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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 31

This week I had an enthusiastic response to my question about counting out loud.

ar: I insist that he count out load. The rule is should he forget the number, or repeat a number we start from the beginning. The number and a plain "thank you" is a focus.

Welcome, ar!

Simon: Usually I have to count but sometimes Mistress prefers me to take my punishment in silence, well silence apart from my groans. If I know the number of strokes in advance I have to thank her at the end and remain in position until given permission to move. I find that these little rituals enhance the experience.

Steve: We never count out loud. When Sophie spanks me, I count silently (we always know how many we're going to get), but not out loud. When I spank Sophie, she says that she tries to count, but often loses track.

Downunder Don: I am with Steve; we never count out loud but both always seem to know how many have been administered.

King Marshal: I love having the spankeee count. I like to throw a curve in and have them start out counting from 1 and then somewhere along the line have them finish the count backwards.

abby: I do not usually have to count, I used to try to silently, but would always lose count. If it is a punishment, or sometimes for the last 10 of maintenance, He has me count, and add a "Thank you Sir" after each one.

Nina: Hi Hermione, this has changed and I think currently we do not have a fixed rule about it. When hubby spanks I don't count for most of the time. But towards the end of each set of spanks I have to count them. Hubby tells me in advance how many I'll get then. If I do it wrong I get some more, but that rarely happens.

Katie: I have rarely been asked to count when Rob is in spank mode. I have heard him count at times. Sometimes he counts and keeps spanking and counting! Woe is me... Not always though! LOL!

Natty: My partner just about always has me count aloud at some point during a spanking (admittedly rare these days), particularly at the end. However I prefer not to have him count aloud when I spank him -- or even let him know how many strokes are coming -- as it adds to the feeling of helplessness. That wondering when it will ever end, not being able to take much more, etc.. To be honest, I think I prefer that on the bottom end of it too (lol -- well, ok, maybe not during the spanking). ;-) That feeling of helplessness is an important part of the experience for me (on both ends of the paddle). Though I agree with many of the commenters above that rituals, including those with counting aloud, starting over for missing count, thanking the spanker, etc. can really enhance the experience as well. I prefer that during highly ritualized scenes like schoolgirl/headmaster.

Arched one: I have to count about half the time. She does not tell me how many I'm getting so I still don't know when it will end. And of course after each spank is a "thank you may I have another".

Roz: I have never had to count but sometimes try to in my head. I can never keep count lol

S: We never count. D knows by the hue of my bottom, when it has taken what it deserves.

Dr. Ken: Having the lady I'm spanking count out loud is not a regular part of my play, although I will use it occasionally--or if it's somebody's birthday!

Six of the best: I announce to the lady that I spank that she will receive 'six of the best' strokes of a pliable stinging cane on her bare bottom. These number of strokes may be increased, if both parties agree.

Bonnie: Yes, we count fairly regularly. Sometimes Randy counts aloud. Other times, he asks me to keep count. On occasion, he will announce the number of swats in advance and then deliver them silently.

His counting is much more accurate than mine. I always get distracted by more immediate considerations.

ricky: Whenever I lose count we have to start all over.

Wilma: I can't count that high *wink*

Ronnie: Counting isn't a regular part of our spanking but I have had to count out loud on a few occasions. I sometimes try to count the number of spanks in my head but can never keep count.

KB: She likes to stop in the middle of a spanking and ask me what number we are on, while also sometimes carrying on a conversation to distract. She always threatens to start over if I'm wrong, but never does. The most that happens is she adds a couple swats on at the end. Just once it would be cool if she did start over.

Welcome, KB!

Hermione: Neither of us counts out loud. Sometimes I try to count silently but I lose track if the swats are too rapid. Ron seems to follow some pattern known only to him. I'm never sure if he is counting or watching the clock.

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