Monday, March 23, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 22

This week we discussed resuming spanking after a major surgical procedure. Here is your advice:

abby: hip replacement so I am not sure about that. Did have 2 major surgeries last year, slow and easy....let her find a comfortable position, and you adapt. Good luck with the replacement!

Lillyanna Rose: Sorry no hip replacement experience. As I nurse I can tell you there will be certain positions that you will have to very careful about. They will teach you all that before discharge but where there's a will there's a way! Be creative:)~ As a submissive who suffers with chronic pain my 2 cents is this. Even though she isn't 100% well spank anyways! Sometimes I get grumpy and sassy when I'm hurting and Jordan lets it slide because I don't feel well. Truth is I wish he would call me on it. Tell me it's not acceptable. Bend me over and give me a few swats. Not a really hard spanking just enough to snap me out of it and show me he still loves me despite the illness and the pain. Good luck with the surgery!

Roz: No real experience to draw on but I agree, slow and easy and experiment with positions.

Simon: Well like the others I have no experience of a hip replacement but I have been disabled all my life and had numerous operations and it hasn't prevented me from enjoying spankings etc. Obviously there are some things and positions that I can't do and I imagine that a hip operation would lead to similar issues. With a sympathetic partner though it shouldn't be a problem although I would wait a while before trying anything too energetic.

Jan: Oh bless her, How about a few weeks off, she won't be well enough to run amok anyway. Hope it goes well.

Leigh: Wishing you both well, but have no answers.

Ronnie: Sorry, no experience. Same as others, once she has recovered, go slowly, try different positions and adapt.

Wishing your wife well with her hip replacement.

Bonnie: I have no experience with hip replacement either.

After she has fully recovered, you may want to try some light, flicking sorts of spanking toys. These work at the skin level and generate the expected soreness and a good spanking sensation, but without any threat to healing bones.

Minelle: I agree with the others. I have some back issues, so nothing jarring I would imagine.
I figure when she can tolerate it, using implements that are more slappy would be best over thuddy.

Hermione: I would imagine that the medical staff would advise you on all the things you can and can't do, including resuming intimate relations. You don't have to mention spanking specifically, but you could ask about safe sexual positions and take it from there.

Downunder Don: Thank you all so much for your comments. I guess we take it slow and steady and see what happens. Thank you all for your best wishes

OTKRob: I've been through it and it wasn't fun; but the result were better than what I expected.

For the 1st 90 days you are told not to assume certain positions while it heals. It doesn't get fully strengthened until 6 months to a year. I am having my second done after the summer; so any play will take a back seat to recovery.

If you want more comments on what to expect I would be happy to let you know. You do not sleep on your side and go on your side for quite awhile. Going over your partner's knee is out of the question. Ninety days is the BAREST (pun intended) minimum. You should talk to your physician without giving specific details as to when you continue normal sexual activities.

All the best.

PS The newer procedure is the anterior; which is supposed to reduce down time considerably.
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