Monday, June 22, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 21

This week we discussed whether your partner had ever started talking about spanking to a complete stranger. I know there are some bloggers out there who have been in this situation.

Sir Wendel: Never with strangers. She did tell her sister once at a family gathering that I spank her with a paddle. I got a few odd stares that night. When we got home I took her to the kitchen and paddled her bare bottom as punishment for discussing it.

Roz: Hasn't happened in front of a stranger as such, but the topic has been brought up while out in public. I look trying to gauge if anyone heard. Looking for any strange looks lol.

arched one: No never, not only to strangers but also those we know. We keep my spankings to ourselves.

Ronnie: Not in front of a stranger nor to anyone we know. Same as Roz, the topic has been bought up many a time while we have been out in public and I am sure we've been overheard.

Nina: No not like that, I'd die from embarrassment if it ever did. But it has happened that we 'have to discuss' something later. That's one of hubby's euphemisms for me being in trouble. spanking in general has been brought up in public, but that was not meant to be heard by others, although knowing that someone could listen by accident made me nervous too.

Leigh: As with Roz and Ronnie, topic has been raised but for our ears only. I have no idea if anyone else listened in, I know I would.

A.J.: Years ago I was with my girlfriend shopping at a department store, in the women's department close to closing.  And playing the fool! Doing those little things I did to tease the heck out of her just for the fun of it. Come up behind her and kiss her neck. Tickle her. Hold up things in the store definitely not for her...etc.

She's given the female clerk her credit card to make payment and out of nowhere asks her:
GF:  "How do you control your boyfriend from constantly being a fool?'
Clerk:  "No one knows the answer to that one."
GF:  "Well, I think what I'm going to do is just give him a spanking as soon as we get home. Maybe that will work"
Clerk:  "Oh!"
Me:  (Whining & teasing voice) "Oh!  A spanking. I'm so scared."
Her:  (Alive, eyes wide open, and smiling with "that" look on her face) "Oh! All right! All right! Now you're gonna' get it. Wait 'til we get home!"

The clerk was laughing.

GF signs the receipt, takes my arm, turns to leave, pauses, asks the clerk over her shoulder: "Bare bottom?"
Clerk:  The-then equivalent of, "You go, girl!"
Me:  I don't say anything; I just give the clerk a look that said "What ...?"

I think we made the clerk's day and night.

None of this was planned in advance, my girlfriend just did it.  (Probably to get back at me for pulling something similar months before.) FYI, as soon as the front door closed I was dragged into the living room and bent over the back of the sofa.  And yes, bare bottom.

Hermione: Ron has never done anything like that in public. If I ever did, it would embarrass him no end.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this interesting question. See you all next week!
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Unknown said...

Well Hermione, your comment is fascinating. You wrote: Ron has never done anything like that in public. If I ever did, it would embarrass him no end.

Am I reading this to mean that you might not be so embarrassed?

With a smile, Jon

Hermione said...

Hi Jon,

I guess I meant that if anyone were to comment on spanking to a stranger, it would probably be me. If he were to do so, I think I'd be more excited than embarrassed.