Tuesday, November 10, 2015

From the Top Shelf - One

We have come to the final installment of Myra's punishment, from the story "Three-Two-One" written by Colin Weaver for Februs. As you recall, Myra was sentenced to receive three spankings, two tawsings, and one caning. She accomplished most of that in parts one and two, but still has one tawsing and the caning to go before the end of two weeks. Time is running out; will she make it?

All this time Myra had been on leave from her job. On the Thursday of the second week she was summoned back to work.

"Miss Leverson," said Mr Brown, her immediate boss. "I understand you are undergoing a course of correction and that's why you took leave."

Myra blushed to the roots of her hair. "Yes sir," she muttered.

"Without making mention of this conviction to your employer as you are supposed to do! This could be quite serious, Myra."

Myra hung her head, regretting her bashful stupidity.

"I have often thought, "said Mr Brown, slowly," what a remarkably attractive bottom you have. Maybe..."

Myra sighed. "Alright Mr Brown, I get the picture. I have to fit in another strapping from someone so it might as well be you."

Myra had hoped for privacy but he pushed her into the outer office. In front of the whole staff, he put Myra over her own desk with her skirt up and her knickers in the waste basket. She was hotly aware of her shame, knowing that every eye was on the shapely bottom that Mr Brown so admired.

Then the tawse swung down and for the next few minutes Myra's office colleagues watched and listened, fascinated, as the attractive brunette took a damned good hiding; the juicy smacks of leather on naked female flesh; Myra's shrieks and sobs and heartfelt entreaties; the squirming body and flailing legs revealing to horny male clerks those secret valleys they had hitherto only fantasised about, and the awesome effect of the vigorously wielded tawse upon Myra's defenceless buttocks.

Mr Brown did not have the experience of Mrs Macilse, but he had great enthusiasm and a strong right arm. After Myra's punished rear had endured a red-hot dozen she wailed, "Mr Brown, I can't take any more. I just can't!"

"Perhaps," said Mr Brown, "we could come to an understanding. If you agree that from now on you will go across my knee as an accepted form of office discipline."

"Yes, yes, you can spank me whenever you like! But no more tawse now- pleeease!"

"Oh I think you can take three more," said Mr Brown.

Crack! "Oooooooooooh!"

Crack! "Aaaaaaaaaaaagghh!"

Crack! "Eeeeeeeeeyowwwwww!"

* * *

"Myra," said Toni, a couple of days later, "You still have a caning to come don't you?"

"Yes, it's the last day," sighed Myra. "I'm not trying to avoid it - but who is going to cane me?"

"Why not go to Mr Sheldon again?"

"You're not allowed to get punishment from the same person twice," said Myra, but she phoned Terence Sheldon anyway.

"No problem, my dear," he said. "Come over tonight. Everything will be arranged."

"So," said Myra at 7:30 that evening, "Who is going to cane me?"

"Jane!" said Mr Sheldon. "She has a great deal of experience."

His wife laughed at Myra's look of surprise. "No I haven't caned the kids - and certainly not Terence! I belong to an elite group of women who enjoy both giving and taking punishment." She hesitated, then added, "There might be an opening for another member. I sense something about you."

"That," said Myra, " is something to think about later. For the present I'd like to get my punishment over."

Mrs Sheldon looked at her thoughtfully. "Trousers tonight I see. Well that was a bit silly. Very well, take them off - and your shoes, socks and knickers."

A little later, Myra, blushing furiously and naked from the waist down was trying to avoid Mr Sheldon's eye. Two chairs had been placed back to back.

"Kneel on one," instructed Mrs Sheldon. "Bend over and grasp the seat of the other.

In that position, Myra's bare bottom felt horribly exposed and vulnerable. Which, she realised, was the idea! She closed her eyes. 'I've learned my lesson,' she told herself, 'I really and truly have!'

And then the first expertly delivered stroke of the cane thwacked agonisingly across her quivering buttocks.

Much later, when she had been allowed out of the corner after a seeming eternity of weeping repentance, she reluctantly squeezed her throbbing bottom into trousers which had somehow become too tight.

"Jane," she said. "You'll forgive me if I don't make an immediate answer to your offer, won't you? I have a very painful fortnight to get over first. Meanwhile - do you know anybody who wants to buy an antique lawnmower?"

I'm afraid I can't help Myra out. but I would like to know more about that ladies' club. And wasn't it convenient that Mr Brown just happened to have a tawse handy?
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Poor Myra, I think Mr Brown needs to experience the other end of the tawse! Really enjoyed this, thank you for another wonderful story Hermoine :)


ronnie said...

How embarrassing for Myra to be bent over her desk and tawsed in front of all the staff. Enjoyed the story Hermione. Thank you.


EDWARD said...

I love your stories,also tales of the tawse.Thanks for sharing this one.

Cat said...

Sheesh...that was so wrong of Mr Brown to humiliate her Myra in the office like that. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Lindy Thomas said...

Oh poor Myra. What a fortnight she has endured and to be humiliated by her boss like that.
thanks for sharing this story Hermione, I enjoyed it all.
Hugs Lindy

Hermione said...

Roz - Who knows? Maybe he has :)

Ronnie - Very embarrassing. That part made me uncomfortable.

Edward - Thank you! It was my pleasure.

Cat - I agree, but I suspect it was done for the sake of variety.

Lindy - Not a nice way to be spanked at all.