Monday, June 8, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 7

This week we discussed how the spankee's verbal protests affect a spanking. Here's what you said:
Six of the best: When I cane a woman on her bare bottom, and she feels the sting and utters a verbal "OUCH" or two, plus at the end of her painful ordeal, she sheds some tears, I love it.

Pearl Necklace: I have a variety of noises I make throughout a spanking. Although I very much prefer no control during our sessions, I am not sure how I would do with complete silence. My Man has never made the request that I be fully silent. Maybe quiet for the kids' sake with a shortened session but never a full on spanking with the expectation of quiet. I actually am very turned on by the sounds of it all. I will have to ask my Man this question! Good food for thought Hermione!!

abby: When we first started, I always tried to stay quiet. One day, during a hard spanking, I ouched loudly several times...Master said is about time I get a reaction. I have become very vocal...He considers it proof that He is doing a 'good' job.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I try not to be too noisy, but do a lot of ouches and I think for hubby it is easier when he can hear some reaction too. Being completely silenced would be strange for me, somehow unreal. Wishing you a great weekend.

Jenn: Spankees, do you make a lot of verbal noise?
I wouldn't say "a lot". I'd say I make an appopropriate amount of noise for the energy being transferred to my backside from the paddle or belt.
How would you feel if you were somehow prevented from speaking or otherwise expressing yourself?
I could do that for a short time - like, for the span of 4 or 5 strokes - but being quiet the whole time would be impossible. I don't know why the yelping or groaning or screaming out helps to deal with the pain. Maybe because in all other situations, a person reacts in proportion to the pain felt - like when you are hurt while walking with a group. If you react to pain with a yelp, the group will stop to help you.

Spankers, what do you think of the sounds coming from the spankee's mouth? Do you enjoy them, or do you discourage speaking and crying out?
I think most spankers will say that they like to hear some reaction (a quick inhale or an "owww"), but they don't like screams that are disproportionate to the strokes. They will say they do not like aggressive screams that try to force the spanker to stop before he is done. My guy does not try to get me to be quiet.

Minelle: I make comments like ouch or too hard! Lol. However, I never shout. I also bring my alternating legs up as I say ouch sometimes.

Dan: Hi Hermione. I make quite a bit of noise, and my wife likes it, other than it can cause some concern about others overhearing. I would have a hard time staying quiet, and it might have a negative impact on the process. If anything, I think that both of us being more vocal might help me get to that place where I really let go. Letting go of control is hard when you are being told to exercise control, in this case of your noise level.

Simon: My Mistress likes me to take my punishment in silence apart from counting the strokes and thanking her. Of course I do moan and groan sometimes but over the many years I've been doing this I've become able to take quite a severe punishment quietly. Some implements are harder to take in silence than others. A whippy birch with the way it curls around and hits the side will often make me groan loudly and if it impacts anywhere other than my bottom it will get a vocal response.

Baxter: I am always the spankee and typically only say OW or holy shit or something along those lines. I never say STOP, but I do sometimes say MORE.

Hermione: I am pretty vocal during spankings. Not much conversation, but a lot of "Ow" and "Ouch". I would not care to be gagged and not able to express my displeasure. Sometimes Ron tells me to quiet down, but on other occasions when I have been quiet, he has suddenly given me a hard flurry of swats in case I had fallen asleep. I like to let him know that his efforts are appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

"How would you feel if you were somehow prevented from speaking or otherwise expressing yourself?"

How would enforce it? With a spanking?