidden away in our gear. She had enough of my language, and attitude and this was going to change and change now. I thought she was joking and when told to strip I did so with a smile. Smile did not last long, once over her lap she meant business and when I said enough, she informed me, she will decide. I was soon pleading when and begging and when done I danced around rubbing a very sore spanked bottom.
Well needless to say the spankings are now a part of our marriage, the spankings while camping are the worse, she said I can make as much noise as I want, no one will hear and your bottom will be very sore, very red, and will leave a good impression.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you (I think...) for this brunch topic. Yesterday I showed it to my current boyfriend. His parents don't have a summer home that he can whisk me away to, but he did immediately take me by the hand into our backyard to the pool and start taking my clothes off. I giggled until he turned me over the chaise lounge and spanked me seductively. We have a privacy fence, but one can see through its slats, so I tried to be quiet (the slaps were loud enough!). "Please let that be enough, my butt's on fire!" I pleaded. So he took off his clothes and we went into the pool for a skinny dip. I suggested we make love in there. Instead John spanked me more (& we all know slaps on a wet butt REALLY sting!). Only then did we make love.
This morning I woke up & John wasn't in bed (very unusual) so I went to look for him. Once again he was outside by the pool naked. I noticed he had a lot of other stuff laid out on the table under the umbrella. He took off my pj's, spanked me soundly with the hairbrush and belt he'd laid out, then made love to me, first vaginally, then up my bum with the lube he'd brought outside. I LOVED it ALL, but am afraid I've created a monster and tomorrow he'll want to put on a show in the FRONT yard!
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

Was I too graphic in my comments? It isn't posted. I may have gotten carried away with the passion of the moment, and if so, I'm sorry!
Jean Marie

Hermione said...

Anonymous - Thank you for sharing that.

Jean Marie - Thanks for the update! Your comment was not too graphic at all! Both your comments were relegated to the Spam folder by Blogger, and I had to manually publish them both.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Hermione!
Your post was hot; that's a concert I'd pay good money to see. What if your man led you out from the wings in a place like the Hollywood Bowl and the seats were filled. Would that turn you on MORE than terrify you, so that he could proceed?
Jean Marie

Hermione said...

Jean Marie,

The Hollywood Bowl? Wow! That would be my 15 minutes of fame, and I'd jump at the chance.


Anonymous said...

I'm giggling hard as I type this, but that's a fantasy of mine, Hermione, to come out as a spanko in a big way at the Hollywood Bowl. When my lover leads me out, we get applause, when he puts me over his knee, it gets louder. Then he lifts my skirt and the crowd goes wild; the massive audience claps in rhythm to the spanks he administers, then screams their approval when my knickers come down. I climax repeatedly as the bare-bottomed blistering continues for a LONG time.
Okay I'm drenched in sweat and... I've gotta take a break. (If you publish this, I'll be mortified and ecstatic simultaneously, please...)
Jean Marie