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From the Top Shelf - Painful Protest, part 1

This fairly recent story by Andrew Grantham in Janus magazineshows that the right to social protest does not extend to schoolgirls, and their participation in opposing a new road scheme has painful consequences.
The so-called 'consultation process' was a mere sham. The proposed new road was going to be built, no matter what the local people said or did. Protests were inevitable, though, and, drawn to one such were three eighteen year olds from the nearby Finch Hall Girls' Academy. Gemma, Hannah and Abbey had made their way to one of the two protests being held at opposite ends of the projected new road.

It was a Saturday afternoon and they were free - although the trio knew their 'freedom' did not extend to actively supporting protest rallies. Blonde-haired Gemma had heard about the demo and had said to her two friends it would be a 'lark' to join in.

"Let's get some of those placards," suggested Abbey, as they joined the throng outside the village hall. The redhead was the fieriest and the natural leader of the threesome. "Tommy Timberdick is always telling us that a job worth doing is worth doing well!"

The said 'Tommy Timberdick' was, in fact, Dr Thomas Woodcock, the august Principal of Finch Hall Girls Academy!

"I'm not so sure." Hannah voiced her opinion. The brunette was always the most cautious of the three, near-inseparable, friends.

Minutes later, the three sixth formers were exhibiting such slogans as SAVE OUR SOIL, PEOPLE VERSUS POWER and NO ROAD HERE.

"I wonder if we'll be on the telly?" grinned Gemma.

"I hope not," frowned Hannah.

As it happened, the protest was not televised - which was a pity, as things got out out of hand and scuffles began which would have made good viewing on the local news.

A couple of hours later, Dr Woodcock received a telephone call from the police station asking if someone would collect three Finch Academy girls. They had been warned about their conduct. Their behaviour had not been up to the standard expected by students of their respected establishment. The Chief Superintendent felt sure that Dr Woodcock would see to it that the errant young ladies were dealt with in an appropriate manner.

"I most certainly will, Chief Superintendent," the Principal of the Academy had assured the high-ranking policeman.

Thus it was that Gemma, Hannah and Abbey found themselves on the carpet - literally. The wear on the strip of carpet in front of Dr Woodcock's large desk bore witness to the number of girls who had stood there over a period of years.

The tall, powerful Dr Woodcock's right arm was in a sling as a result of a riding accident. Much to every one's amusement Abbey had put it around that he was suffering from cramp due to overuse of his wrist.

All three girls were, unsurprisingly, sentenced to the cane. The Principal's caning arm might be out of action for that purpose, but it was clear from the arrival in the room of the sports master that he would be the one to cane them. The rather dishy Michael Smith was the subject of much juvenile fantasy and the fact that he was to dish out their punishment added considerably to the girls' embarrassment.

"This is a very serious matter, Mr Smith!" said Dr Woodcock, grimly, " and I want you to give each of these girls six real stingers - on the bare bottom."

The trio looked at each other in horror. They had never been caned on the bare bottom before! Furthermore, it would be so humiliating having their panties removed by the tall, athletic and good-looking Michael Smith.

"Yes, sir." The sports teacher knew where the cane was kept and he soon produced the three foot long whippy wand with the traditional curved handle. The stomachs of the three young offenders sank into their shoes.

"Who wants to be first?" enquired Michael Smith, letting the cane dangle at his side.

Each girl opened her mouth to volunteer, wanting to get it over with, but Dr Woodcock spoke first.

"I have no doubt it was the red-haired one who was the instigator," he growled. "I suggest we leave that little trouble-maker until last!"

The 'red-haired one' chewed her lip. That wasn't fair. It had really been Gemma's idea. She would now have to watch both Gemma and Hannah getting the stick, all the time knowing the same painful fate awaited her.

"I would imagine that Hannah Burke was simply caught up in the actions of the other two reprobates," observed Dr Woodcock. "Cane her first."

Hannah didn't exactly breathe a sigh of relief at the announcement but at least she would be spared that dreadful wait.

With his good hand, Dr Woodcock dragged an upright chair to a position in front of his desk. The girls naturally thought it was for them to bend over. They were, therefore, somewhat shocked when the Principal settled himself into the chair. He was getting himself a ringside seat for the impending action!

Mr Smith tapped the end of the thin stick against his trouser leg. He usually wore a tracksuit all day but now he looked very smart.

"Hannah!" He moved the cane to point to a pattern on the carpet. "Stand there, bend over and touch your toes!"

With dread in her stomach, the slightly-built brunette moved to the position as indicated and assumed the punitive stance.

The sports teacher tucked the cane under his left arm and used both hands to lift Hannah's grey, pleated skirt clear of her bare, nipped-in waist. Her briefs were white and covered in tiny forget-me-nots.

"You!" Mr Smith pointed the cane at Gemma and then pointed back to the array of forget-me-nots. "Take those down!"

Poor Hannah bit her lip. Having her bottom bared was bad enough, but having her best friend take her panties down was even worse. She felt Gemma's fingers warm on her flesh and soon her briefs were being eased down before being left to float down her legs and settle round her ankles.

Although Hannah was quite a slim girl, she was not flat bottomed. Her cheeks were oval and quite well padded, either side of the long but fairly shallow crease.

The brunette's thighs were narrow but still shapely enough. Her lower legs were encased in below-the-knee length, white cotton stockings.

"You two. Stand behind my chair!" Dr Woodcock gave orders to Gemma and Abbey. The pair took up their positions immediately. "Now put your hands on your head!"

Again the duo obeyed the instructions, their stance causing more than adequate breasts to thrust out within the confines of their regulation, apple-green tops.

They watched glumly as Mr Smith laid the sinister stick across the twitching nates of their friend. He shuffled his feet as he adjusted his position. The cane was then taken away and the good-looking young teacher stood majestically upright.

The nervous brunette felt the warm wood leaving her behind and she held her breath, waiting for the first of the six strokes to which she had been sentenced for her folly. Dr Woodcock, however, interrupted the proceedings.

"Before you begin, Mr Smith," he said, hurriedly. "I must warn all three offenders that they must remain in the discipline position until the caning has been completed. Failure to do so will result in extra strokes being awarded!" He made it sound like a prize-giving!

Hannah had been prepared, but the unexpected interruption meant that she was taken unawares. She heard the 'Swish!' but she had no time to brace herself for the first stroke.



The brunette's trim bottom absorbed the blow as the breath left her lungs. The well-wielded cane left behind a fierce sting. Hannah was barely coping with the sudden sensation when she heard the frightening hiss of well-worn rattan.



Hannah cried out this time. The sting was akin to a red-hot wire placed across her buttocks. Bravely she locked her knees although her bottom began to wiggle from side to side.

The unwilling watchers awaiting their turn saw the weals beginning to appear and they screwed up their eyes.

Mr Smith raised the cane to above shoulder height, rocked on his heels, and brought the willowy wand arcing down at high speed.

It impacted on the still-moving nates with a resounding CRACK!

"Yeeeooooww!" yelled Hannah.

She stamped her feet, rocking from side to side. The consequent parting of her legs resulted in her panties becoming fully-stretched between her ankles and the blatant exposure of her most intimate parts. A couple of stray, dark crinkly hairs peeped into view.

Gemma's face flushed bright red and Abbey's pretty features turned the colour of her hair. They were only too aware that they would soon be displaying themselves in a similar obscene manner before too long. It wasn't fair! Girls of their age and development shouldn't be getting a bare bottomed caning!

Hannah managed to still her actions, but there was still a gap between her girlish thighs.

The fourth stroke was applied with equal power, resulting in a high-pitched yell from the submissively positioned recipient. Her nether regions began a jerky, revealing dance.

Gemma and Abbey looked at one another. How could Tommy Timberdick sit there in that prime position watching everything on show? Did the man have no shame?

Mr Smith impatiently tapped the end of the cane against his leg, whilst he waited for the girl's red-striped bottom to still sufficiently.

The movements of Hannah's derriere became less frantic and the teacher in charge of the punishment felt able to continue. Up went the whippy stick, its slow ascent watched by the other two nervous-looking girls.

Its downward sweep was, however, too fast for their eyes.




For an awful moment, both Gemma and Abbey thought Hannah was going to jump up in her anguished reaction to the fiery cut. Instead the severely distressed brunette levered herself up and down furiously by her knees.

Her cry eventually tailed off, but her pump-like motion continued for some time afterwards.

Gemma's tummy was now beginning to lurch with trepidation. Hannah's sixth and final stroke was about to come and then it would be her turn to undergo a similar ordeal.

The redheaded Abbey could barely stand the agonising suspense. Would she be able to control herself under that awful goading cane? What heights of obscenity would her own performance bring? To think that her most private, intimate part would be only feet away from Tommy Timberdick's nose!

Now both chastiser and chastised settled themselves for the final stroke. Michael Smith drew the cane back over his shoulder. Hannah's slender body trembled as it awaited a further application of fire.

The thin stick's journey was suddenly activated and it swept down onto the corrugated buttocks where its movement was suddenly halted. It landed, about an inch or so above the tops of her thighs and left behind another brain numbing dose of agony.

The young bottom churned desperately in its reaction, accompanied by a hoarse cry of pain from the girl's throat.

"Thank you, Mr Smith," congratulated the Principal. "Well done! Now let's have her out of the way and start on the next one!"

The mouths of the two girls directly behind Dr Woodcock dropped open. He made it sound just like a production line.

Hannah couldn't have cared less about the Principal's comments. She was just so glad that her own painful ordeal was over. The brunette stayed just where she was, however, making no attempt to get up until she was expressly told to do so.

"Pull your knickers up and come and stand behind me!" At last the order came from the man in the chair.

The bent-over girl moved her hands a few inches and took hold of the tightly stretched material at her ankles. Slowly she raised herself up and her briefs began the ascent up her legs. Gingerly, she eased the elasticated top and the material over the scored, oval shaped buttocks.

As she watched, Gemma wondered who would be lowering her knickers.

Hannah's pleated skirt fell back into place and she turned around. The redness around her eyes was clearly evident. Abbey thought how well her friend had taken her punishment and just hoped she would be able to do likewise.
I'm afraid Gemma will have to wait until next week for her caning. Rather cruel, I know, but we're out of time.

From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Whoa! I'm not sure I could hold still like that! Never have understood the bending over and touching your toes bit. Good gravy...they could have you bend over a chair or the desk. Looking forward to how Gemma handles her caning.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

I really wouldn't like to see a friend get caned knowing I was next. Looking forward to reading about Gemma's caning. Thanks Hermione.


Lindy Thomas said...

Gosh that would be so hard seeing your friend canes knowing you are next. I wouldn't be able to stand still either for the six strokes. Ouch!
Thanks Hermione.
Hugs Lindy