Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #77

Welcome, one and all, to our weekly spanko brunch. You're just in time for what I hope will be a lively discussion. Today's topic is one I found down in the vault where the archives of My Bottom Smarts are stored. I dusted it off and it is just as timely today as it was in 2007.

Have you or your partner ever had an implement break during a spanking? If so, how did it happen? What were your reactions? Did the spanking continue?

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Minielle Labraun said...

Never. Maybe that is because I am whimpy or he is not spanking hard enough.....
Actually though we don't get enough private time for longer that may be the reason.

abby said...

Yes, a light wood paddle, snapped in two a long time ago. I laughed and Master continued to spank. More recently the end of a crop broke off. This time, i was sad, as Master laughed, i loved that crop. He promised to replace it...He did, but it took a few spankings, to 'break it in' :).
hugs abby

willie said...

AT the start of ttwd we had this little silicone spatula. The end was shaped like a cupcake. I used to joke around...buns meet cupcake. Anyway it was pretty useless I 'felt'. Barney was whacking away one day and the cupcake came off the handle, flew across the room and hit the wall on the opposite side. The handle was throw right after it..."Useless thing!" I heard from behind me. Yes the spanking continued with something else, and irritation. lol

We have had a few real spanking implements break since then. But that was definitely the most memorable.


ricky said...

A light wooden spoon broke during our play. I was not aware of it at the time, as
she just continued with her hand. I thought she was providing variety....hmmm....
When I found out afterwards, it made me realize I was tougher than I thought.
(Even though I still have to ask the cashiers to open the vegetable juice bottle-caps for me.)

Simon said...

I've had a few implements break during my sessions with my Mistress. She used to have a sort of crop with a leather cats head at the end of the whippy shaft and the head flew off during a session. I've been looking for a similar one for ages without success. I've had a few canes break on my bottom as well which always gives me a brief moment of satisfaction, aha I think I'm tougher than your cane, but then she picks up another one and continues to beat my poor bottom. Bits are continuously breaking off the thin whippy birches she sometimes uses which means that following the strokes I am to be found picking up the pieces with my still bare bum sticking up which of course leads to her encouraging me in my task with whatever other implement she chooses.

Roz said...

We have had this happen a couple of times and the spanking continued. The most memorable was when the end of the cane snapped during a semi serious spanking. The spanking continued and we were both trying not to laugh but did laugh about it together afterwards.


an English Rose said...

Yes, a wooden hairbrush. We both fell about laughing, he continued though with something else and later we bought a proper unbreakable wooden paddle :(
love Jan.xx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Broken paddles happen. The time that is most memorable is when we were trying out a new Sheriff's paddle. Mean looking, long, wide and full of holes. We were with another couple. She had given him the paddle for his birthday. He gave her several pops and then it was Bacall's turn. She braced for the impact, heard the whoosh and felt nothing. The paddle had cracked at the handle.

Florida Dom said...

Haven't had one break. My two favorites are a six inch leaather paddle and a riding crop. She can take a lot more swats with the paddle. The crop really stings. The crop, though, is very effective in bruising her boobs and I like to mark them that way. She also likes hand spankings. That hasn't broke either, LOL.


ronnie said...

Yes. Once the little flap (or whatever you call it) flew off our crop, we both laughed and didn't carry on.

I've had a hairbrush break, didn't feel it break but it did. Posted about it.

Also had a cane break, P wasn't amused. Got a paddle and carried on.


Baxter said...

No implements have broken. We were in Ross Stores today and they had packages of wooden spoons, probably six or eight in a package, and I said to my wife, "see packages of wooden spoons in case some break during use". She said, correctly, I have a one track mind. HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

We have had canes break multiple times. The spankings continued. Her use of canes did not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, It was a paddle with holes that had cords strung through it. We'd just received it and it broke on swat #3.