Saturday, June 20, 2015

You Completed the Caption

My readers were especially creative in their captions for this picture.

Anon 1: That lout cast aspersions upon her.
So her lover defended her honour.
That lout would not budge,
But a nudge from the judge
Said don't ever mess with his honour.

Baxter: Woman: Yes, he was my first husband and while he was a good provider, he had an impetuous side to him that I should have recognized. My mother always told me that I should have spanked him and he might have not been such a jerk with his publicly embarrassing behaviors.

Man to her immediate left: Get away from us, you moronic lout. She is my wife and while she never spanked you, she spanks me and I am the better for it.

Six of the best: The gentleman says to the 'drunken bum' If my wife who is now beside me, ever got into your inebriated condition, "I would take down her bloomer's and CANE her BARE BOTTOM".

ricky: OK! OK! Your wife's bustle does NOT remind me of a horse I once had.

Dr. Ken: "Away with you, sir! No one smacks my wife's bottom but ME!"

Ronnie: Away with you Sir or I'll have the constable called. Pickpockets are not welcome in our town.

Anon 2: Yes, yes. I understand my young wife was very haughty and disrespectful, and you have every right to be angry at her impudence. She often thinks herself above others, despite my best efforts to correct her attitude. However, the fact that she is an arrogant shrew, she is my wife, and you do not have the right to confront her in such a rude manner. I agree, she does deserve to be severely chastised, and believe me, as soon as we reach our destination, she will find herself bent over a chair with her dress around her waist and her knickers at her knees while I cane her bare bottom until I'm convinced she understands that I will no longer tolerate such behavior. And no, you cannot come along and watch. Now away with you, before I take my cane to you, as well.

Kingspan: Don't be too hard on him, dear. He may not enjoy being beaten as much as you do.

Hermione: Charles, stop using your electromagnetic finger superpower on everyone we pass. A policeman is watching.

From Hermione's Heart

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