Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday FAIL

Grabbing a bite of lunch during a busy workday can often be challenging.

Some of us brown-bag it and bring our lunches to work. Storing your food in the communal office refrigerator sometimes leads to problems. Have you ever left a snack inside, intending to eat it later, but then forgot about it?

The office fridge police do their best, but it's often a lost cause.

Then there are the pilferers


Some people prefer to head to the nearest coffee shop for a bite to eat at noon.

I didn't realize they were so sensitive.

The nearest food truck may be the cheapest and tastiest option.

Who could pass up these tacos?

Finally, a little fun with a cheese sign

For more naughty fun, Complete the Caption. You know you want to.
From Hermione's Heart


Minielle Labraun said...

I can't complete drinking my coffee since I'm laughing too hard!

Roz said...

LoL Hermoine, love the food truck and cheese sign, The fridge police at work clean it out...and chuck everything, including people's food containers!


ronnie said...

Hermione. Thanks. These are funny.

Thankfully our cleaner checks our communal fridge quite regularly and if anything is out of date or smells she bins it.


Aimless Rambling said...

I wouldn't call any of these fails, I liked all of them.

Enzo said...

Love the taco truck ! The cheese sign is just as funny. Who's smart idea was it to split up the word artisanal to begin with; they didn't split up cheese. Thanks for the laughs!

Erica said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Personally, I think "artisanal" is a fancy word for "pretentious and expensive."

Cat said...

ROFLMBO! These are great Hermione. The taco truck and artisanal cheese are my favorites. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Unknown said...

Hi Hermione, great pictures, I didn't know the artisanal cheese. Love them all. Thank you for sharing.



Baxter said...

I am probably going to have artisanal cheese on my mind today; maybe I will buy some at Whole Foods and check it out. :)

Refrigerators at work are always a problem. People bring in leftovers from home and then forget about them as they get pushed to the back and ultimately get thrown out. The one thing I must misunderstand somehow is that someone will bring in a gallon of milk to put in their coffee and typically it goes out of date before they get through half of it and it gets thrown in the trash. If you ask why they buy the gallon, they say it is cheaper than a quart or half gallon, regardless they throw out most of it. OMG and these folks are supposedly intelligent. UH HUH.