Saturday, March 14, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What did you make of this strange situation?

Kingspan: Nervous before giving his girlfriend their first spanking, he decided to review the step by step directions one more time.

Minelle: Wait... Wait.... This is not the correct position for me to spank you!

Leigh: Is there a tutorial on how to spank your girlfriend? I better check before I start.

Nina: Hank, when do you start spanking me? ... Hank? Hank!

Ami: Bloody hell! You've certainly got an arse on you! I'd better take a picture for 'posterity'!

Liza: When Hermione told Ron about her interest in spanking, he decided to do some research. He became overwhelmed with all the terminology: warm up, sit spot, implements, after care...

Welcome, Liza!

She and him: Is there an app for this?

Welcome, She and him!

Ronnie: Give over Sharon, can't you see I'm playing my Pokemon game.

ricky: He shoots!
He scores!
(Well, at least somebody did.)

Dr. Ken: "Google -- how do you sit on a chair?"

Baxter: Hey, stupid, it ain't gonna spank itself. Get me over your knee and deal with my naughty bottom. WAIT A MINUTE, who are you emailing, that Ellen hussy? Either you spank me right now or I am breaking up with you.

Vfrat25000: Well isn’t this special. My big brother just got leave from the Marine Corp and he is due home any minute and his girlfriend wants to play the “Naughty Secretary.” I am TOAST!

A screen capture from the latest spring blockbuster: Revenge of the Nerds 12

This is SO going on Facebook!

I have to really hurry. I only have about 45 minutes left on my hour!

The Blonde: Are you really Bill Gates son?
The Geek: Yes…I am really Bill Gates son! (Bill Gates of 14101 East 15th Rd Big Springs, NE the Home of Bill Gates Plumbing & Heating))

The Blonde: Now before we go any further you promise you will buy the Carpet Sucker 5000 at 24 easy payments of $190.00 a month?
The Geek: Yes…Yes…Anything…I’ll take two just do that thing you mentioned earlier!

Hi Mom! What blonde! I don’t see a blonde!

A. Lurker:  I think I read about this in a blog somewhere. Let's see "H E R M I O N E . . ."

I was going to research this spanking thing but all the blogs have that "adult content" label and we are not adults so I couldn't get in.

Bonnie: Hang up and drive!

Sir Wendel: W T F Dude! Even Mario and Luigi would know what do in this situation.

Hermione: Although Curt was eager to give Glenda a well-deserved spanking, he couldn't resist one more game of Candy Crush.

For more multi-tasking opportunities, join us for brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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