Saturday, June 13, 2015

You Completed the Caption

I like this caption from Cheezburger because of the double entendre for us spankos. Here's how you  captioned the photo:

arched one: If you keep looking at my butt, I'll be looking at your butt, while you are across my lap and I'm spanking you.

Bogey: Her handicap is that she can not tell a green from a road. Don't think the tee is going to set in the asphalt. Second, would love to see her swing in heels.

Simon: Urban golf had always been a minority sport but the organisers hoped for more interest now that supermodels had started playing.

Six of the best: This naughty woman's handicap would be 'six of the best', strokes on her knickers down bare bottom with a pliable stinging cane.

Baxter: My boyfriend is expecting me to hit my ball into the rough so he can spank me for doing so.

My husband enjoys bringing me out with his boss and his wife. The boss always gets a tent in his pants when I bend over like this. My husband is up for another promotion so this probably will help. For some reason, the boss's wife dislikes me. Oh well.

Every time I bend over to tee up my ball, these panties get real tight on my freshly spanked bottom. Oh the pain. HA - my husband is tenting his pants again.

King Marshal: We're waiting for you on the Ladies Tee, Caitlyin Jenner.

Michael M: So you put the ball in this little cup and whack it, is that right?
Well if a man can do it, it can´t be that difficult can it?

Jim M: “Will you please relax and stop being so impatient. I will spank you as soon as I play through. Can’t you see that I already have my spanking glove on?”

ricky: The lady dost be tee'd off methinks.

Nina: See the latest and shortest in Golf fashio.

Mitch: Oh, you said tee it up? Not tease it up?

Sir Wendel: I’ve heard of playing through but this is ridiculous.

Ronnie: Anything he can do I can do better. Watch this.

Kingspan: At the beginning of the round, they picked an implement, and the loser would get one "stroke" for every stroke they finished over par. Sally usually played to lose.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Tease tees

Caption action is a great concept.


Hermione said...

Victor - Thank you and welcome!