Monday, March 2, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 1

This week we discussed whether spankers wear something special when they are wielding the paddle.

Dan: No, no leather corsets or knee-high boots for us. Whatever she was wearing that day is what she wears for our session.

Leigh: No, whatever he is or isn't wearing at the moment.

Roz: No specific dress here either, although he may be minus a belt :)

liz: I do have a fondness for jeans and briefs crumpled around his ankles...

Ronnie: No, whatever P is wearing at the time.

abby: Most of the time eyes always look to see what belt He is wearing. When He answers the door in just jeans, no top, my smile widens...going to be a lot of fun.

Dragon's Rose: Just whatever he was wearing for the day. He likes to dress up his china doll but doesn't care to dress up himself.

Ken: Well, I have just discovered the pleasures of wearing women's panties. And it turns out that my wife, Cora likes me in them, too. In fact she has discovered that she likes to lay her hairbrush or paddle on me much harder when I'm wearing panties.

And for me, there is nothing like Cora dressed up in a tight panty girdle, stockings and heels. The powerful sight of her dressed that was just makes me melt.

Nina: Hubby does not dress in certain clothes for spanking me, but I am usually naked for spankings. That's sort of the only dresscode we have concerning spankings.

DtBHC: Generally no, but when she has her workout gear on I know I'm in for some fun times.

Jan: Not really, sometimes he is beltless but I am usually wearing a lot less than him.

Arched one: I'm with the rest no special clothes. But she does love to be in panties and bra or naked. Usually after spanking I'm put in display position after she is eager for pleasure. Or pleasure first then another spanking then display.

S: No, but I do remember once D and I went out to a smart party; I was wearing a long red dress, and he was looking really handsome in his black dinner suit and bow tie. I did not behave at all well at the party, and driving home I thought nervously I was soon going to have to atone for it. Soon after we got back, I found myself bent over D's lap, skirt on high, panties down, wriggling and squealing as my bare bottom took a sound whacking from his wooden hairbrush.

There was a big mirror nearby, and I could see in it a rather disheveled lady, getting her come uppance from a smart, perfectly dressed man. It was thrilling!

Baxter: R is wearing whatever she is wearing, typically jeans and a sweater. I look at her as my dominatrix but that does not require one of those leather get ups. Her standing there holding a riding crop or paddle is all that is needed for me to disrobe to let her deal with my naughty bottom.

Rod: Short shorts!

Dr. Ken: Well, I'm not in a relationship (wish I was, but that's another story), but even if I was--no, I don't have a spanking dress code, and I don't have one for the spankee, either. For me, whatever I'm wearing is just fine and for her. Well, she's going to wind up with her bottom bare, anyway, so does it really make a difference?

Bonnie: This time, I don't have much to contribute. I dress up sometimes, but not so much Randy.

Hermione: This topic came to mind after a recent conversation with Ron. We were watching the evening news, and there was a feature about an up and coming hat designer. She was wearing one of her creations; I thought it was quite attractive and suitable for both men and women. I told Ron it would look good on him and would be a nice change from his ball caps. He replied, "I could wear it in the bedroom. It could be my spanking hat." We had a good laugh over that, but he appeared at our next spanking bare-headed.

Have a safe, sane and consensual week, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

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