Saturday, June 28, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This unlikely equestrienne inspired some amazing captions, and here they are!

Simon: Sally had got completely the wrong idea when her boyfriend suggested some pony play.

The director was not happy when he saw the cast playing around with his prized prop for the climatic scene of Troy.

Red: This is Hermione waving goodbye to Ron, trying desperately to escape from being spanked.

Ronnie: The shoot for the July edition of Horse and Hound hadn't quite gone to plan.

Sunny Girl: The saddle can definitely be put to better use, I can attest to that.

Helen of Troy revisited.

Anon: That is a dummy horse for practicing polo shots. However if the lady were to lean forward and clasp her arms round the horse's neck her nice rear would be well presented for her partner to practice his own shots on, but he might have to stand on something to get the angel right.

Cat: "Sitting wrong...face down, head on one side, feet on the other, pants down!"

Dr. Ken: "What do you mean, your boyfriend borrowed the riding crop?"

Bonnie: "Jen had heard about barrel racing, but lacked a couple of important details."

Anon2: Jane was never happier than when she got some wood between her legs and she could just ride all afternoon.

Six of the best: "Stop horsing around, and spank me on my bare bottom". said Hermione, celebrating her 2000 post.

Ricky: Heigh-ho, Silver, away!
It's OK, it's OK, I got it! Here it is!

Sir Wendel: “I could make a lot of paddles with this baby”
Hermione: Is it 'heels down, elbows in, bottom up' or heels up, elbows out, bottom down'? I can never remember.

Thank you all for the captions. Now do stay and have brunch with me.
From Hermione's Heart


Vfrat25000 said...

Sorry, I was out of town. HUGE CONGRATS on your milestone! Its a wonderful blog!

Mr. ED II, the sequel to the famous talking horse was never picked up by the networks.

Reference: “The dummy horse for practicing polo shots.” I’ve had tequila shots, watermelon shots, jagermeister shots and even a tetanus shot. I’ve never had a “polo shot” but heck I’m game. Bring it on!

It looks like Crazy Lucy got drunk again and this time she put a horse’s head and a saddle on our wood barrel statute commemorating the bourbon industry.

What is that lady doing on that wood horse?
That’s a spanking blogger who just posted her 2000th entry. After this, the rumor mill is saying that she plans on going to the airport for something even more impressive. We can’t miss that!

It’s a little hard to be the Queen of the Rodeo when you try and Barrel Race while riding one of the barrels.

Get me off this thing, hurry, it’s got termites! Ouch!!!!!! One bit me!

Officer that is my wife on that barrel! She sometimes gets a little carried away with her shenanigans. Please don’t arrest her!
All right, I’ll let it go this time. Take her home. (The officer whispers “If that was my wife I would turn her over my knee as soon as I got her home! But you do whatever you want”)
Consider it done officer! Thanks!

Hermione said...

Vfrat - Better late than never! Thank you for the kind words. I always look forward to your generous contribution of captions.


Anonymous said...

Polo shots - polo is playing hockey mounted on a horse !