Saturday, March 28, 2015

You Completed the Caption

This delightful pair inspired my readers to produce some wonderful captions.

Anon: He said he wanted cerulean not purple, now we are both going to get it.

DelFonte: These new heat reactive pants work a treat, don't they?

Jon: Spring is returning. What are they doing inside on a day like this.
That is outerwear, isn't it?

Woman on left: Did you hear what he just said? He said has never seen two sexy bottoms like ours look so much alike and now he cannot decide which one to spank first.
Woman on right: I hope he decides fast. I am so horny for a spanking.
Woman on left: Yeah me too. I have been excited about this spanking all day.

Sir Wendel: Two spankings for the price of one!

Dr. Ken:
Girl on the left: "That's amazing! He just walked into the room and within seconds he knew that you'd been spanked and I hadn't! How'd he do that?"
Girl on the right: "He must be a mind reader!"

Girl on left: Do you think my bum looks big in these tights?
Girl on right: Yes, but not a big as mine.

Six of the best: Be it one or two, I spank you. Even three or four. I sure would adore. Give me five or six, I would give them licks. Seven or eight, I would appreciate.

Bogey: See those two gals, they both need a paddling.

ricky: Perky perks of reciprocated s____?

Hermione: Our BOGO bum sale is on now! Buy one, get one free!

From Hermione's Heart

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