Saturday, June 21, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Whatever the sport, a nice firm bum is always a winner! Here is how you captioned the photo:

Ricky: Vive l'arrete, (the rest) n'est-ce pas?

Six of the best: "The gentleman who takes my red knickers down, and gives me six of the best with a cane. Will win the gold cup, and my heart, forever."

It's lovely to have you back, Six!

Sunny Girl: Ray would say that bum is just waiting for a spank.

Blondie: Now that is a spankable butt.

GaryNTboy: Coach had said that if they lost this game it would be smacked bottoms all round, but Suzi just couldn't wait any longer.

Clara: Geesh, don't have a caption but wish I had that butt!

Ronnie: Let the spanking begin.

Minelle: Hmmmm I'm spanking ready!

King Marshal: "I'm thinking we are going to bring a whole new meaning to Red Card"...

Simcor: If I fail in this match, I'll get a good ol' caning on my butt...

Bogey: If she is playing in the World Cup, what channel is it on?

1ManView: Mmm, when she gets home, I'm going to spank that lovely round butt until it's as red as those shorts she's wearing...

Vfrat25000: Husband: Oh, how I would like to spank that!
Wife: What did you say?
Husband: Uh, I said “The Tigers are going to win. You take that to the bank!"

I think the Cardinals have a guy masquerading as a woman on their team. The one in the red shorts!
Jim you need a vacation (a long one) and new glasses.

Wife: When did you decide to start watching volleyball on ESPN?
Husband: I don’t know dear! I just thought it was time for me to watch something beside baseball! Now move out of the way please, you're blocking the butt… Err I mean the TV!

Volleyball Commission: “How do we increase attendance at our volleyball games? Nobody is coming to watch!”
The Janitor Cleaning the Office: “May I make a suggestion?”
Volleyball Commission: “Certainly”
The Janitor: “How about dressing up all the players in skin tight panty size spandex shorts that emphasize their tight perfectly rounded bottoms!”
Volleyball Commission: “He’s a bloody genius!”

Patient: Doctor, what do I do? You said I can’t take Viagra due to the side effects?
Doctor: Here is the next best thing, an 8 x 10 full color glossy of a 21 year old volleyball player with her bottom proudly displayed in tight shorty-shorts. I wrote you a prescription for six more photos. Enjoy!

Cutiebootie: Assume the position! Oh, you're already there...

Enzo: So tempting and so worth the penalty for using your hands...on the opponent.

(In fairness though, I believe this may be a volleyball player and not a soccer player.)

I have no idea how you and Vfrat25000 figured that out, but then I'm not a fan of either sport.

Mr. J: "Externally motivated sportswoman - - bound to be champion."

Sir Wendel: Do these knee pads make my butt look fat?

Mandy: He always liked to make their bottoms as red as their shorts.

Dr. Ken: "Oh, I'm not wearing shorts. My boyfriend spanked me last night..."

Hermione: Clara was the team's secret weapon. She was always sent out to distract the opposing team at a crucial moment in the game.

Great work, team! Now hit the showers and be back for brunch in a few hours.

From Hermione's Heart

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