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From the Top Shelf - Retribution

Last week Lucy experienced her first adult spanking at Carstairs, instigated by Juliette. (Read it here.) Lucy wanted revenge on the girl, and she didn't have to wait long for it to happen.

After the brief respite of the lunch break, it was soon time for classes to resume and Lucy and Juliette discovered that the next class was a session in the gymnasium. Their instructor was a statuesque blonde who introduced herself as Miss Williams. She cut an impressive figure, almost six feet tall, with straight, almost silver-blonde, hair cut in a short plain style. She looked extremely fit, and her well-muscled arms and thighs, amply displayed by the brief shorts and sports white which she wore, only served to emphasise her slim waist, powerful hips and firm breasts. Her manner was very different from the cold Miss Edwardes, firm but not unfriendly.

The girls were all changing into just shorts and T-shirts similar to their instructor's and, as Lucy peeled off her panties and stepped into the shorts, she ruefully examined her bottom. The sting had largely subsided now, although she could still feel a slight warmth. Her bottom-cheeks were distinctly pink, however, and the backs of her legs showed clear palm prints which the skimpy shorts did nothing to conceal.

Emma glanced across and grinned as she watched Lucy's cautious self-examination. "You may think you had a tough time this morning, but if  'Whacky Wendy' had put you over her knee, rather than Miss Edwardes, believe me, your bum would be a lot more tender than it is now!"

There was no time to continue the conversation properly as the girls returned to the gym, but as they did so, Emma whispered to Lucy from the corner of her mouth, "Just stay out of this and watch the fun. We'll see if Juliette likes the attention Wendy is going to give her."

Lucy was mystified but had no chance to ask any more questions. The session began normally enough, with the girls being divided into groups and set to do various exercises. Lucy noticed that Emma had manoeuvred herself to be in the same group as Juliette, together with the girl who had made up a fourth at the lunch table, Samantha. While all the groups made a certain amount of noise, Lucy noticed that Juliette's group was particularly boisterous,a fact also noted by Miss Williams, who twice instructed that they should calm down.

Each group was required to perform for a set time on each piece of apparatus, before moving on to the next. As Miss Williams blew a whistle to indicate another change, Juliette and the rest of her little group moved to a long vaulting horse. Samantha moved to the side of the apparatus.

"This should be easy, even for you, Juliette," she chortled gaily. "Emma and I will stand at each side of the horse while you make the first vault. It's quite simple; you just take a good run, come down as hard as you can on the springboard at the end and you'll absolutely fly over."

This did not seem too difficult, so the unsuspecting Juliette did not feel too unhappy about going first. She did just as Samantha had suggested, and took a measured run at the springboard. Sure enough, she sailed over easily, although her landing on the padded mat beyond the horse could have been neater. Samantha and Emma dutifully stood on either side of the horse and lightly grasped Juliette's arms to steady her as she went over. Buoyed up by her success, Juliette skipped jauntily round the horse to replace Emma who then completed a very spectacular vault. Samantha's effort was less able and drew a caustic comment from Emma. As Samantha replaced Juliette at the side of the apparatus, ready for her to take her second go, Juliette was still smiling.

As she measured out her run, Juliette did not see Samantha lean across the horse and whisper something to Emma. Juliette reached the end of the run, turned, took a deep breath and began to sprint towards the springboard.

"Come on, Juliette, you are really going to fly this time," called Emma, encouragingly.

Juliette's approach was almost perfect and she sailed through the air, exhilarated by the sensation of power which the springboard gave her to take off. As her hands touched the horse, she felt Samantha and Emma grasp each of her wrists as if to steady her as they had done before. This time, however, her aides used only one hand to grasp Juliette's wrists and each, simultaneously, swung her free hand in a sweeping arc, ending in an open-handed slap on Juliette's bottom. The effect of the two stinging slaps, as she was in mid flight, completely wrecked Juliette's concentration. Her graceful vault ended in an undignified heap on the landing mat, and as she picked herself up, her face coloured with anger.

"That was a rotten thing to do?" she snapped, rubbing her bottom; it had actually stung quite sharply from the two slaps, which had landed fair and square, one on each cheek.

"What's up with you? We were only helping you to fly," Emma grinned wickedly. "Surely you can take a joke?"

The two girls had ensured that Miss Williams was supervising another group before their little skylark but now they made sufficient noise to attract the teacher's glance, unknown to Juliette.

"We'll see about that," Juliette muttered under her breath as she took Emma's place as helper.

Emma began her run-up to the vault. As before it was a good attempt. Juliette held back until her classmate was totally committed to the vault before she swung her right arm with a real hay-making swing, connecting with Emma's flying buttocks in a satisfyingly solid smack.

"What goes around, comes around," she laughed happily as Emma gave a whoop and staggered off the landing mat.

"Indeed it does," came the stern voice from behind her. "Just what do you think you are playing at?"

Juliette turned, horror-stricken. Miss Williams was standing right behind her and had clearly witnessed the 'payback' on Emma's last vault.

"I-I was only getting my own back," she began.

"Silence! Your horseplay could have had very dangerous consequences. I will not tolerate such behaviour and I have one very sure way of discouraging it. Go to the wall bars." Miss Williams pointed at the frame of horizontal climbing bars bolted to one end of the gym. She blew her whistle and gestured for the rest of the class to assemble around the area where she had told Juliette to stand.

"You and you." She pointed at Emma and Samantha. "Place that bench along the wall, and about two feet away from it."

Juliette watched, puzzled but fearful, as a very long bench, used for some of the weight-training exercises, was placed parallel to the wall. With a sinking feeling, she realised that she had been suckered into a situation just as easily as the one she had created for Lucy that morning, and that the result was probably going to be similar. She could not work out how the bench was going to be used, but she was sure the outcome was not going to be good.

She did not have to wait long to find out.

"Now, stand as close to the bench as you can, facing the wall bars. Lean forward, right across the bench and grip the highest bar you can reach."

Juliette did as she was told and found that the positioning of the bench relative to the wall meant that she was leaning forward at an acute angle, most of the weight taken by her arms, which were stretched uncomfortably. She tried to look over her shoulder to see what was going to happen, and caught Lucy's eye. Lucy was watching with interest and Juliette interpreted her look as one of quiet satisfaction. Whatever happened next, Juliette comforted herself, Lucy still had that interview with Miss Parkin to look forward to!

"I think we'll have these right off." Miss Williams was directly behind her. Juliette felt strong hands at her hips, then gripped the bar tightly as Miss Williams took a grip on her shorts with both hands and yanked them down to her ankles in one swift motion. Juliette cringed, knowing that the class would be avidly staring at her bare bottom. She wanted so much to let go of the bar in order to cover her nakedness, but knew that such stupidity would be futile and only earn extra punishment.

"Lift your right foot," Miss Williams tapped at Juliette's right calf. "Now the left one." Juliette felt her shorts being eased off her feet. Then a strong hand grasped her left ankle, holding her foot off the ground as her gym shoe was removed. There was a momentary tickle on the sole of her foot as the removal was completed and then Juliette's legs were free of all encumbrance.

"Feet apart, please, Juliette - wide apart - no, more than that - that's better." The instruction was emphasised by a gentle tapping of the gym shoe on the inside of Juliette's thigh. Juliette's face was burning. Everything she had must be on show! She looked down over her shoulder. With her body angled as it was, she could see the double curve of her bottom cheeks, thrust out and parted by the splaying of her legs. Miss Williams was standing back at arm's length and testing the suppleness of the gym shoe, a stout leather-soled moccasin, and was also staring keenly at Juliette's bottom.

Miss Williams reached forward and gently twisted Juliette's head around. "Face the bars, young lady!"

Juliette reluctantly did as she was told, registering the attentive look on Lucy's face as she and the rest of the class watched Miss Williams completing her careful preparations. Juliette swallowed hard as she felt Miss Williams's warm hands on her rib cage, gently easing her T-shirt up until it was allowed to settle just below the curve of her breasts.

She felt her heart pumping. She had several times relived the events of her judicial strapping, with a certain amount of ambiguity, but somehow this setting was more intimate and personal. Her body was forced into a gentle curve, her bare bottom thrust out, ready to receive what she was now certain would be a good slippering with the gym shoe.

Unknown to Juliette, however, her bottom did carry the two prints of an open hand, plainly defined in red against the white background of each plump cheek, and those prints did not escape Miss Williams's eagle-eye.

"I see that you were not simply trying to cover your own misdemeanour when you said that you were returning what had been done to you" Emma and Samantha, standing with the rest of the class, both visibly cringed as Miss Williams's glance was directed at them. "This does not excuse your behaviour one little bit, but it does mean that I now have three bottoms to tan instead of just one."

Samantha and Emma stared at each other in dismay. This had not been part of the plan at all.

"I am sure you will not mind waiting just a moment while your friends take up their positions alongside you. You will, all three of you, of course receive one demerit point for this chastisement."

Samantha and Emma were taking their places on either side of her, Emma on her left. Miss Williams kept up her gentle banter all the time she was arranging her two new victims. Juliette did not look at either of the other girls, but kept her eyes to the front as she had been told to do. When she heard Emma take the first slap from the gym slipper, she closed her eyes tightly and gripped the bar above her head as hard as she could, hoping that her whitened knuckles would not show.

Closing her eyes was a mistake. Shut off from any visual perceptions, the sound of the whacking being given to the girl alongside simply stimulated Juliette's fevered imagination all the more as she anticipated what her own punishment would feel like. She had experienced the same thoughts while watching Lucy's spanking earlier in the day, but the absolute certainty that she was going to be beaten revived all the horrors of anticipation she had experienced before her judicial strapping.

Six times the sound of the leather sole of the slipper impacting on Emma's tender rump made Juliette flinch. She could feel the wooden bars moving and she visualised Emma's grip shifting as she wriggled and twisted, trying to reduce the impact of the slipper. Emma was also suffering audibly, her first sign of distress beginning as a sharp intake of breath but changing to pained squeals as the punishment continued. Then there was a pause. It was her turn next.

Juliette tried hard to reassure herself that she had already received a full-scale judicial punishment, administered by a strong, fit man. After all, that had not killed her. This childish classroom spanking could not possibly be any worse.

Juliette kept her eyes screwed tightly shut. Whack! The leather sole of the slipper struck Juliette's right bottom-cheek directly over the centre of the earlier palm print. The stinging slap on her rear was painful enough to make Juliette yelp sharply. She opened her eyes and looked at Miss Williams. The teacher returned her gaze and Juliette tried to interpret what she saw, but could not. Anger? Possibly. Excitement? Lust? It was impossible to tell.

The slipper descended again. Juliette's left cheek felt as if it had been branded with a hot coal.

"It will be much better for you if you just lean forward and relax." The voice in her ear was soft and husky. "You have four more to go and it will hurt more if you try to pull away each time."

Juliette felt a tear beginning to form. Her mental anguish was worse than the smarting in her bottom. She did her best to follow the instruction and dipped her chest still further. As the slipper landed again, making a crisp sound which echoed around the gym, she was able to resist the temptation to jerk her body upward. She tried hard not to scream as the fire in her bottom spread a little further.

A jumble of thoughts flashed through her mind. Juliette was sure that Miss Williams was stronger than Miss Edwardes and that Lucy had not suffered as she was having to. The slipper was being carefully aimed and Juliette knew that her poor bottom was being tanned red all over. She could feel the warmth spreading right across her seat. It was quite a different feeling from her legal beating. Then she had been bent right over, her bottom tight and the strap had been so heavy and unyielding it had felt as if the bruising was going right to the bone. She could not prevent a little cry escaping as again the slipper found its mark. Now the pain was sharper, not so penetrating perhaps, but more of a sting, with this strange warmth which seemed to spread right through her.

"Aaaaagh!" Juliette's voice was shrill. The slipper was striking lower now, just above the tops of her legs. She jerked upwards in an uncontrollable reflex. There must be one more to come. Juliette remembered how she had found the last two strokes of the strap on the under curve of her bottom the most painful of all. This must be a particularly tender spot. She must try not to jump again or that sadistic bitch would really hurt her.

"Aaaaaaahh!" The final smack was certainly the hardest of the lot. Juliette kept hold of the bar and tried to pull herself up into a slightly more relaxed position as she sobbed for breath. She opened her eyes again, not conscious of closing them when the last two smacks had landed, and looked to her left. Emma was in a similar position to herself, arms outstretched over her head, very red in the face.

Juliette looked to her right. Miss Williams was now on the far side of Samantha, one arm raised. As a pink-cheeked Sam wailed under the first impact of the slipper, Juliette turned and looked at Emma again. The other girl tried to smile, managed a very anemic grin and then hung her head as if the effort had brought back all the pain she must also be feeling.

Juliette became aware once more of the smarting in her bottom. God, how her bottom stung! She looked over her shoulder and saw Lucy staring at her. The rest of the class were more intent on watching Samantha's noisy penance - she had just wriggled her bottom and howled a response to her fourth stroke - but Juliette was sure that Lucy was watching her. She held Lucy at least partly responsible for her present state, and swore she would get even somehow.

Lucy made eye contact with Juliette and blushed. Watching the three girls receive their virtually nude punishment had aroused Lucy to a degree that would have made Juliette run a mile had she been given any inkling of it.
Lucy might be feeling smug now, but has she forgotten her appointment with Miss Parkin? I am cartain that you, dear readers, have not.
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