Monday, November 9, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 8

This week we discussed the furniture used with our spankings.

Roz: Hi Hermoine, our spankings are usually over the bed or couch. Love otk, though not sure a knee qualifies as furniture lol.

Sir Wendel: Armless chairs are my favorite. I love to sit down, put her over my laptop and spank away. The bed is nice but that is usually the destination after I spank her. She makes me bend over the end of the bed.

Nina: Hi Hermione, over the bed or couch is nice, and across the kitchen table can be pretty sexy, if it is the right sort of spanking. :)

Baxter: Our spankings are always in the lower back bedroom that has been changed from guest room to workshop and now a part of the house we can go to and be naughty or nice. Typically it is me bent over the futon with my wife applying the spoon or crop or paddle. sometimes my wife takes that position and she gets the same as me.

arched one: Any place I can bend over and present my bottom to her. Most take place laying on the bed or bent over the end of the bed. Next would be the sofa arm and lets not forget her lap.

Ronnie: The bed I like but If OTK qualifies as furniture then that would be my favourite.

sub hub: We have a pretty big walk-in closet. In the middle of it is an "island" counter top that is waist high and about 10 feet long. Mistress has discover that having me lie on that for my spankings makes her job easier, more comfortable and convenient.

Jan: Hi Hermione, over the pillows at the end of the bed, yummy!

Downunder Don: Usually on a pillow over the end of the bed.
But occasionally it is over an old bar stool that is nearly 1 meter high....just high enough that her toes leave the ground when used. Everything is then beautifully exposed.

Tim: Good question. I usually have her bent over the bed or kneeling on the edge of it.

Hermione: The end of the bed is pretty much always used for spanking, since our activity almost always occurs in the bedroom. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences. Don't forget Love Our Lurkers days, November 12-13.
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

A late comment. We have a big upholstered sofa, and it's rounded arm is just ideal for S to bend over; it curves her bottom into a well stretched, upthrust mound, just asking for a good whacking, whilst her upper part and head can rest comfortably on the sofa seat for her to savour the mounting sting in her lower part. She is also well placed for a good seeing-to, after the spanking is over. D