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From the Top Shelf - Appointment with Miss Parkin

As we continue with selections from A Degree of Discipline, Lucy is pleased that her friends got Juliette into hot water, in return for Juliette's nasty prank that ended in Lucy's first spanking. But as you may recall, Lucy has an evening appointment with the Vice Principal, Miss Parkin. I don't think it will just be for a chat.

The remainder of the afternoon passed without incident. Juliette, Samantha and Emma were allowed to take an early shower after their punishment while the rest of the class continued exercising in the gymnasium. The image of the three girls making their way towards the shower room, Samantha and Emma unashamedly rubbing their still-naked bottoms and Juliette trying to retain some dignity by keeping her hands grimly glued to her sides, stayed with Lucy for some time.

Juliette's attempt at a dignified exit simply gave everyone a better view of her scarlet posterior, the blushing red cheeks wiggling suggestively as she walked rather stiffly away from the class. Lucy was sure she was not the only one who found the sight exciting. This was confirmed when the time came for the rest of the class to shower, and several of the girls showed more than a passing interest in the now partially faded prints left by Miss Edwardes on Lucy's own rear. Joanna, a bright sixteen-year-old with attractive dark curls, was particularly attentive.

"I know you have to see Miss Parkin this evening." She whispered softly so the others wouldn't hear. "If you would like, I have some really soothing balm which my mum made up for me when she knew I was being sent here. I could massage you, after your interview, if you need it."

Lucy did not need reminding that the outcome of her meeting with Miss Parkin might be a painful one and, having rejected the girl's offer, was unable to stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. Consequently, it was a far from happy student who made her way to the Vice-Principal's office at the appointed hour.

Having knocked and bidden to enter, Lucy found Miss Parkin standing in front of her big, old-fashioned desk, waiting to greet her. Lucy was surprised at this and even more surprised that Miss Parkin seemed to be smiling.

Astonishingly, Miss Parkin opened the conversation by enquiring about Lucy's day, and what she had learned, rather than going straight to the point. Suddenly, Lucy felt a tremendous relief. Perhaps she was going to come out of this unscathed after all. Shyly, she began her story. "After we spoke this morning, I went back to the classroom and gave Miss Edwardes the note which you had written, as I promised I would."

"And what was Miss Edwardes's reaction?" Miss Parkin nodded encouragingly.

"She made me bend over her knee and then she spanked me, quite hard."

"I see. And, after that, did she refer to the matter again?"

"No, Miss Parkin."

"So go on; tell me what happened next? How did you feel about being punished in this way?"

"I felt ashamed, I suppose. It hurt as well, of course, but really I was more upset at being humiliated in front of the class." Lucy flushed and looked down at her feet as she spoke.

"But once the spanking was over, did Miss Edwardes continue to torment you? Or was it all forgotten? Did Miss Edwardes treat you any worse afterwards?"

"No, I suppose she didn't, Miss Parkin. I hadn't really thought of it like that." Lucy relaxed a little.

"And did anyone else in your class receive similar punishment during the day?"

"Oh yes! In the gym, Juliette, Emma and Samantha got spanked on the bare bottom with a slipper in front of all of us."

"I see." Miss Parkin seemed particularly interested to hear that Juliette had also been corrected after misbehaving. "So now, Lucy, do you still feel that you were singled out for 'special treatment'? It doesn't sound like it to me. I'm sure you now see that others have made that painful journey before you and no doubt many more will follow in your footsteps."

Dumbly, Lucy nodded her agreement.

"Good...good. Now it's time we discussed your future." Miss Parkin fixed Lucy with a firm, but not unfriendly, gaze. "I have been doing a little research of my own, and I discovered - much to my surprise, I might say - that the story you told me does indeed have some considerable foundation. However I do assure you that there is no error. Your mentor really does want you to experience the regime at Carstairs, if only for a limited period."

She handed Lucy a sheet of paper. Lucy saw a familiar heading and realised that it was a fax from her university. "This arrived this afternoon in response to my enquiries. I think you will find it interesting."

Lucy's hands trembled as she read the single page. For a moment she could not take the words in. The fax was from Professor Jordan. It was brief and to the point:-

Dear Miss Parkin This is to confirm that we have given a one month leave-of-absence to one of our students, Miss Lucy Davis, to conduct independent private research. We expect her to conform to all local rules and we are grateful for your co-operation in providing Miss Davis with an opportunity for some practical, hands-on, experience.

The fax was signed 'R.Jordan' and underneath, Sebastian had scrawled, for Lucy's own attention. 'I'll be along to collect you in a month. Your thesis better be damn good!'

Lucy felt a wave of relief sweep over her. At least she knew her stay was for a fixed period of time. That bastard Sebastian! He had fixed this, knowing full well that dear old Professor Jordan had no idea of the relevance of the 'hands-on' experience he had so glibly referred to.

Miss Parkin was still speaking and Lucy tried to catch up with the flow of the conversation. "So, now that I understand a little more about why you are here, we had better come to some arrangement about how the rest of your stay is to be conducted, don't you think?"

Lucy did not know quite how to answer, but nodded anyway.

"Good. Good. I am sure that understanding that will make the rest of your stay at Carstairs so much more enjoyable. We do want you to get the most out of your time here, you know. Of course, much of that satisfaction will come from mixing with the other girls in a spirit of fair play - and, of course, shared experiences."

She smiled at the tongue-tied Lucy again and patted her arm reassuringly. "Since your professor clearly agrees with me, and wants you to conform to all our local regulations, that's really all I have to say to you on the matter." She smiled at the astonished Lucy who could not believe the interview was going to pass off so easily. As long as she was careful to listen and learn and not look for trouble, then maybe a month at Carstairs could be just about bearable?

"Thank you, Miss Parkin. I don't think I understand everything yet, but I will try to mix in with the others while I am here." There didn't seem much more to say, so Lucy, remembering her manners, meekly asked, "May I go now please?"

"No, you may not!" Miss Parkin's voice had re-acquired its harder edge. "I believe we still have some unfinished business, young lady."

"Miss Parkin?" Lucy felt those dreadful butterflies start to do aerobatics in her stomach again.

"I have explained to you the importance which I place on discipline and equity here at Carstairs. It should go without saying that I expect you to conform to those rules as well as to observe them."

"Yes, Miss Parkin." Lucy found herself using a 'little girl lost' tone.

"So there is still the matter of your refusal to accept Miss Edwardes's discipline and your precipitate departure from her lesson this morning. Whatever the provocation, those were still very public transgressions of the school rules. I would be very remiss indeed, and risk undermining the maintenance of good order at my school, if I were to allow such flagrant abuses to go unpunished."

With a flash of understanding, Lucy suddenly saw with crystal clarity the trap into which she had been led so easily. Miss Parkin stepped to one side and opened a drawer on her desk. She withdrew a tawse, a virtual twin of the one which Juliette's Great-Aunt Elspeth had so nostalgically displayed the previous evening. Holding it in both hands, she held it out towards Lucy and smiled grimly. "I am informed that you have been made familiar with one of these - and what it is used for!"

Lucy was lost for words, and simply stared at the smooth well-worn surface of the wicked implement; she wondered how many times it had impacted on taut bottom flesh to give it such a sheen. After an agonising pause, Lucy found her voice and whispered, "Yes, miss."

Miss Parkin's next words confirmed Lucy's worst fears. "Very well. Come over here and stand to attention in front of that chest. It's time I began your 'practical experience', young lady."

As she spoke, Miss Parkin stepped to one side and pointed the clear space behind her desk. In the centre of the floor was a very large old fashioned oak chest. Fully three feet high with a domed top and brass fittings, it looked just like something in which a pirate might have stored buried treasure.

Lucy felt sick, knowing that the chest was going to be used for a more sinister purpose that evening. She wanted nothing more desperately than to turn and run, but forced herself to take the few steps to the indicated position. She stood rigidly to attention, thankful that the instruction gave her an excuse to hold herself stiff, disguising the tremble which she knew would betray her nervousness.

"Now take your knickers right off and get yourself bent low over that chest!"

Red-faced, horrified and fumbling, Lucy groped beneath her skirt. At first, her hands clumsy with fear, she couldn't find the waistband and she began to shake in panic. Then her thumbs found the top of her panties and hooked over the band. She drew the slip of cotton down beneath her skirt, the elastic taut across her bottom and pressing against her pubic hair as the garment descended.

Oh God! Lucy's mind was in a whirl. She could still hardly believe she was to get that awful tawse on her bare bottom. Her groin tingled and moistened and for a moment the cotton gusset clung briefly between her legs, retained by the wetness there. Then the garment was free and around her ankles. She lifted her feet and kicked her knickers off.

"Go on, lie across the chest."

Lucy looked at the chest. It was lengthways on to her, the curved top bound with two broad brass straps and some lumpy looking rivets. Resigning herself to the inevitable, she did as she was told and bent forward, giving slightly at the knees as she did so. As her weight came down, the protruding brass studs dug into her, adding to the discomfort of her squashed breasts, Lucy felt a cold fury welling up inside her. She was only here because of Juliette. Both times Juliette had been thrashed, she had retained an impressive degree of dignity. Lucy was damned if she was going to have it said that she could not take her punishment as well as Juliette! Lucy's pride overcame her previous nerves. Even if there were no witnesses now, she would let Miss Parkin see that she could take it.

"Now pull your skirt up, right out of the way. Come along now, or we will be here all night!" Miss Parkin's voice was now behind Lucy.

Lucy bent her arms back to reach for the hemline of her skirt and, in one continuous movement, she drew the garment up over her waist, turning it inside out as she stretched forward across the chest again. She looked back over her shoulder, trying to see where the Vice-Principal had positioned herself, but all she could see was the ruffle of material of her bunched-up skirt.

"Of course, it goes without saying that you will not move until I say so." Miss Parkin's voice came from directly behind Lucy. "You should also know that I award two demerit points for every six strokes awarded - one less than the tariff we use here for the cane, incidentally. You initially refused a legitimate punishment from Miss Edwardes - for that you will receive six strokes. You also left the classroom in a temper and without permission, and that is worth another six strokes. So, with the point awarded by Miss Edwardes herself, your misbehaviour this morning has cost you a total of five demerit points. I hope the lesson is well learned."

Lucy's blood ran cold as the sentenced was awarded. It was much more severe than she had anticipated. Twelve strokes! That was worse than Juliette's judicial punishment. Lucy's imagination ran riot as she tried to guess the relative effectiveness of the wickedly split ends of the tawse compared with the flat strap which had been used on Juliette. True, the tawse was lighter than the strap - but would the strength of the officer's muscular arm be balanced out by the more subtle fingers of the tawse wielded by Miss Parkin? She lacked any yardstick on which to base an assessment.

Every sinew of Lucy's body was taut with anticipation. As if outside her own body, she saw herself, arms and legs out straight, hands clenched together in fear, feet as close together as she was able, her bare bottom at the apex of the arc formed by her body draped over the dome of the chest. Denying the discomfort of the pressures caused by the brass-studded lid of the chest,

She did not have long to wait. The tawse made little or no sound as it descended. There was no warning swish to prepare her for the meaty impact and the band of fire which suddenly burned a swathe across the centre of her upturned bottom-cheeks. If the hard leather made a sound then Lucy was hardly aware of it. In that instant, all she knew was pain, firstly in a wide stripe across her bottom, then in her knees as she jerked her legs in spasm and her kneecaps thudded into the hard wood of the chest. The breath whistled out through her teeth and every pointed stud on the lid of the chest dug into her with redoubled force. Lucy's arms flapped like windmills as she frantically grabbed at her bottom.

"Oh no. That won't do at all." Miss Parkin's voice was mocking. "I told you that you must not move and yet here you are after only one stroke, grabbing at your bottom like some little girl receiving her first spanking. I expect better from the senior girls at Carstairs, Lucy."

"I-I'm sorry, Miss Parkin," Lucy gasped. "It was such a shock. I've never experienced anything like that - ever." She was still rubbing her bottom. Miss Parkin had laid the tawse right across Lucy's rear, using the full length of the strap so that both bottom cheeks had received equal force. Lucy had spoken the literal truth; she had never experienced anything which remotely compared with what she was feeling at this moment.

"Very well, I will give you one more chance. Take your hands away."

Annoyed with herself that she had yielded so easily, Lucy removed her hands from her bottom and extended herself again, full length along the lid of the chest. The sharp studs bored into her body as she was now told to link her hands over her head. An additional torment for now she could not keep her weight off the chest.

"That's better. Now let's try again, shall we?"

Lucy clenched her fists so that her knuckles went white with tension as she tried to control herself. That single broad stripe felt just as if a red-hot iron had been laid across her bottom.

The second stroke felt hotter still!

Lucy howled. She simply had no control for it hurt so much. Miss Parkin had again used the full length of the strap and placed the stroke exactly parallel with the first and a little below it. Lucy, lost in her own anguish, had not heard the Vice-Principal grunt with the effort she had put in, but now she was in no doubt about the power in Miss Parkin's arm. As her bottom lit up for the second time, Lucy was, again, unable to prevent her arms sweeping back in a protective motion.

"This performance is totally unsatisfactory." Lucy heard Miss Parkin's voice only dimly as she gasped for breath and squirmed painfully on the chest top, rubbing frantically at the searing stripes across her bottom.

Two firm hands grasped her arms and removed them from her glowing bottom-cheeks.

"We will try something else. Spread your legs down each side of the chest and hug the sides with your knees. Right, now grip the backs of your knees with your hands." Lucy did as she was ordered and was aware of Miss Parkin's desk drawer opening and closing, then to her horror,a short strap was buckled round each leg and then each strap was looped around the attendent wrist, securing the wrist to the knee.

"That should keep you in position, my girl, now lean forward again and stick your bottom up!"

Lucy, blushing with shame, realised that whatever modesty the straight out position had allowed had been removed completely. She was now lifting and spreading the cheeks of her bottom as wide as she could, as exposed as it was possible for a girl to be. Everything was now revealed to Miss Parkin. Apart from the embarrassment of her display, Lucy's blood chilled at the thought of what was now available to the tawse!

"Now, young lady, we haven't started yet. I am going to begin again and you are going to receive the full dozen. You can yell, scream and shout as loud as you like, this room is pretty soundproof and I will turn a deaf ear to all your entreaties. I am going to give you cause to sing very loudly, Miss Lucy Davis, and I can assure you you will not be sitting comfortably for quite a while."

The next ten minutes were the most memorable in Lucy's young life. It was only later, when she realised that her poor bottom was only tanned red and stinging, not bloody or pounded to a massive single purple bruise, that she understood that Miss Parkin, apparently so merciless in her execution, had used psychological conditioning so skilfully on Lucy's frayed nerves that she had not actually need that much force when completing the punishment.

Lucy, secured and splayed so tantalisingly, was only aware that the Vice-Principal had switched from using the full length of the tawse right across her bottom. Now she was using shorter strokes, so that only the last few inches impacted, the split fingers and raw edge of the leather raising agonising weals.

Miss Parkin worked carefully, each flick of the wrist producing a meticulously aimed stroke. Twelve strokes were sufficient for her to ensure that every square inch of Lucy's quivering rear was well tenderised. Lucy howled and pleaded, wriggling and writhing in a vain attempt to reduce the sting as Miss Parkin worked to a steady rhythm, working down the slopes of her bottom, first one cheek and then the other, but to no avail.

The torment reached the tops of Lucy's legs, then stopped. Lucy gave a long sob. Could it be over? She felt drained, her throat sore from screaming, the pain in her bottom indescribable. The fingers of the tawse had curled round as Miss Parkin had attended to her left cheek. With her bottom so widely splayed, there had been nothing to protect her as the twin tail ends had sharply flicked the tender membranes of her anal bud, bringing forth a particularly heart-rending shriek.

"Have you learned your lesson yet, Lucy?" As Miss Parkin's voice sounded softly, just behind her left ear, Lucy felt a hand gently caress her bottom. The unexpected contact made her flinch and her buttocks wriggled under the tender touch. "I do believe I have made your bottom rather sore, haven't I?" Miss Parkin sounded almost sorry for her. Her hand stroked down Lucy's taut curves, exploring the ridges which the fingers of the tawse had embossed on the tender flesh.

"Oh yes, Miss Parkin, please it hurts so much. I promise I will give you no more trouble but please don't thrash me any more, please." All Lucy's determination to remain stoic was in ruins. She was fawningly submissive. The ignominy of her position, the almost homely nature of the room, and Miss Parkin's more personal approach had made the punishment so much more intimate than the cold, impersonal thrashing the law had doled out to Juliette. Somehow, being bound in that bottom-up, cheeks widely spread, position had been the final straw. Any rebellious spirit she might have retained had flown as the fingers of the tawse etched their scarlet journey across her bottom.

Miss Parkin's hand cupped right under Lucy's bottom, cool against the warmth generated by the tawse. "H'mmmmm quite warm -" her fingers moved lower as Lucy stiffened in shock "-and more than a little wet down here too." As Lucy sobbed in shame, Miss Parkin's gentle fingers probed between her splayed legs. "No need to feel ashamed, Lucy. Believe me, yours is a common reaction. Most girls experience some sexual feelings during a good thrashing."

The fingers were withdrawn but Lucy's hopes were dashed. "Yes, young lady, quite warm - but not yet warm enough. You have only taken eight strokes so far and you are getting the full ration. Will you take them on your bottom or on your legs?" Miss Parkin was tormenting her.

Lucy could hardly speak. The gentle probing of her pussy had added another dimension to her torment. She had, until now, been aware only of the stinging, atrocious pain, but now there was another, altogether more pleasant, warmth competing for her attention.

"On my bottom, please, miss." It was no good pleading to be let off, but instinct told her that to continue on the soft flesh of her legs would be more than she could bear.

"A wise choice. Although sitting down is going to be difficult for a day or so, I think."

As if tired of the game, Miss Parkin laid on the last four strokes without further ceremony. Concentrating all four in the same area, the already well-tanned lower curves of each cheek, she laid stroke on stroke in a rapid staccato. Lucy's cries merged into one drawn-out sob as her bottom danced and quivered under the relentless tattoo. At last the blows ceased and she felt the straps restraining her arms and legs slacken.

"You may get up." Miss Parkin was beside her, helping her off the chest.

Putting on her panties with trembling hands, an act Miss Parkin insisted on before allowing Lucy to leave the room, was almost as humiliating as being made to totally remove them in the first place. Having Miss Parkin watch, a smug grin on her face, as she pulled the knickers up and cried out at the first touch of the elastic waistband on her roasting rear, made Lucy wish that the floor would open up and swallow her.

Lucy emerged from the Vice-Principal's office, red-faced and walking with an uncharacteristically awkward gait. Stiffly, she made her way back to her own room, rubbing her bottom in an unsuccessful attempt to alleviate the smarting sting which ran from the tops of her legs to the base of her spine. As she regained the privacy of her own room, kicking the door shut behind her, Lucy could do no more than collapse on the bed. Her one thought was to let the cool air soothe the heat which threatened to engulf her lower body. Tearing off her knickers, she lay on the bed, face down, her skirt raised, and let the sensations flooding into her brain overwhelm her.
Lucy is experiencing that delicious combination of pleasure and pain. Wouldn't that be a good name for her doctoral thesis?
From Hermione's Heart


Victor E said...

Perhaps the thesis might be titled ' Pain/Pleasure, Punishment's Purpose ' The school of thought here is that the aim of ritualized punishment ( strap, tawse, cane etc. ) is not correction of misbehaviour, but intimate ( almost zen-like ) understanding of the yin/yang oneness of pain and pleasure.

As a 68 year-old slef-spanker, i can attest to the joy of such philosophy.

Victor E

Victor E said...

i was inspired by Lucy's sangfroid and courage displayed in Miss Parkin's office. i hope to live up to her image as i replicate her submission.

Baxter said...

I agree with Sebastian, the thesis better be darn good. Wow, what a tawsing.


Cat said...

Wow...not only painful but humiliating also...I so believe Sebastian wanted her to receive the full treatment. Wonder if he'll want to re-enact when she is finished with her thesis. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Oh ouch! and how humiliating. Thanks for another wonderful instalment Hermione.


ronnie said...

Excellent Hermione, loved it.

That was quite a tawsing. Is there more of this story?

Have to agree a good name for her thesis.

Thanks for sharing this story.


Hermione said...

Victor - Great suggestions!

Baxter - It had better be. Sebastian has invested a lot of time and trouble on Lucy.

Cat - He just might, as part of her oral defence.

Roz - Very humiliating, and Lucy loved it!

Ronnie - Oh yes, there's more to come, so stay tuned :)