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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 22

Our topic this week was pain in relation to the size of a person's bottom. Here are your thoughts.

Smuccatelli: I think maybe a really thin bottom might feel it more. I saw a snippet of a spanking video where the spankee was almost painfully thin, nearly anorexic. On top of that her butt was really flat and all I could think of when seeing her getting spanked is how sorry I was for her. Other than that, the more generously padded the bottom is, the more there is to spank. Within reason of course... ;-)

Nina: I don't think that a less padded bottom makes you feel more, but I think that a less padded bottom bruises very quickly and more compared to a more padded bum.

Sunny Girl: I think a thin bottom would feel it more, however I wouldn't know. My bottom has always been well padded, sometimes more than others.

Bonnie: This is a question I've been asked a number of times. As the owner of a well padded (not to mention well paddled) posterior, people think I ought to know.

Having never been especially slim, at least not in that locale, I can't make a direct comparison. If we examine two different people, there is the tricky issue of sensitivity and pain tolerance.

I recall that Eva once described a spanking after a significant weight loss as hurting more.

On the other hand, my husband has told me that he gives me a hard spanking because he knows I can take it. He also seems to think that I need it, but that's a different conversation. Were I less curvy, perhaps he would ease up. All I can say for certain is that spankings hurt!

Simon: I was quite thin when I first started getting spanked and caned, now some thirty years later I have a bit more padding. Therefore I personally have found that the size of the bottom doesn't make much if any difference. Of course it may be that it does hurt less but that I'm being hit harder.

Beth: I think pain tolerance is such a subjective thing that varies greatly from person to person. I'm a fairly petite person but I think I do have a rather high pain tolerance in general especially when I'm enjoying a spanking. However, my boyfriend does not tolerate pain at all, which is one of the main reasons why he only tops and has no desire at all to be spanked.

That said, I prefer sting to thud (in terms of impact), and a friend suggested it's due to my lack of padding back there. Unless I have a specific headspace for it, thuddy implements make me feel like I'm being broken in half.

Sir Wendel: I did paddle a lady with a well padded bottom before I met my wife. She cried out on each whack and her bottom turned red just like a thin bottom. I’m guessing it must feel the same. There is definitely more ground to cover when spanking a well padded bottom which makes for a lot more fun and quite a workout of the arm.
The wife has an average-sized backend and it’s just as much fun spanking her.

River: As others have stated, this is an awfully subjective thing to analyze. I would think that a less padded bottom would feel a spanking more in the muscles, whereas a more padded bottom would probably feel a spanking more in the fatty tissues. But I suppose with a very light implement it may not even make a difference :-)

Ronnie: I would think a less padded bottom would hurt more and possibly bruise more but not sure.

Roz: Great question! I too would think a less padded bottom could bruise more easily and perhaps hurt more. It's hard to compare as other factors come into play such as individual tolerance levels.

Six of the best: Hermione despite the fact that some women claim they don't feel the pain, because they are well padded, I know that when I have used the cane on a female's bare bottom, their outcries of "Oooh" and "Ouch"  was sweet music to my ears.

D: No experience of receipt, but would think that a thin bottom would feel bruising and aching, rather than the hearty smarting that would build in a nice plump bottom.I certainly find that the latter is much more satisfactory to spank, with the bouncing and jiggling generated in the twin mounds.

Dan: I can't say for sure, because I've always been approximately the same weight. But, I will say that when I do something that stretches out my bottom over a wider area, thereby making each area "thinner," it hurts more. For example bending over the back of a tall chair seems to result in a spanking that hurts much more than when I am laying prone on a bed.

Jenny: My guess is that the level of perceived pain is about the same. As skin grows to cover a larger bottom, nerves grow with it. So it seems there would be similar distribution of nerve endings. Are there any doctors out there who can tell us more about the anatomical differences in the nerves in a large rear as opposed to a small one?

Hermione: The only way to say for sure is to have had at one time or another, both a plump bottom and a thin one. Long ago, when I was dieting to please my current boyfriend, I got my weight down to a low number that I hadn't seen on the scales since high school. I found sitting on hard chairs very uncomfortable, since there was little padding to protect me. Having a bit extra on the bottom makes sitting much more comfortable. But pain is a different variable. A person's pain tolerance would, I think, not vary according to their weight. The pain receptors are in the skin, and no amount of excess fat shields them from a spanking implement.

Thank you all for your contributions. I will close with a tribute to No Panty Day - June 22.

From Hermione's Heart

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Ami Starsong said...

I know I am excessively late to this Brunch, Hermione, but I can categorically state that having a slim bottom is a disadvantage in the spanking stakes. Anything too hard and thuddy causes a great deal of bruising, although I am much "tougher" now than when we started out. Implements that are too long are difficult as well, so Dan's preference is for smaller, snappier, stingier items, much to my bottom's sorrow. LOL. I sometimes wish for a nice plump more spankable derriere, but we have what we have. Don't we?